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Iggy Pop: ‘All Animals Have a Lust for Life’

Written by PETA | November 9, 2010

Not only do PETA folk get to help animals (of course), and get e-mails with subject lines like “Has anyone seen our giant bunny costume?”—they also get to share in the involvement of the super-cool rock legends (from Macca to Grace Slick to Chrissie Hynde) who throw their considerable weight behind our efforts to help animals.

Now the one-and-only Iggy Pop has joined PETA and students at Iggy’s alma mater, the University of Michigan (U-M), in demanding that animals who are tormented and killed in a medical training course be replaced with the humane and educationally superior alternatives that are available. After learning that U-M abuses and kills cats and pigs in its Survival Flight course for nurses, Iggy fired off a letter on PETA’s behalf, urging the university to drop these cruel and archaic animal labs and to switch to the sophisticated simulators that are already used to teach the same skills in other advanced U-M training courses.

Iggy writes, “It’s common sense that cutting apart pigs and maiming cats isn’t the best way to train people to treat humans. … U-M should not be harming animals when better alternatives are available and already in use on campus.”

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Beth Senecal says:

    Iggy you are the best!!!! Always have been. Thanks

  • john bizas says:

    Great Iggy!Like it!

  • Carl Svedjeman says:

    Thanks Iggy, love you!

  • MARCELLO says:

    Vivisection is a cruel inhuman and degrading treatment that eliminates life under falca claims it is for the progress of science and technology, but pseudo-science and technology are those that do not preserve life but to detract ????? sincere respect for the institutions that are not your everyday scientific use of animal experimentation animals and I thank you!.

  • Ramsey says:

    As a Michigan alum, this is one time I’d definitely not say “Go Blue”. UM students, faculty, and alum should speak out against the university’s cruel and unnecesary animal experiments. Until UM changes it’s ways, it’s not a world-class research university, but a living hell for animals, and a poor example of higher education.