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Iams News Conference Today

Written by PETA | March 30, 2007

Since the massive pet food recall began, we’ve gotten a ton of questions from people worried about feeding their animals Iams dry food, even though only canned food has been recalled so far. So today, PETA is holding a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington to call on the FDA to immediately expand the recall to include dry food as well as canned, until it can all be chemically tested for safety.

One person speaking at the news conference will be Pennsylvania resident Yvette Faulkner, whose cat Sassafras suffered kidney failure and had to be euthanized. Ms. Faulkner states that Sassafras ate only Iams’ dry food. Our hearts are with you, Yvette.

We’re also calling for an investigation into whether Iams knew about the contaminated food before it was recalled. Reports indicate that Menu Foods, Iams’ manufacturer, may very well have known about the contaminated food as early as February 20. The recall didn’t go into effect until March 16. Unreal.

Given Iams’ history of causing animal suffering, it will be very interesting what comes to light as this case unfolds . Remember, these are the folks that paid for this:

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Enough said, for now.

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  • April Matteis says:

    Yes….It has been awhile since the last comment was made..but I’m not convinced that it’s over yet! My 14 year old dog has been on Iams her ENTIRE life. I thought I was being the best dog mom ever. All the signs of kidney failure. Almost euthanized before I finally got her to eat some some kd Science diet. After a near death experience and changing her diet…I think we might have saved her!? But now after reading the above posted…I’m terrified!! Please…what do I feed her? I’ve tried homemade recipes…she is not into it!

  • Patricia Keister says:

    I found your site while researching information regarding contaminated cat food. I have two cats both under five years old. I have always fed them IAMS dry cat food for indoor cats. I have always fed them that because as my vet and “those in the know” assured me IAMS was just the best. The older of the two cats was just diagnosed with chronic renal failure. My vet recommended fluid shots 2 very costly and switching to Hills Perscription Diet KD which I have done only to read that Hills may also be recalled. HMMMMM! I just don’t know what to say especially after reading the many concerned letters on this site and about others who have lost beloved animals because they were feeding them IAMS. Oh and did I add that I always purchased my cat food from our local WalMart store. Well today my cat Babycakes is rallying but I do not know what to expect. Is there ANY cat food out there I can buy that is not tainted????? My heart breaks every time I look into his eyes and know if he dies it is because of some stupid preventible reason. And where does one go from here to report and begin to stop this “epidemic”?

  • Michael Jones says:

    Now I hear there is a recall on pet foods containing rice which were also contaminated.

  • Michael Jones says:

    After three weeklong stays at the veterinary hospital our beloved pet cat died after aspirating vomit and going into cardiac arrest. We are sure it was from eating Hills Prescription Diet CD Feline dry cat food even though the vet assured us the cat food was not recalled. We are sure because that is all the cat ever ate since his urinary problems started several years ago. Prior to that he still only ate dry cat food no scraps or anything else ever his entire life of 10 years. The vet kept asking if there was any poison the cat could be getting into each time we brought him back. I checked the house repeatedly but there was nothing that could have caused it. We paid thousands of dollars to try and save him but when he came home and was able to eat dry cat food again he again became very ill and died in the veterinary hospital. The vet advised us that his liver was swollen and he had kidney failure when we took him back. The FDA is looking into it but so far no one is taking any responsibility for it. The vet “lost” the cat food we gave them for testing and we provided them more but we still have no results. My wife and I are both disabled and this has been a nightmare trying to save our beloved cat. We miss him dearly his name was Blue.

  • anonymous says:

    Just thought I’d put an update here on our cat. She died last Friday. A guy from the FDA is coming to our house tomorrow to sample her food and send it to their lab in DC. He’s sampling both Special Kitty dry food and IAMS dry food. Read on the net IAMS dry food does not contain wheat gluten and is nto contaminated? Can ayone verify that?

  • Caroline says:

    Apparently Iams does not care. It never did. Its just one of the several organizations heartlessly exploiting animals for personal profit. Those people who lost their pets courtesy Iams contaminated food should sue them and anyway Im starting to wonder whether organizations like Iam can even be considered legal to function when we know all the horrible experiments they conduct behind doors. Its almost a mockery if we set out to buy food from the very organization which torments and kills animals in the name of senseless brutal experiments and then deliver packets of food which ends up making the animal sick! No organization sadastically using an animals’life to make profit should ever be considered even legal. Caroline

  • anonymous says:

    I just want to let you know that I just sent you an email and will summarize it here since I just found this blog. Our cat was diagnosed with extreme renal failure this morning and we’re spending hundreds of dollars to get her treatment tat will probably not work. If her bloodwork is not better in2 days we’re going to have to put her down. Guess what? We switched her from Special Kitty dry food not on the list to IAMS Indoor dry cat food not on the list YET???? either a week and a half ago. COINCIDENCE?? I’m only now reading about all these concerns regarding dry pet food…. I wish I would have read those earlier… No wait I wish dry foods would have been TESTED RECALLED earlier sorry I’m a little pissed. Called the FDA rep we’re going to get a call tomorrow. Person has to speak with supervisors that are out today. They will likely have to test our catfood. I guess it’s not considered an emergency… meanwhile the food’s on the shelve at the local WalMart….

  • pamela says:

    Right now Menu Foods is only stating cuts in gravy style foods dating as far back as November are unsafe. Myself and a few of my veterinarian friends believe it goes farther than that. Some veterinarians speculate that the contamination may have started as early as October or even September. The chemicals take time to accumulate in the body and the degree of some illnesses indicate the companion animals may have started consuming contaminated food prior to November. Also dry foods manufactured for the brands on the recall list are not safe as they contain many of the same ingredients as the wet food and are manufactured in the same plants. I currently feed my three feline roomies Whiskas which is not manufactured by Menu Foods.

  • Shannon W. says:

    Pet food is the biggest scam ever. Stop feeding your animals this crap and prepare their food on your own if you truly care about them.

  • Mary says:

    I lost my 7 year old cat very suddenly last July to massive kidney failure. He ate Feline md exclusively then kd when he became really ill. I know this recall is focusing on products made more recently but is there any indication this may reach further back? I also know kidney failure in cats is not uncommon but I am horrified that he too may have been poinsoned. Thank you for any info or advice.

  • Quwen Qyiz says:

    Hey if you love animals so can your dog and PETA can love the money! WinWinWin httpwww.petamall.comPLPShop.asp?RecordID211

  • Jamie says:

    How far back does this really go? I have been using Iams for years I was instructed by the rescue group where I got my boxer that it was the best food money can buy… In October 06 my boxer had elevated kidney issues. I switched foods but it was still Hill’s Science diet per the vet….I am done we threw away all 40lbs of the food we bought on Friday and bought Newmans Brand at Whole Foods. My dogs are my kids who the f do these people think they are..

  • Amy Borecky says:

    I have 2 boxers that are currently hospitalized right now for kidney failure. We’re going on 2 days now with no change.The only common denominator with both dogs is Iam’s dry dog food. The vet is convinced this is the the reason after many tests and bloodwork.Beware do not feed Dry Iams!!!

  • AJ Brown says:

    I contacted IAMS earlier in the week as I was concerned whether IAMS may have the same supplier as Menu Foods to produce IAMs dry food etc. The PG employee told me she did not know whether PG and Menu Foods had the same supplier. This caused me some anguish as I was unsure what to feed my cats. My cats have had elivated blood counts and have had to endure events that could have been prevented. To top it off the vet put them on Hills prescription diet kd. Only to find out the next day that Hills recalled their md dry forumula!

  • Diane Craine says:

    I think this is barbaric. Is there a pet food supplier that doesn’t treat their animals like this? Can you tell me what the purpose of this is? I bought a food for my dog from Flint River Ranch SeniorLite. I read the site and thought it sounded like a healthy alternative until all this blows over but it looks like I may be spending more money to feed my dog if I love dogs period. I thought that Iams was the pet food for people who loved their animals and I guess you really have to research. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. I will make sure all my friends and family know about this.

  • Teresa Holladay says:

    I went vegetarian due to animal cruelty issues 3 12 years ago. As layers of how humans deal with animals get peeled back I am just horrified… and glad for the decisions I’ve made. I too just learned that MenuFoods and perhaps some of the others knew of pet deaths as much as 30 days before the recall. They said it would have been “irresponsible” to act sooner. Yet within five days of their “taste testing” they had a 14 death rate 7 of 50 animals. Irresponsible? Do they routinely accept a 14 death rate? Teresa Holladay

  • Erin Sweeney says:

    I was so devestated to hear of the cat food recall. I had to put down my best friend dale after he suffered he stopped eating and was almost non responsive. dale was 15 years old and very healthy except for some old age related symptoms. I had been feeding dale adcd and iams. I had no idea of the cruelty situation at iams until my mother gave me your website information. i was told dale had leukimia but now i wonder if the food i fed him to keep him well could have killed him. I have two other cats chip16and nightmare3 that i have been feeding iams dry food to as well. My cats are my family and i cant believe what i am reading. i thank you for being my watchdog with these companies and i will now count on you as my one and only source. Please keep me posted. i will be sending a donation to help you continue in your great efforts.

  • KathyF says:

    The Pet Connection blog httpwww.petconnection.comblog is doing a great job covering this. They’ve announced that Science Diet dry food for cats is being recalled after the FDA announced the contaminated gluten may have been used in dry food. No word yet on Iams.

  • White Raven says:

    My oldest kittie Pukee died in January. The vet said kidney failure was the cause. She ate Iams dry “Over 7 yo Hairball” formula. Once we used canned Iams but that was some time ago. Just once. Generally we get pet food from Wild Oats and Vitamin Cottage health foodsnot recalled. The Iams dry is just for hairball. What should I do? This could be related to the recall. I’m concerned about my other kitties. They are my LIFE. I just can’t live without them. It was very hard dealing with Pukee’s passing. I want Iams to check all their products. What can we do to make this happen? Thanks for letting me express my concern. White Raven Albuquerque NM

  • Karen says:

    Any company who used Menu as a supplier for private label and also used Menu as an ingredient supplier such as ‘Wheat Gluten’ should have immediately recalled ALL product sources. There is no possible way IAMS or any other company could have not put those 2 pieces of the puzzle together! I stopped using ALL commercial dog food the very day I heard about the recall and have been feeding chicken and rice because I had a feeling that before it’s all over with more brands will be discovered to include DRY foods.

  • kelly says:

    Iams is also really BAD quality food.