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‘I’d Rather Be a Zombie Than a NASA Astronaut’

Written by PETA | May 21, 2010

Victory Update: Following a year of vigorous campaigning, PETA has learned that government officials have grounded plans for a cruel and ineffective radiation experiment on monkeys. Learn more about this victory for monkeys.

Who wouldn’t, right? Earlier this month, we asked our Twitter followers to let everyone know what they’d rather do than torment animals in NASA’s cruel radiation experiments.

If you haven’t heard, NASA plans to spend $1.75 million of our tax dollars to fund an experiment that entails irradiating squirrel monkeys, socially isolating them in barren cages, and then watching what happens to their minds and bodies. Effects of the radiation exposure may include blindness, brain tumors, and cancer. This is why we pay taxes?

Check out these creative Tweets from the tweeps who are exposing NASA’s monkey-torment plan:



And if you haven’t yet, let NASA know how you feel. It’s not too late, tweeple!

Written by Paula Moore

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  • Tim says:

    Will people be able to watch via a webcam? The results might be interesting

  • Lauren says:

    All I want to know is… WHY NASA WHY?! Why do you think its a good idea to literally poison spider monkeys just to “see what happens”?! That’s cruel and DISGUSTING!

  • Melinda says:

    I demand that my tax dollars be spent promoting science not this barbaric twisted version of “science”. This isn’t any more scientific than forcefeeding animals large amounts of household products.

  • Chloe Denison says:

    Isn’t there some type of petition we could start to keep this from happening? We can not let them go through with it animal testing is so cruel and not to mention unnecessary.

  • Manic Monkey says:

    JoAnn Harrell Its not the astronauts you should be ticked at its NASA. Remember don’t $ with Buzz Aldrin.

  • JoAnn Harrell says:

    I always respected astronauts before but not anymore. They would have to be inhuman to do these things to poor helpless monkeys.

  • sanjuro says:

    Cool! I’m atsugi on Twitter I hope this campaign halped raise awareness on NASA’s sordid plans and lack of humane ethics.

  • Jahiegel says:

    Those are great tweets. My great hope is that the babyish if not strictly neotenous appearance of the spider monkey will continue to draw great public disapprobation of the proposal to the point that Congress or the White House intervenes. I regret of course that we remain at a place in which the specific identity of the nonhuman animal to be treated cruelly matters to the public but I don’t know that we can deny that it does and I think that NASA’s choosing to expand experiments to animals that are not dissimilar from humans and that are well cute might ultimately prove their undoing bringing about a permanent end to the governmentfunded irradiation of all nonhuman animals. So too I think have they erred strategically in persisting with a testing program that offers no obvious benefits to the daily lives of Americans most people wrongly tolerate testing on nonhuman animals where the results might in their understanding provide solutions to medical problems with which they suffer but I cannot imagine that the citizenry are keen on seeing cruelty undertaken in pursuit of pseudoscience from which the average American is unlikely to see benefits for many decades. Again I regret that we must rely on the superficiality and selfinterest both of which may follow not from evil but from ignorance of many of our fellow Americans but a torturepreventing victory whatever its impetus must be the at least shortterm goal.