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Internet Soup

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 3, 2012

It sounds like the plot of a Disney movie, but this video of a pig and dog who are best buds would warm even Walt’s cryogenically frozen heart.

“Don’t mind me.” After committing the most adorable case of breaking and entering ever, a baby seal curled up on a New Zealand woman’s couch for a nap.

Can you do a good “fish face“? These people are spot-on. … Or are the fish doing a spot-on “human face”?

Would you like an awkward conversation about the facts of life with that? A 7-year-old girl and her mother allegedly discovered a condom in the child’s McDonald‘s Happy Meal. 

Talk about a return on your investment: Eight years after she went missing, a dog is going home to her family, thanks to a tiny, inexpensive microchip.

And a chicken named Liberty, dubbed Britain’s “last battery hen” is headed home too. She will enjoy retirement on a farm with other hens who were formerly confined to battery cages as the U.K.’s ban on the cruel confinement system goes into effect for the new year.