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Indiana to Torture Turtles This Weekend

Written by PETA | August 18, 2011

Update: Sadly, the 2011 event moved forward, but with your help, we will continue to campaign against this event in the future. Local officials—some of whom were sympathetic to the turtles’ plight—felt the heat, and we hope that they will do the right thing and ensure that this cruel event will meet its demise.

We thought we’d heard it all until we heard about “Snapperfest,” scheduled for this Saturday, August 20, in Ohio County, Indiana. During this vile, annual turtle torturefest, “competitors” grab wild-caught snapping turtles by their tails and slam them to the ground. They yank the turtles’ heads out of their shells and swing the turtles around until they can wrap their hands around the animals’ necks.

As you can imagine, in addition to enduring the stress of this horrifying ordeal, the turtles can be seriously injured and even killed. Being cold-blooded animals, it takes a long time for them to die

Local officials have not been receptive to PETA’s request that they step in and call off the turtle torture. So we are asking you to e-mail officials and the campground where Snapperfest is to be held and politely ask them to cancel this barbaric event.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • cheryl says:

    please stop this no wonder there is so much violence is in the world

  • nelly says:

    It’s horrible ! awful! disgusting ! what can we do to stop this ???!!!!

  • jane ohara says:

    and to think there are kids there, learning this is aok behavior towards turtles. we do live in the middle ages. TG for PETA, you know they will stop eventually if we keep up the disgust and pressure!

  • Christine says:

    I can’t believe all the pathetic idiots getting off on this! No wonder why there is so much animal cruelty in this world…

  • Joanna says:

    What the hell was all that? This is outrageous! How people can take pleasure in watching something like that? This is not a competition, sport, etc. this is pure cruelty!

  • Kathy says:

    I just cannot believe the torture that these idiots come up with. I think my mouth was hanging open while I was watching this. What is wrong with people? We have snapping turtles laying their eggs all over our yard. I do not allow my boyfriend to mow when the eggs hatch in case we hurt one of the babies. Why are some people so sick?

  • Alicia Taranto says:

    Are you freaking kidding me??? We are allowing this to happen?? What kind of people are you??? So cruel!!!!! OMG I can’t even beleive people do this to these turtles!!!!I hate people. Stop this cruelty…!!! MEN!!! I am outraged!!!!

  • pj56 says:

    I cannot believe this. Are they really that heinous and demented that they have to do this sort of thing. Why don’t they do it to each other and up the ante; see how long they can take it.

  • Andrea says:

    I understand the importance of tradition, but we can just as easily make new and even more meaningful traditions that promote compassion instead of torturing GOD’s creatures for our own entertainment. really, how can anyone not see this as a straight-up assault to the world that God created for us?

  • Ted F. says:

    Big Bubba the cave man is really proud of his actions and reinforced by the other low life in the crowd. I can’t believe this is happening in the U.S. today. But, I’ve been pretty disappointed in a lot that has been happening lately.

  • Beyzar says:

    This is not something a human being can do.. You have to be heartless and evil..ı don’t understand why people are trying to ruin every beautiful and loving creatures on earth..those animals could be defendless here but see you at the other side..

  • Janet Mulder Holland says:

    Tomorrow is a sad day for me! I will spread love out of my hart over to these pore pore animals! I hope many people get injured by the turtles, i hope they SNAP them very hard and lose a finger or hand, even an arm!!!!! Cruel stupid people, i hope you get a very BAD illnes!!!! This is 2011, wake up! GRRRR! I wil cry tomorrow. Please help these animals, please please…..

  • jenn.pierce says:

    I accidentally blurted out “REALLY?!” while I was reading this at work. But seriously, really??.. who comes up with this stuff? I hope one of those turtles takes a hand off, maybe even an arm.

  • Michelle says:

    I live in Indiana, and I have never heard of this before in my life. (I can also tell you, not all Indiana natives are ‘rednecks’) But this is a disgusting display of human nature, and I can’t believe people allow this to happen. Is there not a law against this type of abuse?

  • Beth says:

    Americans are so sick in the head. Get into the 21th century!

  • Claudine Erlandson says:

    It is just unbelievable that humans can be so cruel, so heartless for these sentient beings. Shame on them! Thank you PETA as always…

  • Louise Larsen says:

    I’m guessing that some drunk fool came up with this stupid, cruel idea and somehow got your typical unthinking followers to join in the “fun.” But how can officials, who are supposed to be thinking people, stand by and not put a stop to this? Louise in Seattle

  • Connie says:

    How could anyone be part of such a barbarick event. These turtles are being tortured!!! There are plenty of other events that could be held to bring money to your communities PLEASE reconsider and DO NOT take part in this event. Love/Peace to all!

  • Tracey Sandilands says:

    Please, please stop this horrific and barbaric practice immediately. This is not the middle ages, Americans should really know better than this!!!

  • peter from england says:

    that people can be so cruel in a civilised country beggars belief, and as for the baying mob it makes normal people like me want to react in a violent way and i have never been violent in my 52 years on earth

  • peter from england says:

    how on earth can all those people cheer on that thug, and this is in the USA

  • Zee Kallah says:

    Please cancel this session of teaching children how to torture animals. It has been proven that most serial killers began their practice when they were young by torturing animals. Don’t train our children to be killers. Please. Thank you, Zee

  • Nope says:

    This isn’t state sponsored, just a bunch of idiots.

  • Mich says:

    sign this petition too: Also there is a Facebook event, with all of the contact info and feedback people have been getting:

  • Stephanie says:

    It’s just an idea, but perhaps someone should contact Bree Olson. She lives in Indiana and is very passionate about animal rights. She has a lot of followers and could probably generate a lot of people to speak out against this.

  • paula ford says:

    This makes me sick. couldn’t watch it, where do these people come from and I noticed several children watching this, it’s so WRONG

  • Jennifer Matthews says:

    What does it say about a person who’s idea of fun is terrorizing and hurting harmless turtle’s. It’s sick. How can a helpless animals suffering be fun. It’s just plain evil.

  • Josepha Teresa says:

    Really? Snapperfest? You pathetic rednecks will do ANYTHING to keep yourselves entertained. Absolutely Disgusting.

  • melissa pansing says:

    Are you people insane!!! You don’t really do this in otherwise civilized Indiana, do you?!

  • Alyssa says:

    this is so disgusting…how is this even legal? Isn’t it animal cruelty? I sent emails to all the officials..really hope this stops.