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Iditarod Musher Reports Missing Dog

Written by PETA | March 12, 2010



Sometimes it breaks our hearts to say, “We told you so.” It’s less than a week into the 1,150-mile-long doggie death march known as the Iditarod, and abuser musher Justin Savidis has already reported one of his dogs, 3-year-old Whitey, missing.

Whitey has been loose since Wednesday, and although he’s been spotted on a number of occasions, temperatures along the Iditarod course remain below zero, and there is no guarantee that Whitey will find shelter or food.

Even if Whitey survives his escape, when you consider the dark history of the bloody race, his future still looks pretty grim. On average, dogs in the Iditarod run at least 100 miles each day with very brief rests, and only half the dogs who begin the race ever make it to the finish line. Many are injured or killed as a result of the physical torment of the Iditarod—some of them fall through the ice or suffer from bloody diarrhea, dehydration, and viruses, while others are strangled by tow lines, trampled by moose, or hit by snowmobiles and sleds. Whitey’s disappearance marks the beginning of this year’s sub-zero suffering, but it’s not too late to end it: Urge the Iditarod’s sponsors to back out of the barbaric competition immediately.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Panther says:

    They should put this to a end! This is mutiny torwards those poor lovable dogs. Please don’t suppoer the iditorod

  • none says:

    So glad you updated this article to indicate that the dog was found live and well but that would work against your agenda of misinformation. If the author of this article had ever been around sled dogs they would know you can never make one run if they don’t want to. This article is full of misdirection and information based on an individuals emotions and contains little or no fact very poor journalism. In fact it’s a bit like listening to Glen Beck or Sarah Palin. Shame on you all. I know this comment won’t pass the moderators but hopefully it will sink in to someone.

  • Ex-Musher says:

    The following text is an extract taken from a website of one of the mushers who ran the 2010 Iditarod it speaks for itself. His team had less than 70 miles to go..but his dogs were very weak and he had less than half his team left.John had gone into this race and made it very clear he was not there to make up the numbers…he was racing for rookie award.His racing mate Tom Thurston scrathed early on the trail due to sickness in his team..soon johns dogs started falling sick causing john to start dropping White Mt john + vets called it a day..

  • Kiara says:

    i TOTALLY agree with you even though husky’s love to run they should NOT have to be forced to run whilst pulling anything Whitey probably ran away because he had enough of the stupid event

  • Carla says:

    When oh when will man kind??? wake up??????? It’s all about greed money and their huge damn egos. Sick. Leave the animals alone already. I am so tired of humans using and abusing every single animal that they can get their slimy little finters on. The humans race is in for a brutal awakening!!!!!!!

  • Anne says:

    I absolutely detest this socalled event and am sickened by it more and more each year. But I wanted to bring you all good news Whitey was found!! The link above to the race blog has a post saying he was ok. I really hope that is the truth. But clearly this has got to stop!!!

  • Priscilla Shaw-Phillips says:

    The Iditarod is very cruel to run a dog to exhaustion is akin to a blood sport. Why don’t the owners race on foot or are they too unfit and scared?

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    It’s quite sad that this is a form of animal cruelty yet no one see this. They see it as a sport..

  • MM says:

    THis is cruelty to the max. The dosg love and trust us and do their best for us.. In return these inhuman beasts the mushers who rea heartless and cruel cause them to die. I’m not a cruel person far from I’m sick of so much cruelty in the world and we wonder why the next generation is so immune to any compassionate feelings for life.

  • Kim says:

    Agreed! How is this a sport when the dogs are doing all of the work? It’s horribly cruel. Leave the dogs alone and change the race to snowmobiles or something.

  • ocean17 says:

    what Samantha said. this race is sickening and an unbelievably cruel bloodsport.

  • Mandy says:

    This is disgusting. I went on the Iditarod official site and they had photos of dogs giving urine samples so does that mean there pumping these poor dogs with drugs too???! And there was the most heart breaking photo of a ‘dropped dog’ i found out that means a dog that is to sick or tired to continuing running or worse case scenario is dead. This race is horrid.

  • Samantha says:

    I’m probably not the only one thinking it should be called IDIOTrod. Right?

  • rachelle says:

    T i second that how much suffering could be avoided if it weren’t for human greed and selfishness! my heart prayers goes out to all these animals. i mean we have a husky dog she is just a big baby. i would not in my wildest dreams subject her to that kind of treatment.

  • lisa says:

    How many more dogs are to die before this sport is stopped.

  • carol tuskan says:

    These dogs are really beautiful. They don’t deserve to be exploited this way. Greed sure is ugly.

  • T says:

    this makes me sad

  • Aneliese says:

    The official beginning of the death toll.

  • Anna says:

    This is very sad but not at all surprising. It is ridiculous that this is even considered a sport when the dogs are the only athletes involved.The same thing goes for dog racing and horse racing. I work at an animal shelter and because very few if any well organized shelters exist up north we get many huskytype dogs.It is not uncommon to hear of “weak” or “unsuitable” husky puppies being left to die on the ice that they were born on.We have picked up escaped dogs ravenously gorging on deer at the side of the highway. The dogs are kept in tiny cages and given no affection by their handlers.Some are not even named by their humans.You can guess what happens to old or injured dogs.These “athletes” are not fond of vet visits. I was even more ashamed of my country when a large group of sled dogs were thankfully found and rescued in Quebec. People need to stop visiting sled dog parks in Alberta around Banff and other tourist areas.

  • ocean17 says:

    i don’t think enough bad things can be said about this foolish and inhumane display of macho arrogance and darkages cruelty.