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Introducing … Breast-Milk Cheese

Written by PETA | March 5, 2010

David Angerer, owner of the New York City restaurant Klee Brasserie (which is just a stone’s throw from the excellent all-vegan restaurant Blossom), is making headlines with his newest offering: “Mommy’s Milk” cheese, made possible by his lactating wife.


erikogan / CC by SA 2.0


(Let the punning commence.)

This certainly isn’t the first squeeze push to promote human milk. If you’ve stayed abreast of the PETA Files for a while, you might remember that after a Swiss restaurant named Storchen introduced a menu featuring human breast-milk edibles, PETA was inspired to ask ice-cream giant Ben & Jerry’s to switch from unhealthy bovine juice stolen from tormented calves (aka “cow milk”) to healthier, humane human breast milk.

Dairy-lovin’ naysayers, don’t knock(er) it until you try it. In fact, David Angerer is inviting anyone who’s interested to try his titillating creation. I’m thinking that this trend might finally catch on. What do you say? Would you care for some no-cowlone and crackers?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Tracy says:

    Ergh this is almost as gross as consuming milk from other species. Adults are not meant to consume milk. It is better than consuming mass produced factory farmed cow milk though.

  • Chandni Sengupta says:

    Its a unique concept…and might work in countries where cheese is not part of the daily diet eg countries like India where the product is consumed only in the urban areas. However in many countries cheese is part of the daily diet for example countries like Australia Italy USA Germany and almost all of Europe. The question to be asked here is whether this ingenious method can actually cater to the high production demands of those countries? If it can it would be wonderful.

  • Shreyans says:

    I wonder if Babies that are breast fed longer may see through the life being vegan without usual deficiencies.

  • DSN says:

    I have read all the angles and I have to agree with the “EWW” factor. Yes human milk vs. animal milk seems to make more sense and can sound less “gross” to some. But think about the fact that cows are used as food for humans as the norm not “womanmeat”. Does “cannibalism” ring in your ears there somewhere?

  • Susan says:

    I personally feel that if a child is old enough to say “No Ma I don’t want to nurse” then it is time to give it up. But I’m certainly no expert! And I’d like to disappear every time my mother brags at social gatherings about having nursed me until I was three. Thank goodness I can’t remember it.

  • Marilyn Gomez says:

    Does anyone else see the link here between feminism and the meatdairy industry?

  • Brian Cernius says:

    wow thats freakin nasty nothin against anyone who likes itbut man thats gross yes Im a vegan I dont drink animal milkughh..

  • nicole says:

    First off…gross consuming some stranger’s bodily fluids for pleasure. Secondly how healthy would this be for the involved women. Impovershed women would be at risk for exploitation as well. And to Rachel’s comment about it being normal for children to be weened up to age 7 that usually only happens with impovershed people who cannot afford food. I’m sure most US children being forced yes forced to suckle their mother’s breast at ages 4 through 7 would grow up with emotional problems. Mother’s need to let babies “GROW”

  • Sherry says:

    Umm…. that’s gross. Breast milk can carry things like STDs that the mother has. Great invention guys…

  • Bob says:

    to ami breast milk is for BABIES not ADULTS. that is all.

  • Bob says:

    Yes because its more humane to milk women than to milk a cow. xD

  • ami :) says:

    ha yea i’m all for animal rights and all but this seems a bit weird and pervy for the women. i really think it’s stupid that they use cows milk though i mean its for their youngthe calves not for us. good idea phaha.

  • Rachel says:

    Slightly offtopic but I feel obligated here to correct misinformation on breastfeeding Jenny wrote “Yesthis is the type of milk that humans are “designed” to drinkbut only in the first months of their life.” I’d just like to point out that the natural weaning age for humans is somewhere between 2.5 and 7 years with a natural average age of about 4. Check out Kathy Dettwyler’s work for information on this.

  • Zlatka says:

    Wellit is interesting and more healthy then cow milk but I would never like to try this..

  • Aline says:

    I remember the first times I expressed milk and found myself LAUGHING AT THE IDEA OF IF I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT RATHER THAN TO LOOSE IT I COULD TRY MAKING CHEESE!LoL…. and I wondered “is that the point when I am becoming mad?”. And now reading that good laugh! Good Memories! I don’t see the nastiness milk is life… But somehow am feeling very uncomfortable with the idea of trying some I think I can see why. For the cheese idea yes I think before it takes over the world like a commercial trend it would be nice for once to see it reaching priorities like infant in needs.

  • Kirsten says:

    Ugh! It’s all pure nastiness!

  • Sterre says:

    This is something I’ve wondered about for many years so I’m glad somebody finally tried it. I’m quite curious about how it would taste. But what rennet did he use to make it?

  • vikki says:

    When I was reading this I thought that’s interesting. However on second thoughts any spare breast milk should go to programs that need breast milk sent off to feed starving babies around the world.

  • Rachel says:

    In answer to Dan and Rebekah’s comments… breastmilk is produced on a supplyanddemand basis so I would assume that anyone who is donating expressed milk to make cheese would be donating excess milk not feeding their baby artificial milk instead! I hope all the people saying ‘eew’ to this are dairyfree… I’d much rather have milk freely donated by my own species than cruelly taken from another. PS I am a breastfeeding mother and I quite like the taste of my breastmilk. It’s good in coffee

  • Tami says:

    Funny….all the people who think this is ‘gross’ how much grosser is it to drink milk and eat cheese from a cow. Have a think about that for a second. Cows milk is made for cow babies better known as calves who have amongst other things 4 stomachs to digest the much higher protein content of milk than occurs in human milk. Human milk on the other hand is made for human babies. But yeah I can totally see why drinking from a cow’s breast is so much less gross that drinking from a human breast. Not.

  • Cookie says:

    It does not make perfect sense. Juvenile and Adult Humans are not “supossed” to drink any kind of milk only infants and toddlers.

  • jenny says:

    First reaction “EXCUSE ME???” I agree that from the notabusinganimals pov this sounds like it makes sensebut I don’t think I would try it.And I don’t think the healtheffects to the body pov has been discuseed.Yesthis is the type of milk that humans are “designed” to drinkbut only in the first months of their life.One of the vegan arguments against animal milk consumption is that it’s unnatural for all mammals to drink milk after they’ve passed a certain age and why should humans be different orif it wasn’t sonature would have ‘arranged’ things so that mothers would produce milk for much longer.I think I agree with that.It still seems unnatural to me to consume breast milk or any product of it as a fully grown adult.

  • emma lynch says:

    Erm yummy! lol not for me personally but each to there own. can’t see any harm in it might be good for those sensitive to dairy.

  • Aspen says:

    yes why not give up cheese? I am still a hearty vegan but I have chronic arthritis in my wrists and must consume calcium. which meansI go to my local neighbor whom owns a dairy farm and get organic milk. He treats his cattle well. He heards them in every day and for three to five hours 4 days a week the heifers are milk factorily but humanely. But I do not agree with him because he sends them off to slaughter once they cannot produce milk. Which it is a business anyway and you have to do what you have to do to make money these days.

  • Sara Watson says:

    First thoughts ew. Think I’ll pass. I will stick with faux cheese if I have any at all. I understand why they made it but I don’t want to drink some woman’s milk either.

  • Jennifer Fuentes says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if people who get tummy troubles from eating the cheese of other animals would be fine with this cheese. It is the milk that was intended for humans after all It’s so hard for hospitals to score human milk for newborns in need i.e. if a baby is born super early and the mama’s milk hasn’t kicked in yet all the craziness that can come with an early birth and all I wonder if supply could meet demand…

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    I’m sorry but that’s gross!! Eww.

  • Brandon Joule says:

    Some people think this is gross and even though it is unusual this is the one type of milk humans are supposed to drink. This makes perfect sense.

  • Steve says:

    now that was funny punning!

  • James says:

    At least the woman involved is making her own choice to participate.

  • teetles says:


  • Abby says:

    Ugh. Just had a mental picture of a barn full of women hooked up to milking machines. The women can no longer walk due to the hormones pumped into them to produce more milk.

  • moo.lennon. says:

    wow..thats just weird.but hey!its better than animals getting milked!

  • Amanda says:

    What’s the receipe? My wife is pregnant I might make some I’m not sure how they are allowed to sell this though just with food safety rules..

  • Rebekah says:

    Well how about just no cheese? When you take milk from animals it hurts their babies and it’s better for human babies to have breast milk instead of formula if possible so really doesn’t cheese from any milk source hurt someone? Interesting idea but I’ll stick with my toffuti cheese thanks.

  • sammi says:

    lol finally some dairyproducts that are really meant for humans P cow milk is for calves!

  • Jay says:

    This makes no sense.

  • J D Allinder says:

    Makes perfect sense. I wouldn’t want to try it though. There’s too big an ick factor in eating someone’s body fluids.

  • Carina says:

    I didn’t drink from my moms breast I don’t drink milk from cow nor goat. So no I wont ever try this.

  • Lori says:

    Its about time it makes total sense! Love it!

  • tonya says:

    Makes perfect sense more than cow or goat.

  • RobMac says:

    One of the breast ideas to trickle out of a willing woman! The breast milk cheese could be flavored by the mother’s diet e.g. one for a lady favoring a spicy hot diet another for one accentuating fruits and so forth. It would surely beat the fake cheeses in the stores made from soy and rice and such.

  • Krystal says:

    I would definitaly try this! Ive been saying for a few years now that this trend should catch on. Glad someone shares my views!

  • Dan says:

    My god can a human female even make that much milk???