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Introducing ‘McDonald’s Mayhem’?

Written by PETA | January 6, 2010
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Ronald McDonald

Perez Hilton reported Monday that an Ohio woman got into a flap when she was told that McDonald’s was out of McNuggets—and was apparently arrested after she punched out the drive-thru window. This altercrazion* is just the latest in a recent rash of fights, stabbings, and shootings that have taken place at various McDonald’s restaurants across the country.

We know that a diet full of meat and dairy foods can make people limp, lumpy, and, er, well, dumb. And we know that McDonald’s, aka McCruelty’s, hideous treatment of animals makes caring people mad. But dare I say that a McDonald’s-heavy diet may make people violent? Ladies and gentlemen, consider the following:

  • Police in Kansas City, Missouri, are looking for a woman who reportedly threw a bucket of water over a McDonald’s counter and pushed over a glass display case and three cash registers after she was told that she couldn’t have her money back.
  • A man in Massachusetts reportedly climbed through a drive-thru window and attacked the employees with a box cutter.
  • An impatient Denver cop apparently flipped his McMuffin and pulled a gun on a drive-thru employee.
  • A Naples, Florida, man went to McDonalds for a double fish sandwich—but ran into double trouble and was stabbed seven times.
  • Apparently a threesome in Utah reeeally wanted their Big Macs—so much so that one of them reportedly blasted his sawed-off shotgun at the drive-thru after learning that the menu was breakfast-only.
  • A North Carolina man apparently tried to cut in line by stabbing another McDonald’s customer.

On the flip side, I don’t recall ever having read about vegans duking it out for flesh-free Southern Fried Drumsticks at Brooklyn’s Foodswings or getting into nunchuck battles over mock chicken fingers at Venice Beach’s Good Karma (although I’ll admit that my husband and I once thumb wrestled for the last bite of “meat loaf” at The Chicago Diner—I won, BTW).

McDonald’s fast-food fights are so common that I’m thinking about suggesting that the PETA Files introduce a new semi-regular feature called “McDonald’s Mayhem”—that is, unless you can think of a better title for it?

Written by Karin Bennett

*”Altercation” + “crazy” = “altercrazion.”

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  • richard fletcher says:

    you think this food maybe has some weird effect on people i was nearly run over by some maniac coming out of the drive through what the hell i thought did they want there burger that bad after that i never walked past the drive through again i usauly cross the street before i get near it i am from norwich ny

  • ally simmons says:

    its pretty funny how people…fat people can be over dramatic. hahahaha

  • Lori says:

    McDonalds has a lot of worker injuries. And these are young kids. Also left to fend off theft a lot. And see them in back frowning while flipping the frozen patties. I agree with MelJan 6. it is part of american culture that a drive in is a sitting duck. Drivethrus waste gas too.

  • klarasun says:

    Better veg diet than fatdripping hormone meat diet with antibiotics that makes the consumers addictive… I don’t know exactly how McDonald’s ‘produces’ their meals but I heard something similar. Can it really be like this…is it allowed… nobody cares.

  • Lori r. says:

    You know it might be important that there are problems but come onblaming the food???? The biggest crime problems at McDonald’s involve theftbecause managemnt doesn’t care about its workers and leaves them alone a lot. Many of these thefts are by former workers jaded from not learning anything at their jobs and well aware of the lack of security.. Also I was surprised that any cops Patronized a McD since they are afraid of being poisoned or whatever in my town they just go to Subway where they can see the food made. Read Fast Food Nation book if u really want to hear about crimes and hurt workers at mcDonalds’s. You know people?? they’re important too.

  • Donna says:

    I heard that McDonald’s puts chemical additives in their food that make it addictive. Since our bodies convert all food to drugs naturally it’s not a huge surprise that people are acting like “fast food junkies”. You are what you eat. So I guess if you eat at McDonald’s that makes you a big dead cow huh?

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    The McDonalds near my home used to offer veggie burgers but apparently no one liked them except me. Since it’s not economically feasable to sell veggie burgers to just one customer they were removed from the menu. Denny’s makes a pretty good veggie burger though.

  • Dani says:

    Like other people have mentioned the menu has nothing to do with it. It’s popular and everywhere so eventually you’re going to see crimes and violence happen at one…that’s just the state of America. We don’t know crimes and situation states for EVERY vegan restaurant but for the ones you mentioned are they franchised in every state block in America and perhaps all over the world? Cute little entry though.

  • Jackie says:

    Remember the movie Falling Down where Michael Douglas’ character goes berzerk at a McDonald’s cause they won’t make him a burger when it’s the breakfast hour?

  • chris says:

    im def not no vegan. i enjoy eating meat alot but on the same note i havent had mcdonalds in 4 yrs now. that and meat i buy at the store is always organic.

  • Leslie says:

    Unbelievable although I can believe this. Whenever I pass by McDonald’s there are sometimes 20 cars in the drive through and nobody in the restaurant. Shows how lazy these “McAddicts” are!

  • ashley kennemer says:

    holy starclan….i’d rather read about feral cats than eat at mccruelty..btw i’m talking about warriors when i say feral cats

  • Michele says:

    McDonald’s did have a veggie burger at one time at least in Canada…. It was nasty as it tasted like cardboard.

  • Rebecca R. Schedler says:

    How about calling it McDangerous?

  • Dave says:

    Have you ever noticed how many of these burgers people are able to eat there? They eat and say they are still hungry or they eat till they almost explode. What does McD put in the food? Only glutamate? Secret spices!

  • Danah M says:

    I think it’s incredibly stupid that PETA are blaming the food at mcdonalds like cmon! and i eat at mcdonalds and i’m an ordinary weight so don’t jump to conclusions that only overweight people eat there!

  • Sunday Ankrom says:

    If McD would introduce a veggie burger I would go back and give them my business again!

  • Mel says:

    Let’s be real guys any place you go there are crime dangers. Even vegetarian places have had that happen. This is the real world everything is dangerous even ourselves.

  • steve says:

    lol animals

  • Allison says:

    Hey PETA! I think that as a veg child with not much options should probably start possibly a letter to go to all of the major fast food companies to tell them the truth about their cruel ways and at the same time offer vegetarianvegan alternatives!

  • Raye says:

    Something must be foul! for sure leaves a bad taste in your mouth so Micky D’s cruelty has got to the consumer was a nice thought in my head. I’m new with PITA and I’m ready to go and do something about this.

  • Randy says:

    This article is cute at best but I’d seriously question the mental capacity of anyone who takes it seriously. I imagine if there were an equivalent number of cheap vegan restaurants there’d be just as many altercrazions at them as well.

  • Jennifer C. says:

    The violent reactions mentioned absolutely do have to do with the food. Kind of like a drug addict who needs their next fix. There really are people that are that addicted to a McDonald’s diet and it has nothing to do with lack of money or stress. It’s just a choice one makes to eat or not eat McDonald’s.

  • Johnathan says:

    Have you ever concidered the ammount of people that go to all the McDonalds stores across America? Look at WalMart do you think that they are crime free? It has nothing to do with what is being served or what is on the menu or even the hormones being given to the animals that is being eaten. I bet I can find a vegan that has committed a crime or two. Maybe people need to take responsibility for what they do and eat and stop blaming everything that happens in life on a past tramatic experience. Grow up people. Find something worth griping about like drug dealers selling to our kids or tougher penaltys for repeat offenders. Surely this is not your soul purpose in life to put down a fast food restaurant do something constructive!

  • Pamela says:

    This is insane!! As a society we are in big trouble when people are becoming violent over a lack of McNuggets. I am so proud to be a vegan!!

  • Jerome Falcon says:

    Thanks Karin Bennett I like your article. That part made me laught ‘although I’ll admit that my husband and I once thumb wrestled for the last bite of “meat loaf” at The Chicago DinerI won BTW’ hahaha I dream of the day where McCruelty’s loses huge lawsuits for the killing of millions of people worldwide and when there will be huge signs inside the ‘restaurant’… “The food served in this establishment can cause mental and physical disorders as long as dangerous degenerative diseases like cancer and heart attacks.” “Warning! Eating food in this establishment promotes cruelty exploitation and the slaughter of sentient animals.”

  • Mike says:

    Have you ever considered that the reason this goes on is because McDonalds serves mostly to the rushed or people in a hurry as well as the disfortunate. When people are desperate or just stressed wayyy to much sometimes they do rash things. This probably happens at other fast food restaraunts as well we just don’t hear about it.

  • Anna says:

    I’m sorry but I have to comment on this. I support Peta’s message but this is ridiculous. Crimes occur at McDonald’s because it is an extremely popular QSR and a place where unfortunately many people spend a lot of their time. I don’t believe it has ANYTHING to do with the food.

  • Shari says:

    And people call us RADICAL!

  • Saucy says:

    Something about that clown!!!!!!! When I first started going veg. I craved potatoes and tomatoes. I was living in FLA. tooling around on four wheels. Every now and then I would get a “craving” for those french fries prior to knowing that they are not vegan and coated with some gross out beef something. I was always very embarrassed and hoped no one would see me I would slip through the drivethrough. One day as I awaited my french fries a women behind me became very impatient. She was honking her horn and screaming obscenities at me. Well……. I stepped “out of the car” and gave her some NY attitude. She was in shock her boyfriend had to hold her back and I thought I was going to get to work out some Kung Fu moves. It was quite a dust up. Something about that clown!!!!!!!!!!! He’s a serial killer that’s whats about that clown. A violent menace. A devourer. Science aside only a fool believes that what goes into the body has nothing to do with the spirit.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    A woman was also charged with calling 911 in a nonemergency when she called them to report that she coudn’t get a cheeseburger at McDonald’s. I heard the call on tv and the 911 operator couldn’t believe what she was saying and the woman became irate and the operator said she is not going to send the police out over a cheeseburger! Some people are dumber than a box of rocks!

  • Josie Lazo says:

    I think it just has to do with a level of consciousness. People who don’t care what they put into their bodies don’t care about what they put into other people’s bodies i.e. bullets or knives. I don’t think that eating meat or dairy helps but I don’t think it is the cause.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I rarely eat at fast food restraunts but when I do I avoid the drive through window like the black plague. I find it is much simpler and faster to park the car go in and wait 5 minutes in line rather than the 30 or so minutes in the drive through waiting for the cars ahead of me to sort out long complicated orders when I just want a salad.

  • Marnie says:

    After McDonald supersized us it now altercrazes us? Wow… I hope this leads to more criticism and finally to ‘veg cuisine’.

  • Mona says:

    Most people that eat McD’s are overweight and malnourished I would be cranky too if I lived like that! Thanks for mentioning the Chicago Diner they have great food and even serve descent Organic Wine!

  • Aneliese says:

    American McDonald’s are crazy! I would never want to work there.

  • Frank says:

    A diet full of dairy and meat is hardly the diet that McDonald’s is giving. Healthy diets with these types of food can be found in numerous restauraunts. Also McDonald’s diets have no direct correlation with people having a bad attitude. Have you researched people going on crazy “altercrazion”s elsewhere? There is no science behind these accusations of why or how the simple eating of meat and dairy can make someone crazy enough to go mad. There are probably other explanations as to why these people were so mad at a small problem. McDonald’s was just the unlucky bistandard.

  • Candace says:

    This is intense! Haha all the drugs given to McCruelty’s animals are finally getting to people. Maybe everyone will now avoid the place just in case a mass murderer wants a Big Mac that day. So messed up lol. Vegetarian is the way to go 2.5 years BABY! DD

  • Jennifer says:

    Hey Peta This is so disturbing! I got an idea why don’t you guys introduce McDonalds to vegan options? you know like you did with KFC? so that maybe people can calm down! And then we can all win!