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Ingrid’s Appeal to the Canadian PM’s Wife

Written by PETA | April 10, 2007

Harp Seal.jpgCanadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is really good at ignoring people. He”s ignored millions of outraged Canadians and concerned people around the world; he’s ignored countless representatives of the animal protection community; and he even managed to ignore Sir Paul McCartney, when the former Beatle pleaded with him to put a stop to the seal hunt taking place in his country. So no one’s doubting Stephen Harper’s capacity to be ignorant. But, after a letter from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk to Mrs. Laureen Harper, Mr. H may have to add his wife to the list of people he gives the cold shoulder to. Here’s hoping she has a more compassionate response than her husband.


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  • Yasmin says:

    This is in reply to Lily. I am neither Canadian nor american. But I would like to reply to your statement ‘ At least America doesn’t have any similar sick “tradition” which involves skinning helpless gentle animals alive!’ Well Lily why don’y you go to the slaughter houses in your country where cows chickens and pigs are killed. It is just as inhuman. Why is there no angry protest from americans or PETA about that. I hardly ever hear Peta doing anything about the way other animals are slaugthered in your contry. So before you point a finger at Canadians for being inhuman look at yourselves. And lets not forget america’s atrocious human rights records.So before going around calling people in other countries sick look at your country and your own government

  • J L says:

    The seal killers are nothing but sadistic filth. Who the hell cares if the bastards can’t make a living any other way? If that is so it just proves what losers they are. The fact is the Canadians posting on the site who are against the seal hunt are more compassionate and intelligent that the Canadian population at large. Sadly they are in the minority. The ignorant and backward masses in Canada voted for that jerk Harper knowing full well what he was about. They actually consider the seal hunt a tradition which shows what hypocrites they are. They shake their heads when we execute vicious murderers many who have murdered children but sanction the torture and killing of the most innocent and defenseless beings in their country. Also the people who buy seal fur and support the seal hunters are just as guilty… they are pathologically selfish scum. As a result I will boycott ALL Canadian products and exports and will never visit Canada as long as the seal hunt continues. And I’ll thank the holier than thou Canadians who love to criticize Americans to shut their mouths until the seal slaughter ends. At least America doesn’t have any similar sick “tradition” which involves skinning helpless gentle animals alive!

  • Lily says:

    The seal hunt is truly a tragedy. Being a canadian I am so ashamed that other canadians could hurt poor defenseless seals. Everybody I know is outraged and against the seal hunt but no matter what we do prime minister buttface won’t listen to his own people !!! Talk about democracy. Harper should spend less time combing his hair and more time worrying about real matters.

  • Sinikka Crosland says:

    Kudos to Ingrid for writing to Mrs. Harper! My fingers are crossed that the prime minister’s wife will prove to possess the heart and spine to stand up for Canada’s seal pups. As for the comment about this nation’s apathy I am one of many Canadians who adamantly opposes the seal slaughter. In fact we feel so strongly about this that many of us are appealing to the international community to help end the atrocity once and for all. Please visit a Canadian initiative take a tour through the site and click on the thingstodo and the contact pages. It’s time to get upfront and personal with the businesses in the Atlantic provinces and to make sure that European parliamentarians and media are aware of the truth behind Canada’s shameful ritual killings.

  • christina says:

    Ha! The Canadian public is to blame for this!? A majority of Canadians voted for the seal hunt?! I’m sorry but here living in Canada I haven’t met a single person who supports the seal hunt. Maybe it’s because I live down in van where we’re all just a bunch of hippies but blaming this on the Canadian public is not the right thing to do. I know this seal hunt angers you it’s tearing me apart right now but don’t direct it at us. Maybe the information you gathered is a bit outdated… maybe the majority of the Canadian public voted for the seal hunt during 1957 or something but as far as I can tell the only people supporting this massacre are the Prime Minister and the people participating in it.

  • Michele says:

    I am just not sure how to explain the issue of whether Canadians support the seal hunt or not. I am Canadian and am very much against the hunt all of my friends and close coworkers agree. There have been many many protests by Canadians at various locations around the country over the past few weeks. It seems that a large number of Canadians do not in fact support the hunt however I also think a lot of Canadians just don’t know all of the facts so as soon as someone says that it’s “a way of life” for native Canadians or that the seal hunters would lose their income the notsoinformed or those with blinders on may simply think that that justifies the hunt. I think another issue may have to do with “political correctness” in that people do not want to feel as though they are speaking out against native Canadians even though it is only a small fraction of natives who participate in the hunt. I don’t think Steven Harper who I did NOT vote for just to clarify wants to take this issue head on because this would probably just be too controversial for him with a large loss of support from the business community. I do think that the pressure has to continue from other countries even all you Americans your country is 10 times bigger in population than Canada there must be a huge number of antisealhunt protesters!. I think that if businesses from other countries especially the US and the European Union refuse to support Canadian products that will have an impact even if it is only for financial reasons and not for respect of animals. Also Canada relies a lot on the dollars from the tourism industry so again other countries can turn up the pressure by telling people to boycott visits to Canada until the seal hunt is stopped. Please don’t think that all Canadians are inhumane when it comes to the injustices of the seal hunt and please don’t give up pressuring the government to stop this horrible practice. Please keep supporting the Canadians who are vocal and trying to do something about it.

  • kelly says:

    I agreee with the poster who wrote that the Canadian public is to blame for this. I cannot understand it Canadians seem to have plenty of strong opinions about justice elsewhere for example lots of complaining about the U.S. but they don’t seem to care about injustice within Canada.

  • Craig Petersen says:

    Maya said Stephen Harper is worse than a brick wall. He doesn’t even respond to things that might cost him an election. This guy is colder than stone. I don’t doubt this at all you could send letters till the cows come home and it would make little or no difference. The problem is one nearly has to create an international incident to gain immediate attention to the atrocities committed against these defenseless animals. I mean lets face it these so called ‘fishermen’ are baby killers. What would the Canadian government do if one say committed a terrorist act and sank one of these fishing vessels or started to snipe off these fishermen while out on the ice flows. Now I’m not suggesting that someone actually do this but I do think someone ought to be mindful that this has the potential of happening. It disgusts me that the Canadian government continues to let this senseless killing go on. It’s time for this crap to stop once and for all.

  • Quwen says:

    Unfortunately he’s not being ignorant. I did over 7 hours of research on the day Jack announced the blood hunt was officially beginning. It turns out that most Canadians actually voted FOR the seal hunt. And he’s not going to listen to any of us Americans we’re worthless to him. He’ll listen to his native Canadians. A few PETA members can’t stop a whole nation. Let’s just hope that his wife has more compassion then worrying about what people think. But he’s not ignoring people the majority just love seal stuff.

  • Maya says:

    Stephen Harper is worse than a brick wall. He doesn’t even respond to things that might cost him an election. This guy is colder than stone. Between the Menu Foods fiasco John Baird ignoring the collapse of our earth the seal hunt and the spotted owl Canada must be a very frustrating place for activists. The US is just as bad but I grew up expecting more from our peaceful neighbors to the north.

  • argus says:

    i’m really a big admirer of ingrid she has always great ideas and solutions let’s hope that at least harper’s wife has a heart and can be touched in one way or the other! maybe she loves animals like shery blair who is also an animal lover and surely had a word to say concerning abolition of english par force hunting!