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No Inaugural Ball? No Problem! ‘Lettuce Ladies’ Sub for Mayoral Party

Written by Alisa Mullins | January 9, 2014

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has seen better days, which is why the financially strapped state capital’s newly elected mayor, Eric Papenfuse, decided to forgo a swanky inaugural ball this week and instead devote funds to upgrading the aging City Hall building. That makes fiscal sense, but what about those Harrisburgers who were looking forward to a party? PETA’s “Lettuce Ladies” to the rescue!

Lettuce Ladies in  Harrisburg (4)

Defying the below-freezing temperatures, bikini-clad Lettuce Ladies Ashley Byrne and Sarah Gawricki elicited a warm welcome from City Hall passersby, who eagerly got into the party spirit and snapped up the ladies’ festive fare—Beyond Meat‘s Thai, Hummus Veggie, and Coconut Curry faux-chicken wraps from Tropical Smoothie Café.

Lettuce Ladies in  Harrisburg (5)

Chickens have cause for celebration every day at Tropical Smoothie Café, since Beyond Meat is available at all of the chain’s more than 300 locations nationwide. Beyond Meat is low in fat and calories but high in protein, so it’s the perfect accompaniment to New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and eat healthier.

Lettuce Ladies in  Harrisburg (2)

What You Can Do

Take a cue from the Lettuce Ladies and party your butt off (literally) with low-fat vegan foods.

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  • Alan Smith says:

    It is very creative idea discover by PETA to convert people into vegan. I am very gald to see that PETA doing lots of work on this. So Go Vegan everyone.