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Imogen Bailey Says, ‘Chicks Are More Than Breasts and Legs’

Written by PETA | June 30, 2008

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PETA supporter and all-around smoking-hot animal advocate Imogen Bailey is joining the almost-global (thanks, KFCs in Canada!) campaign against KFC. PETA Asia-Pacific’s supermodel buddy wrote a letter to Albert Baladi—managing director of Yum! Restaurants International South Pacific, the parent company of KFC in the Asia-Pacific region—asking him to adopt the same animal welfare plan that has recently been adopted in Canada by eliminating some of its suppliers’ worst abuses of chickens. Imogen also urged Baladi to ask David Novak, CEO of Yum! Brands in the U.S., to make the same. In her letter, Imogen wrote:

As you might know, I once helped open a KFC restaurant in Gungahlin, ACT. However, if I knew then what I know now about KFC, I never would have taken part. I was shocked to learn … that KFC has refused to demand that its suppliers eliminate the worst abuses suffered by the more than 850 million chickens raised and killed for its restaurants every year.

As the head of KFC in Australia, you have the power [to] improve the way that chickens are treated, and I hope you will take action to do so. Take it from me: No “chick” wants to be treated like a piece of meat.

Imogen goes on to discuss problems that were documented during an undercover investigation into a KFC supplier in Australia. The undercover investigator found chickens who were suffering from broken limbs and failing organs because of the animals’ unnatural growth rates. The investigator also documented living birds forced to live amongst dead bodies in a long, barren shed.

KFC isn’t the only animal issue close to this beauty’s heart: She’s also done some fantastic anti-fur ads and compelling (not to mention hot) ads that shine the light on cruelty to elephants and bulls. Check ’em out here! Animals—and everyone who had to pick their jaws up off the floor after checking out this ad—thank you, Imogen!

Posted by Sean Conner

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