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Written by PETA | January 3, 2008

Here we go again.


I_Buy_Strays.JPGEvery so often, someone sets up a hoax website like Bonsai Kitten, which purported to be changing the shapes of cats by putting them in jars, Save Toby (that guy who claimed he was gonna kill his pet rabbit unless people sent him cash), and Kitty Beef (my personal favorite—the title kind of speaks for itself), and a lot of people get (understandably) very upset about the whole thing. Well, there’s a new kid on the block now, and this one may be the most interesting of them all, because it draws attention to a little-known aspect of the animal-experimentation business that really reveals a lot about the whole sick industry. is a hoax. Just to be clear on this, it’s not a real site. The person who set it up doesn’t really buy stray cats and dogs to sell to animal experimenters. So there’s no need for alarm on that front. But sadly, the situation it describes is very real. As many as 115 million animals are experimented on and killed in laboratories in the U.S. every year. Not that it makes any difference, ethically speaking, but a large number of these animals are cats and dogs, and a great many of those cats and dogs come from the streets, from animal shelters, and from people’s back yards.

I_Buy_Strays_cat_dog.JPGClass B animal dealers, or “Bunchers,” are licensed by the USDA to obtain dogs and cats from “random sources,” which are defined as “animal pounds or shelters, auction sales, or from any person who did not breed and raise them on his or her premises.” And many states allow “pound seizure,” which means that the shelters are required by law to turn over certain animals to experimenters on demand.

So my point here is that anyone who’s shocked or upset by should direct their attention towards the animal experimentation industry itself. Although it may be a bit tactless, the site isn’t doing any actual harm—in fact, if you ask me, it’s doing a good thing by making people aware of the fact that the horrific circumstances which it ironically depicts are a daily occurrence. And there is something we can do about it. To learn more about how you can help animals suffering in labs, check out, and if you haven’t already, you can click here to pledge to boycott products that are tested on animals.

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  • Kyle says:

    I can’t wait until we finally completely abolish animal testing and just start testing medications and treatments on living humans… you know since animals are so more important than us humans. I love animals! I think I’ll kill myself and leave my body out in the desert for some poor animal to eat… because I love animals that much. I know there’s some hungry meateater out there who hasn’t been able to find a meal.

  • Jesse Gennarelli says:

    I emailed the clown who set up this site and received an email back. Are you sure this is a hoax???

  • Keri says:

    I am a member of “freecycle” and pets are being asked for and given away all the time. From rats to horses these animals are being passed around like nothing who knows where they end up. I just pray they are safe and not in the hands of the FREAKS at the labs. GOD BLESS them all they need it in this sick world of ours!

  • Caboose says:

    Kitty Meat lolz

  • V.S. says:

    Re Tamara Jan. 5 2008 0356 PM post Tamara I can totally relate to your sad tale about poor Earl. It’s great that your Uncle took him in but too bad that it looks like he can’t stay because of the other dog’s lack of behavioral training. It most always seems to be the Earl’s of this world that are left behind or discarded when things become “inconvenient” or seem unworkable at the start. Lots of luck on that front. Earl is lucky to have you concerned for his wellbeing.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Terri If everything you’re saying is correct I guarantee you that they must suspect rabies. I’m shocked that they did not tell you that. Do you know what rabies is? I’m not being sarcastic I’ve met many many people who don’t know what it is. Rabies is an extremely serious disease and it’s always fatal. I’m a veterinary nurse and I watched a film of a little boy from India who died from the disease. It’s terrible to watch. The only reason the authorities can take the body of someone’s pet away is if the owner was suspected of cruelty or if the animal is suspected to have a disease that humans can get. A pet cannot be tested for rabies unless the head is removed. I know it’s disturbing but it’s just a medical fact. Your sister should ask questions and make sure she is not at risk for rabies! I’m really sorry for this tragic situation but I don’t think the officials are trying to torture your family I think they may be trying to protect others from a serious disease. Please sit down with them and ask questions until you know the answers.I hope you and your sister can find peace in your hearts. You might want to talk to a professional about pet grief it’s taken very seriously these days.

  • Tamara says:

    V.S. Thanks for the info. I do have some links I send people that explain what can happen to a “free to good home” animal. I will be sure to check that one out as well. I read your whole post and it’s funny. My uncle got one of these “free” animals and the poor guy who they named Earl was in pitiful shape. The dog was fed table scraps and that’s about all he knew. Turned out Earl had a very serious infections in both ears He would shake his head all the time and blood would come out. Uncle took Earl to the vet and got him treated and Earl is great. You know that was not cheap… Earl is being fed regular dog food and his coat is much healthier. Earl is wellbehaved he is now a house dog. I think Earl is a sweetie. But now they have to “get rid of” Earl because the other dog they have is crazy has had no obedience training and they have decided they can’t handle both dogs. So it’s the “free” dog that has to go. I have wracked my brain trying to find someplace for Earl because he is a large german shepard mix oh yeah and not neutered yet either so he would be one of the first on death row. I could find no place. Uncle did find one rescue but said he would have to “foster” his own dog till the rescue could find him a home. Well that went over like a lead balloon. I have basically reached my boiling point and just dont speak anymore to that part of the family. I do keep track of Earl through my mom and Earl is still there. Hopefully they have forgotten they need to “get rid” of him. But it’s always the “free” dogs…that’s my point…

  • Aleasha says:

    Animal testing does little to benefit humans. It mostly just kills animals. Most medical advances have not come through the testing of animals. Anybody who thinks that animal testing is crucial to the advancement of medical science is sadly mistaken.

  • Tamara says:

    OMG Lori I am soooo sorry… I don’t know what to say. I am crying for your grandmother and her cats right now…

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    It’s important to realize that some scumbag companies are competing in the microchip industry. So even if your pet is microchipped it might not be able to be read by all scanners. Sadly universal scanners are not mandatory yet. Our cats stay indoors only that’s the best way to ensure they are protected. We don’t have dogs but if we did I would never leave them out in a yard unsupervised.

  • mlo says:

    I hope somebody can help answer Terri’s situation. It sounds horrible that the officer can just take a pet away for and the owner can’t do anything about it??? That doesn’t sound right at all! PETA please help her.

  • V.S. says:

    Tamara about your post on Jan. 3 2008 0627 PM Yes it is such a great idea to warn people not to advertise their animals as “Free To a Good Home”. is great for information to include in your form letter. has free Telephone Screening Forms for Prospective Adopters free Pet Adoption Forms Tips on “How to Find and Evaluate A Prospective Pet Adopter” etc. Here’s some info that you might choose from to form your letter. Hope it helps! Most people have good intentions when they advertise a pet as “Free To Good Home” or for too small a fee. They care what happens to the animal and are not interested in making money. All they want to do is find a nice family that is willing to give their pet a loving responsible home. The tragedy occurs when the animal is mistakenly put into a situation where it is neglected abandoned abused or even sold for lab experimentation. Sadly this sort of thing happens thousands of times each day across America. People tend not to value what they don’t pay for sadly cats and dogs are no exception. If one charges for an animal the new owner is more likely to take their commitment to the pet seriously. If you charge a nominal fee of $35$45 or preferably more for an animal the new owner is more likely to take their commitment to the pet seriously. And this will help lessen the chance that the supposed “prospective adopter” is someone with ill intent in mind. A free pet is a disposable pet! Paying a fee for a pet shows good faith on the part of the new owner and demonstrates their willingness to properly care for the animal. If you are uncomfortable with asking an adoption fee it is still vitally important that you do so but consider including food toys supplies etc. as an added incentive. The idea is not to make a profit but to ensure the good intentions of the new owner. In any event the animal should be spayed or neutered and have its “shots” before it is adopted out and these costs alone can easily surpass your adoption fee. Use the adoption fee to recoup some or all of your expenses. One final thought if you absolutely don’t want to take any money yourself ask the adopter to make the check out to your favorite animal organization or local animal shelter instead. These organizations can surely use the help! What can happen to a pet that is given free or for too little a fee to a casual uncommitted owner? Abandoned to the streets. This is the most likely scenario that occurs when an uncommitted owner tires of a pet. Street animals suffer every day of their short lives. The end always comes painfully either from violent trauma or from lingering disease. Marginally Owned. The pet will not be cared for properly and is often allowed to roam the streets. Abused. The owner will not make the effort to properly train the animal. Often this leads to inappropriate responses from the owner and abuse of the pet when it “misbehaves”. Next please be aware that there are dishonest people who routinely obtain animals for profit by fraudulently answering “Free To Good Home” ads. They are usually very persuasive and friendly. They know all the “right” answers to your questions because they do this sort of thing on a regular basis. Some may even bring kids or senior citizens along to make you think they are a loving family! The most important thing you can do to discourage this kind of person is to charge an adoption fee! This makes it much more difficult for them to realize a profit so they will usually not bother contacting you. What can happen to an animal if you let one of these con artists have himher? Used to “live train” fighting dogs. The animal you expected to be a pet is used to bait a fighting dog and is literally torn to pieces. Sold at Flea Markets or Auctions to anybody who happens along. Most of the time these animals are neglected kept in cramped unsanitary conditions and often become sick and diseased. Sold to a ClassB Dealer who then resells the animal to a research facility. People who practice the despicable act of rounding up strays to sell them are referred to as “Bunchers”. At the research facility the animal will most likely suffer through painful “experiments” and abuse and most likely will be euthanized after they are finished with himher. Used for breeding stock in a “Puppy Mill”. The living conditions in most of these establishments are deplorable the dogs being being bred over and over again. Used as live food or bait for exotics like snakes or alligators. Sacrificed in cult rituals. Some people find this hard to believe but the FBI has many files documenting this kind of activity in our country. Advise people not to adopt out pets at Halloween! Solid black and solid white cats are especially in danger at this time of the year. Cult members and vicious pranksters are on the lookout for animal victims. Please remember Be sure to “fix” the pet before adoption to prevent more “Free To Good Home” ads! The most important thing you can do to stop animal abuse is to spay or neuter your pets! Find out if the local humane or Spay Neuter Clinic will spay or neuter the animal for a reasonable cost. In Arizona call 602 265SPAY for free and lowcost referrals. Use a Pet Adoption Agreement! Please don’t let the animal out of your door without a signed pet adoption agreement! This will usually stop dishonest people in their tracks. A pet adoption form is available at Read our tips on “How to Find and Evaluate a Prospective Pet Adopter.” Telephone screening forms are also available at What to ensure when adopting out a pet Spayed or neutered before adoption. A completed screening form. A visit to the home of the prospective new owner and a followup visit after the pet is at hisher new home so important. Always ask for identification. Llegitimate callers will not object when you tell them why. Write down the persons full name drivers license number address and telephone number and explain that you will visit his or her home to ensure that he or she actually lives there. Ask for and check references from veterinarians neighbors and employers. A loving adoptive family committed to the pet for life. A signed Pet Adoption Agreement Cats kept inside exclusively. Proper shelter for dogs when kept outside. Pet proof fence and gates. Pet is returned to you if new owner decides to give it up at any future date.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Terri My sympathies. Also bringing the dog back without the head is just sick. I know it’s tough to handle but maybe Bandit can help other dogs from suffering a similar fate. Did they give a reason for the autopsy? It depends on how you look at it. I’m donating my body to science after I die. I feel that once you’re dead you have no use for your body. Anyway they certainly don’t get a passing grade for tact or empathy.

  • Ana says:

    Lori I was horrified when I read your comment. My heart goes out to those poor elderly cats. Those bunchers who took the cats are the essence of pure evil. How sickeninghorrifying to even imagine what those poor cats endurednow I am getting sick to my stomach. So sorry for this horror!

  • kelly says:

    And more they are trying to get regulations for these bunchers in the current farm bill httpwww.hsus.organimalsinresearchgeneralinformationonanimalresearchclassbdealerdownandout.html

  • kelly says:

    If anyone wants more info on use of “random source” lab animals bunchers lab animal dealers Watch “Dealing Dogs” the HBO documentary. It is available for rent everywhere. And here is more info on random source dealers httpwww.hsus.organimalsinresearchclassbdealers

  • Jaclyn says:

    Wow. This is all new information to me. I never knew about bunchers.

  • Eva says:

    Oddly enough it appears as though the creator of the site was being “tongue and cheek” a bit sarcastic so as to draw people in to the truth?

  • Elaine Vigneault says:

    I disagree about the harm it’s doing because it claims animal tests are a good thing and that animal testing is necessary to save human lives. I don’t think that part of the hoax will get through to people who see it. Whoever set this up is trying to profit from it. They have real ads on the site. It’s not like they’re just playing a game and educating people in an aggressive style they trying to profit. And the google ads shown there are not the best.

  • Lori says:

    My grandmother’s age and desperation were taken advantage of by a “lovely” older couple who “adopted” both of her elderly cats before I could intervene. She was having to move out of her house to a situation with no pets and she could not find homes. She called me because she was so relieved about this couple and when she told me that they did not want the cats bowls litter pans beds or other things I knew something was not right. I called out the calvary to find the cats and I never got them back but I found out these assholes were bunchers. When I think of her cats and what probably happened I feel like I am going to throw up. These fucking people are the scum of the earth the very souls of evil. They look in mirrors and they do not see the horror of who they are. This NEEDS TO STOP. They prey on the uninformed and the unaware and the lost and the stolen. I can’t even type anymore.

  • kelly says:

    Just a word to anyone out there with a pet GET THEM MICROCHIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read an article not long ago that the schools and labs that buy pets from “bunchers” or dealers are now checking for MICROCHIPS and a stolen pet got returned! And contact charities and schools and tell them to cut it out with the random source animals ie pets! The American Heart Association actually contacted Congress to state that they needed to use random source animals people’s pets. Not only are they scumbags but using random source animals is DANGEROUS and just plain bad science. We also need to STOP POUND SEIZURE. Check this site to see what is going on in your state httpwww.banpoundseizure.orgyourstate.shtml and work with others to end it. Also put “pound seizure” or “stop pound seizure” into a google search perhaps add your state name to join others fighting it. httpwww.banpoundseizure.orgyourstate.shtml

  • Dana says:

    Well I am one of the ones that fell head over heels for this hoax from an email I received from a lot of other irate people…………….Let me tell you I think smoke must have been steaming out of my ears when I seen this site…To think that someone was playing on humans compassion toward the medical needs of other humans and using these innocent creatures in the process was too much for me to handle….Plus I was scared if someone was paying out money for dogs turned over people would be out grabbing up as many dogs as possible to make quick cash..Thank God this one was a hoax but shame on anyone that would play this kind of trick. I do everything I can already to live a cruelty free life..I am almost a complete Vegan and I only buy products that are not tested on animals. Unfortunately my control ends at this point I know that my tax dollars which I have the least control over go to fund these horrific testings…I also know that if I have an emergency that sends me searching for a hospital I will then also be indirectly contributing to something I am 100 against. I have emailed everyone I know to email signed many petitions and told everyone I know to try to buy cruelty free products. The dogs and cats being tested on in research labs is a great concern for most people I talk to for Americans express more concern for these animals than any others. If and when animal testing starts to make changes I feel dogs and cats will be eliminated from the testing first….but I also feel that it is important for people to show the same kind of compassion to all animals involved in this hellish mess…..Somehow we need to extend l the same compassion people share for certain animals to all animals.

  • Terri Santillan says:

    This is a horrible situation and I need some direction. I don’t know if it is something PETA can help with but here goes my sister’s dog had multiple seizures for a week then passed away. The vet and animal care officer told her they want the dog’s head to run tests. This is sick. This is someone’s pet part of her life like her child. They took her dog said they will bring back the dog without the head needless to say my sister is hysterical. They gave her a summons to appear in court because of this. This all happened in a 24 hour period. Her dog just died on Jan. 1 and they can for her baby first thing this morning. To me this is cruelty even though sweet little Bandit is passed it is just sick and inhumane treatment. Couldn’t they possibly take a biopsy? Please help I don’t know where to turn.

  • rose says:

    it is pretty sad how little most people know about these things that really are important. but then again some sick people just thing animals are disposable.

  • Tamara says:

    OMG thank God that is not real. Because I have no more energy. That is what I have been doing lately. Trying to warn these people I will not say idiots but that is what I mean what will most likely happen to their beloved pet if he or she is given away for free. I need to set up a standard sortof form letter than can be adapted to particular situations. It would be easier to spread the word. Why can’t we get Craigslist and there is one called “FreeCycle”…to stop letting them advertise animals??

  • Susannah S says:

    There are many “dealers” who turn over strays to laboratories most of them about as savory as their name suggests. Without stringent laws prohibiting such transactions these people will continue to raid shelters back yards even breeders to find their “goods” to sell. I was reading where some of them even take “leftover” animals from laboratories to sell to other laboratories. These are animals already used in experiments and now useless to the experimenters I don’t know if that’s true but I wouldn’t put it past anyone who does this sort of business.

  • Canaduck says:

    I contacted when they posted their response to the hoax just so they would inform their readers that while is a total fake what it advertises is not. They haven’t responded to me yetmaybe someone should send them this blog post!

  • Carla says:

    Hey I wouldn’t doubt that this maybe happening somewhere out there in computer land under some kind of alias! And there would be some sick that would stoop to that level!! Wouldn’t surprize me!

  • V.S. says:

    You’re right even though is a hoax unfortunately animal dealers a.k.a. scum of the earth have a vast array of animals to choose from to sell to labs as people continue to advertise their animals as “free to good home”. We can do our part to alert these individuals of the dangers of doing so by sending them an email directly through their online ad or by calling them. I already have a blurb already to go that I email out as soon as I see an online ad appear in the local online classified ad websites. When I began doing this I really wasn’t sure what kind of feedback I’d be getting thinking that people would be irrate with me for “getting in their business” but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Some have even changed their advertisement to include an adoption fee. Every little bit counts.