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I’d Rather Go Naked Than . . .

Written by PETA | July 24, 2007

OK, so essentially everyone in the developed world has at least heard of PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. At least everyone with access to a TV, computer, radio or newspaper. And, to be honest, we’re quite proud of the campaign’s success.


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It’s pretty clear we’re all about getting naked for a good cause, so I was thrilled to hear about UK-based Lush Cosmetics’ new “naked” marketing campaign. And since the company is as animal-friendly as they come, I love it even more.

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  • Adam Driedzic says:

    Are you actually naked if you’re wearing stilletos? Ask the kittens in crush videos. Your organization risks becoming the enemy of its own cause. But you know that already.

  • W L Adams II says:

    Lets be fair about the natural skin coat issue. If for instance one desired a Leopard skin coat my feeling has always been to place that person naked in the natural habitat of said Leopard and since Im not completely insensitive they could bring a knife and stand face to face with the Leopard whose skin they desire. The Leopard whos approx HeadBody Length and Shoulder Height length including tail is 67.5 feet adult height 2 feet and can reach an approx weight of 190 pounds of pure muscle with up to 3 of ripping claw and who have 32 teeth. 4 of which are long pointed canine teeth used to kill while the other 28 are for cutting flesh and grinding bone. I have no doubt that by the end of that encounter one of the two will be enjoying the skin of the other. Regards William L Adams II who wishes bon appetite to natures purer creature

  • MojoPuppy says:

    Personally I Love The Idea. It Really Does Send A Message. As For The Dog Breeds. I Don’t Find This As Animal Cruelty Either But At The Same Time. It’s As If These Dogs Are Dangerous All By Themselves Without The Help Of Idiotic People.

  • Melissa W. says:

    I think that campaign is genius and love that others are doing the same and going nake for animals!! And to the poster with the question about dogs and insurance certain breeds not breads of dogs are considered dangerous and by infact asking homeowners not to have those animals may end up protecting people. You should always check with the insurance company before you purchase insurance from them about what their stipulations of dog breeds are and not to purchase any animal until knowing those stipulations. I don’t see that as cruelty to animals but rather insurance companies protecting themselves and their customers if that certain breed of dog does in deed bite or cause injury to someone.

  • Carolyn LaFond says:

    So who won the recent antifur slogan contest judged by Stella McCartney on 72207 and what’s the new slogan? Thanks.

  • Mike Hesse says:

    PETA is a very powerful lobyist.I’m curious WHY PETA has nothing nothing to combat the Insurance companies from profiling dog breads like in new jersey.Currently there’s 20 Dogs on the list and if you own one you can’t get homeowners insurance andor they will cancel if they find out.It should be for deads NOT breads.If it starts here and we do nothing were does it stop.Please help to stop this practice.Some states such as Michigan have legislation against this prcatice.I had to get rid of my Doberman because my homeowners was cancelled.Please HELP to stop this practice… Thanks Mike Hesse