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Iowa Voters Say ‘No Whey’ to Butter Michael Jackson

Written by PETA | July 21, 2009
commons.wikimedia / CC
Michael Jackson Statue

The title of an LA Times blog says it all: “You Win, PETA. Iowa State Fair Won’t Have Michael Jackson Butter Sculpture.

You may remember that we recently wrote to the Iowa State Fair asking it to refrain from making a Michael Jackson statue out of butter and instead to use Earth Balance, a delicious nondairy spread. We reminded the fair that the King of Pop himself—a vocal supporter of children’s health charities—would not appreciate his image being carved out of an unhealthy, fatty spread (not to mention one so detrimental to animals).

Well, the fair officials put it to a vote, and after more than 100,000 votes were counted, about 65 percent of fairgoers had voted against erecting the statue. Looks like we weren’t the only ones who thought this was a “bad” idea.

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Alicia says:

    Oh my word you people. do not judge a person if you havent walked at least a mile in their shoes. leave poor Michael alone please. Yes we know that making a statue out of butter is wrong ok? I love the work you guys at PETA are doing.. lots of love everyone.

  • Tashi says:

    Butter BAD! It does not pass my “Triple S” test. I don’t eat or buy anything that contributes to “SlaughterStealingSexual Abuse”. The milk to make butter is stolen from the cows who produce it for their babies and the babies are stolen from their mothers to be slaughtered as veal and the mothers and fathers of these babies have been sexually abused by having their reproductive lives artificially manipulated.

  • Kirsten says:

    Everything in proportions is fine. Jade yes two actors also died that week but neither got as much press as MJ because most people from every generation knew of him unlike the other two actors. He was after all the “King of Pop” which is quite a title. Yes MJ had a questionable life but everyone makes mistakes at some point during their life and nobody’s perfect. Julia I completely agree with you.

  • Jade says:

    Kathryn The butter sculptures are in a refrigerated room and all are made out of butter that is no longer fit for consumption. Ann Davis we eat poop all the time any fruitsveggies we eat especially if organic have used animal manure. Those nutrients are absorbed into the plant which then go into the item itself. Julia my issue with the MJ tributes is there are too many for a man with a very questionable life. There were two other actors who died that week and while they had problems overall had a better public opinion than Jackson himself. They hardly got any real mention in the news doubly compared with Jackson. Additionally they were going to add him to the moonwalk sculpture which is a detriment IMHO to the true heroes of that sculpture the astronauts who risked their lives to explore the moon. As for myself I am not fond of butter I don’t like the taste and prefer to use other toppings on toast. I only use it or margarine for cooking. All three and yes even those yogurt blends or smart balance aren’t really beneficial if eaten longterm or really are necessary to begin with longterm.

  • kathryn says:

    and what on earth would they do if the butter melted in really hot sunshine? it is not only a stupid ideait is completely devoid of common sense. besides i am convinced micheal was a vegetarian. i am a fan of his so i dont the crap about himbut thats another story.butter is unhealthy anyway.its a real shame i dont see a vegan alternative on my supermarket shelves

  • Sue says:

    Oh my god its so laughable butter is bad and the vegan spread is good for you. Give me a break. You try and convince yourself of that.

  • Liz says:

    Ya know the Ohio State Fair does butter sculptures every year. I’m not a vegan but I never have understood why it’s so great to mould arteryclogging junk into the shapes of farm animalspeople.

  • Hannah Beldyga says:

    YAY for not using dairy butter!

  • Julia says:

    Sarah Michael Jackson is not a child molester. Benjamin Michael Jackson does deserve that honour just not out of something that is harmful to animals. Geri he didn’t foul up his life the media did. I cannot imagine growing up the way he did it couldn’t have been easy. Keep up the great work PETA!

  • Ann Davis says:

    Butter isn’t as natural as you think. The cows that it comes from are pumped full of a bunch of chemicals and hormones. Besides not everything natural is good for you. Poop in natural but you won’t see me biting into it.

  • Geri says:

    Smart Balance is one of the alternatives and it tastes good spreads easily and better for you. Eat what you want I prefer no meat and lots of fruits and vegetables. My cholesterol is great and so is my blood pressure. I’m 84 and tired of all the hype about MJ. He was a doll when a little guy but fouled up in his life.

  • Jade says:

    Ohh benjamingod help you heartless and ignorant can u be? Vegan butter alternatives are much healthier than heart clogging junk! Um Erica… any type of foods such as butter or margarinevegan butter alternatives are artery clogging if you eat too much of it. It’s always about moderation not what it is.

  • Kurt K says:

    Erica Plus butter tastes ten times better than any artifical spread. When it comes to taste there is no substitute. You can eat whatever vegan spread you want it doesn’t change the fact real butter is good and fake butter sucks.

  • Benjamin says:

    Dayna they use the butter from last year’s butter sculpture to make this year’s butter sculpture. It is too old to be good to eat as any spread would be after a year. It is an Iowan icon that has been done since 1911. Obviously all the butter is not that old but they do recycle butter from year to year. I think PETA would be more worried about the treatment of show animals than a sculpture of butter. Although the animals are treated well their final destination especially if they win is on somebody’s plate. And Erica margarine is full of transfat which is so worse for you than fat from butter.

  • erica says:

    Ohh benjamingod help you heartless and ignorant can u be? Vegan butter alternatives are much healthier than heart clogging junk!

  • Dayna says:

    I come at it from a different tack. I do not find butter to be a “demon” spread. However I feel bad when these butter sculptures are made because we are being disrespectful towards our food. When millions of people around the world are starving I feel it is absolutely depraved to build a statue out of butter for our amusement only to be destroyed. Use Play Doh.

  • Benjamin says:

    I don’t think butter is the reason voters rejected a Michael Jackson butter sculpture. We I’m an Iowan rejected Michael because he does not deserve the honor of having an Iowa State Fair butter sculpture made. We are still going to have the butter cow and the butter moon landing. They were just going to put a butter Michael Jackson next to the butter moon landing. Butter is natural. I would rather put butter in my body than artificial spreads like margarine or other spreads made out of hydrogenated vegetable oil.

  • BarbaraWilson says:

    Good job! Butter is so damn unhealthy. For you and the animals it comes from And Sarah the word is spelled “because”. Learn to spell correctly then maybe people will take your stupid comments to heart.

  • Tom says:

    actually what I thought was silly was the idea of the butter sculpture itself

  • Sarah says:

    People didnt vote aginst it becuse it was made of butter the voted aginst it becuse it was MJ who wants kids to look at a statue of a child molester made into butter

  • Arun says:

    Great Work Keep going PETA!

  • Jade says:

    The only things I find funny are 1. The poll was unscientific and anyone could vote as many times as they want. And 2. Most people that I’ve read this story on is in regard to the fact of Jackson’s questionable history not due to the fact it’d be made of butter. The only thing I do wonder though is why people seem to forget Jackson had a zoo in Neverland?

  • James says:

    That’s not all to this story though. They are not including the Michael Jackson sculpture but they are still having butter sculptures! They will have a cow sculpture AND a moon landing sculpture! I like the moon landing but if it is represented by mistreated cows then I want no part of it!

  • brad says:

    hey tom The production of butter in factory farms hurts cows. It doesn’t matter if the butter is eaten or made into a statue that I agree is silly.

  • Elizabeth says:

    You’re not getting the main issue here Tom. PETA advocates nondairy products in order to stop the cruelty to animals that occurs every day on dairy farms. It is the same reasoning behind promoting vegetarianism. Don’t eat animal products lower the demand for meat lower the number of animals slaughtered for said meat. The same logic goes for dairy products like butter. I applaud PETA for their efforts in this and in every campaign they promote. Protesting a butter sculpture may seem “silly” to you but the biggest changes require many tiny steps.

  • Tom says:

    I would think y’all would have liked the idea of a butter statue. That would have been butter no one would be eating. Personally I thought the whole idea was silly.