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Ingrid Newkirk on Michael Vick

Written by PETA | August 31, 2009

What does PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk think about Michael Vick’s return to the NFL? We’ll let her tell you:

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Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Nora Bryant says:

    Damn Straight Ingrid! I totally agree with you girl! You tell them!


    AFTER RECEIVING MY LATEST HUMANE SOCIETY NEWSLETTER TODAY..TELLING ME HOW I HELPED TO SAVE THIS POOR PITTBULL’S LIFE..WHO’S LIPS WERE SEVERED OFF BY HER OWNER AFTER THEY WERE SHREDDED DURING A FIGHT one of the puppies saved during the last Missouri raid..Thank You and God Bless! I will go to The End Of The Earth to Get this MV Piece Of Trash Inhuman SOCIOPATH Removed from Society..and Believe me..if Anyone Can Get This Done..It’s Me..With All Your Help!! You can find me on Facebook under Rachelle me ok??! We Will get this done..TRUST ME.. We will start petitions on the site..we will use The Humane Society who backed Obama..we will then send all the Petitons and letters to the Press..because we KNOW the NFL HATES BAD PRESS!! we will do it thru THE INTERNET..thru FaceBook……then we will get All These Petitions and letters sent to Obama’s office.and to Oprah and to All The Talk Shows..We Will Be Heard..The Only Place I Want To See This Vile Inhuman Thing..who is so obviously Not a True Sociopath..the ‘clawmarks on his pool and throwing his own pets in the ring’..I got chills…what’s next? his kids..he should not even be allowed to reproduce or be a Parent as far as I am concerned and would probably have his children taken away if he was in another socio economic class!the only place I would want to see him…other than in a pit with lions or bulls attacking him!! sorry folks…this brings out the worst in on some street corner washing my windshield! looking forward to hearing from you soon! ‘committ random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty’ Rachelle Weisel

  • Lisa Taylor says:

    shame? paaaallllleeezzzeeee!!!!!!!! He got his career back he got his job back and he doesn’t have to give any money to the DOGS! GIVE UP YOUR MONEY VICK!!!! SOCIOPATH!

  • Kathryn White says:

    Go Ingrid.

  • emma says:

    mel what an absolute load of crap vick would have got reinstated no matter if peta wrote blogs or not the fact peta is continuing to write these blogs is to constantly remind people what he did and NEVER let him forget. people who care for animals want to know what vick is doing and if he’s harming other animals so peta SHOULD keep people informed if as you say ‘we ignore him and he fades in to anonyminity’ then the chances are he’ll start dogfighting again because people wont know what hes doing. and as for peta helping him with these blogs then i hardly think ‘helping’ him is to keep letting people know what disgusting things he did to the dogs and other household pets by helping him then surely the best thing to do is ignore him to let him free to do it again by writing these blogs it’s constantly harming his reputation which is the least he can expect after what he did. I must say mel first the ringling editing you have a problem with and now this.. why exactly are you on here if your gonna constantly critisize petas efforts???

  • nan [email protected] says:

    Before Vick was sentenced I spent at least 6 hrs everyday on the computer trying to get him convicted. He still hasn’t been convicted of any local charges. Now I am spending long hours again contacting sponsors the Eagles computer site etc. Remembor he is only temporarily reinstated so please continue writing Roger Goodell Vick please God no is permanently reinstated. Howeveryesterday in tracking down other people to complain to I ran into an article on the Huffington Post that sat me back on my I cried as I read it because I realized how I too was not without sin. Please please if you care at all about cruelty to animals pull it up and read it. It is written by Alec Baldwin and entitled “Michael Vick Black Sheep or Scapegoat on Animals Rights Aug 17 20091024 am. It is one of the most cogent articles I have ever read on animal rights. Read it and let me know how you feel and where we should go as humans from here. Thanks for caring for all the Animals. Nan McClain Virginia Beach VA.

  • Mel says:

    I want to make it clear that one reason Vick even got a second chance is because groups such as you kept his name bandied about. My personal suggestion would be to STOP the preaching how horrible he is and move on. He’ll fade away into anonymity soon enough remember he’s been away from football for some time and that WILL affect him when he does potentially finally get to play. Seriously PETA THINK! You’re helping him not harming him with these blogs.

  • ava says:

    ”Its all very good that he served time and that he lost his careerthat he lost respect and will forever be called a felon and dogfighter when he comes on the screen all that is fine”LMAO 3 I love Ingrid Newkirk. The NFL are sickening to have a monster like that on their team. He should be thrown to a pack of wild dogs and savaged to death and all his wages should be taken and given to anti dog fighting charities.

  • Christy Cruz says:

    I work in mental health. Any individual that tortures animals has freakin’ problems. He may be able to play football but doesn’t change what is in his heart. He is a sick individual.

  • roxnne says:

    The guy is a fool. it is important what he does after he is released and heading to a strip joint when he was away from his 3 kids shows he is still not reform.

  • roxnne says:

    Shame? He is alive not tortured and dead as those poor dogs.

  • SHARI says:

    You go girl! TEAM INGRID! TEAM PETA! Thank you for bring up the sick details of what Vick did to these helpless dogs. His crimes against these dogs are a true reflection of his soul..EVIL! Theythe dogs screamed in pain while he laughs at them.He did this over and over again to these helpless animals.Now he walks with what 7 million. Isn’t that the number of dogs they said he killed?

  • Gina says:

    Michael Vick needs to leave this planet and go somewhere far away!

  • Michelle Shields says:

    I am a resident at Waterfront Square Condo’s in Phila. We paid $1000000 for our unit. To our disgust Michael Vick is moving here in the Peninsula building! My neighbors and I are trying to form a peaceful protest. Can someone help us?

  • with says:

    I was t’d off with this campaign BUT having heard Ingrid speaking about this she made some great points…the claw marks in the pool remark really hit home…these are the things that Ingrid and PETA are so good at…making these things frighteningly real to people who have seen and heard it all on the news.

  • Holly says:

    Go Ingrid!Well Put!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    vick is tenably a sociopath who only cares about his own welfare. He will probably have a great NFL career because he has no emotions or guilt to occupy his thoughts. The NFL Commissioneer is an amoral greedhead. Remember he is also allowing a player who killed an innocent person in a drunken car accident to play football this year.

  • Rachel says:

    I think Ingrid make many good points in this interview. I can’t stand to see people defend Vick. What is wrong with our society?

  • Liz McGowin says:

    Michael Vick should give half of his $15 million dollar salary to animal rights groups if he is trully sorry. The money he was ordered to pay when he was sentenced doesn’t pay even a fraction of the cost it take to rehabilitate the dogs he tortured. Check out National Geographic’s “Dogtown” DVD to learn about how Best Friends Animal Sanctuary rehabilitated the Michael Vick dogs

  • Sabina says:

    If Michael Vick wants a second chance he should act like he is sorry for what he did and do something for the animals that are abused by people like himself. And I don’t mean by donating by court order. He should be donating on his own.

  • emma says:

    Dont forget people this disgusting piece of trash didnt get prison for the dogs he abused he got prison for bankrolling so technically he still hasnt been punished for what he put the dogs through he’s got off with that scott free so yeah he’s probably smirking because he beat the animal cruelty system if there was no proof he betted on these dogs then he wouldnt have got punished at all.

  • Star808 says:

    Once again Ingrid you amaze me. I dont know how you can sit there and be so calm While listening to that idiot ramble on I loved how he started stuttering when you mentioned about the strip club And its a shame that the majority of these people you speak with Have probably been to one or more of Vicks dog fighting parties And youre right hes been doing this for MANY years . Even in his collage yrs. Did you see how he was just snickering when leaving the field of the first game He played holding his jersey up like saying ya Im back and theres nothing You can do about it. Some role model you choose NFL

  • Edward says:

    God I’m so sick of hearing about Michael Vick. I’d send him to Siberia so that the news reporters would follow him there.

  • alicia taranto says:

    At first i thought Michael Vick was doing good by what he now does after prison…but now that I’ve listend to Her she is right on the ball!

  • Jodey Castricano says:

    Whether or not we can diagnose Michael Vick as a psychopath or not I agree with Ingrid Newkirk’s assessment of his glibness. When he was interviewed on 60 Minutes his claim to feeling shame seemed more about getting caught and being imprisoned not about the suffering of the dogs. It was also telling that the 60 Minutes episode did not include any word from PETA or Ingrid Newkirk in spite of the fact PETA was instrumental in bringing Vick down.

  • Pamela Ernest says:

    Michael Vick will not ever be compassionate or empathetic. So he needs to be kept away from anyoneanything that is defenseless. This includes animals or the children that will watch him on TV and idolize him.

  • lulu says:

    Just because Vick served time doesn’t mean “all’s well an end’s well.” He didn’t receive counseling in jail although since he’s left he’s certainly gotten some training on media soundbites from his p.r. people.

  • Jared says:

    Animal cruelty laws in the United States right now are a joke. I am glad that Michael Vick received the sentence that he got… A few years back a man in my hometown tortured a cat several times. PETA sent a press release to the court and despite public agreement with PETA’s request for an extreme sentence the guy only received a fine… that was split between several people. httpwww.peta.orgmcNewsItem.asp?id9510 since then he has been in trouble with the law. Way to go Ingrid! Keep up fighting for what is right!