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Iams Issues Major Recall After Dog and Cat Deaths

Written by PETA | March 17, 2007

iams dog food.gif
One of the Iams products recalled after animal deaths

They’ve been dying in the Iams labs, and now they’re dying in people’s homes. After an unknown number of cats and dogs died of kidney failure from eating tainted pet food, Menu Foods, which is a contract manufacturer for Proctor & Gamble’s Iams and Eukanuba brands, has recalled 60 million cans of pet food from stores nationwide. As a result, Proctor & Gamble has announced a major recall of certain types of its food throughout the country. You can learn more about the story here.

Proctor & Gamble is no stranger to killing dogs: They’ve been doing it efficiently and professionally for years, and they’ve developed numerous ways of getting the job done, such as cutting out huge chunks of muscle from their test subjects’ legs and leaving them to suffer for days before they die—as our investigation into Iams a couple of years ago discovered. Now, of course, boycotting Iams has taken on a whole new meaning since the company has shown

One of the dogs made to suffer in Iams’ tests

itself to be a real danger not just to the animals who suffer and die in silence (quite literally—dogs in Iams labs have been debarked so as not to bother the technicians with their cries for help) in Proctor & Gamble laboratories, but to the millions of households that feed their animals Iams food. You can find a list of pet-food companies that don’t test on animals here, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated when I get more information about this story.

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  • Patrick says:

    My beloved dog just died today because of IAMS GARBAGE FOOD. This company should be put out of business the people responsible punished by eating the same quality of food we have fed our pets. RIP Leroy you will be dearly missed and remembered. To all those who have lost loved ones…

  • frank Greenham says:

    lot 151208 us61593 p33 63494583n2 1745 Our poodle has been eating this can food since he was born 5 years ago now all of a sudden he is ill is this one of the lot on the recall list. Answer soon.

  • Tami Davis says:

    My beauiful 6 year old black lab was on Iams weight control from Aug. 06 until Jan. 8th 07 when one day she started throwing up so checked on her 1 hour later and still throwing up I called the vet and she said it was probably the flu. A few hours later I got a call to get home asap and my baby girl was on her side with her tongue hanging out and gasping for air she died within 10 min. of me getting home. She was never ever sick like that before and died in my arms. I could not understand why she dieduntil now she was my best friend and will never be forgotten Thanks alot IAMS

  • Cheryl Ballou says:

    I have a 4 year old Lab that is currently very sick and about to die. Dry Weight Controled Iams is to blame. All of the dog food that is made used the same base ingredients from China where the dog food suppliers purchase from. The dog food ingredients are not check for toxins and therefore the animals die a long horrible death. Iams is one of many companies who is to blame for these attrocities. They need to be held accountable. Is there a lawyer in the house?

  • carla johnson says:

    This is a travesty. Does this include the Iams dry dog food?

  • Taylor mason says:

    Hi my name is Taylor mason I am 8 years old I am not happy about what you crazy people are doing to these poor animals.You people must be crazy for doing that.I have been feeding my dog this for 7 years now I am never going to feed my dog this dum food ever again. I saw the a dog on the internet and it was dyeing. I HATE IAMS!

  • sydney mason says:

    I am 10 years old and have been feeding Iams to my dog for 7 years she seems to be doing fine and I hope it stays that way me and my mom have dicided to switch dog foods.Sorry Imas your rep is going to go down Iam writing an english papper on how you guys are killing animals with your not so all about caring for these poor animals food. Just to let you know Imas you are not just going to get away with this. I am and Iam preety darn sure no one is going to just keep feeding their pets this just for you and to kill them.And for all of you peoples who has lost any pets beacause of this food Iam REALY SORRY I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITH OUT MY 2 DOGS?!?!??!!!???!????!

  • Abi says:

    I feel so sorry for all those people out there who has lost a pet due to stupid Iams. If you go on thier website they acted like thier the best. I have a dog and a cat. And they were both healthy till My mum bought some Iams for my dog he soon died of kidney problems. I didn’t relise it was because of Iams and then told my friend how good it was. Soon after she started to buy it for her dog he also died of Kidney problems.

  • Jing says:

    My scottish Terrier was happily jumping around before I fed it some Iam Wet food and then he started vomiting at about 2am in the morning 2 days later and in the morning about 7am started vomiting blood and died in the the vet at about 1030am. We should all boycott Iams and all other companies that ill treats animals and poisoned them due to poor quality.

  • Dr. Dan says:

    Forgot to mention that one of our previously robust and healthy barn cats was found dead about two weeks ago.At that time we felt he got hold of some tainted food or even antifreeze. This was before this stuff broke on the tainted pet foods. We would feed “Bulky” frequently with the same pet “food”. I am convinced it is the GLUTEN contained in the pet food that is the “poison”. This became obvious when Menu Foods switched to a more powerful variant of gluten.I would also say the Corn Gluten contained the “safe “dry variant may also be as toxic.

  • Dr. Dan says:

    This is just another incident of the toxicity of the gluten that is in so many of the pet foods. The ones with the wheat gluten is probably most toxic but the others including corn gluten may be as toxic. There is even a disease in humans called “Gluten Enteropathy” or “Sprue” that exibits the autoimmune pathology that the animals in this recent pet food recall exibit. I know thisa from my personal experience with my own dog

  • Adrienne says:

    Thank Heaven my dog is severely allergic to wheat corn and certain other ingredients. He’s been on a special diet for years but I’d have fed him my own flesh before I’d feed him Iams or Eukanuba. I won’t purchase anything from PG they’re a company that has no conscience so why wouldn’t they put their profits before the health of their consumers?

  • kris shulfer says:

    thank god someone else is bringing this to the nations attention besides PETA!!! I have know of this for years!! and i have wrote many letters watched many videos but it seems like people just dont care!! it is a great day that Iams will be repremaned for all there inhumane and cruel things they have done to the animals!! i would glady take one of those lab dogs and make it my pet and resuce it!! thansk to the new york post and PETA and CNN for all the publication of this!!

  • Jeff, Paul, Fred, Oliver and Lola says:

    It is simply astonishing that this corporation was aware of the problems with this pet food and choose greed over humanity in deciding when and if to respond. Nothing would be too cruel for these assholes.

  • Nancy says:

    Thank you Maya. And now I’d like to present the FDA with the WTF? Award for the most idiotic thing I’ve heard all week “The FDA first learned of a potential problem after receiving complaints on Feb. 20 and followed up by feeding the “cuts and gravy” product to 40 to 50 cats. Of those seven animals died said Stephen Sundlof the FDA’s top veterinarian.” Of course they couldn’t just test the blood or urine of animals that had ALREADY eaten the tainted food to see if they had been poisoned. They needed to watch the poison work. “Nah Jethro cats and dogs dropping dead all over the country ain’t really enough to go on… better kill some fresh ourselves.” Sheer genius. I feel safer already.

  • Linda says:

    I will never again buy anything IAMS knowing that they test on animals like this. I regret using their dog food. What a price to pay to get food to feed our animals. Bought with the price of dying dogs and cats. Horrible.

  • Maya says:

    Sorry one more comment. httpwww.cbc.caconsumerstory20070320petfood070320.html According to this Menu foods has asked customers to hold on to vet bills. Also IAMS APPARENTLY KNEW ABOUT THE PROBLEM IN FEBRUARY AND DID NOT RECALL THE FOOD UNTIL WEEKS LATER. Also Hills Science Diet and Purina voluntarily recalled some of their food made in tandem with Iams. Just so you guys know.

  • Maya says:

    ps YOU SHOULD READ THIS! httpwww.wtnh.comGlobalstory.asp?S6252596nav3YeX

  • Maya says:

    HEY EVERYONE! I’m glad people are discussing this. I JUST HOPE WE CAN GO ABOUT THIS IN A SCIENTIFIC WAY. For all of you with sick or tragically deceased pets is there any way your vet can prove what caused the renal failure? Please ask! If Iams poisoned your pet they should be held responsible. But cats and dogs get kidney failure from other sources too. Can’t the vets investigate? Very important pay attention to what the FDA says is the source of the toxin!! If the toxin was from contaminated corn or wheat DON’T BUY PET FOOD WITH CORN OR WHEAT! I think it could happen again! I would love if PETA could keep us up to date on this. By the way read the article “What’s really in pet food” for great information. ps I feed my pets Wellness diet.

  • Laura Carnes says:

    Our dog Snooter Booter a ?year old foundling has been with us for about 7 years now and he started yelping and acting strangely in the last few days. I found out about the recall but suspect a bag of old food that was recently thrown away. They knew about this since late Feb and said NOTHING????CRIMINAL!!!!! As a precaution I fed him some homecooked chunked chicken and rice diet. This was easy to make and it is FRESH because it is not processed crap but REAL FOOD that I would eat. When they tell you dog food is not for human consumption that should tell you something about what is in it. You would pull your dog’s snout out of a knocked over garbage can if you caught him eating from it right? so why feed him old garbage from a pet food bag? Snooter is WORTH the inconvenince of the cooking. PS Proctor Gamble are disgusting and should be boycotted by pet lovers everywhere as well as brought up on criminal charges.

  • shapleigh says:

    As long as ProctorGamble et al torture and torment innocent creatures we the responsible consumers must boycott ALL PG products. We do not have the right to inflict pain on helpless fish fowl or mammals. Why not experiment on death row inmates!

  • Alan H says:

    It seems one company makes the pet food for scores of brands. My question is are these pet foods exact clones of each other with different labels or do different companies have different ingredients put in by Menu?

  • Michael says:

    I apologize if this is already posted but I think all the recalls are viewable here httpwww.menufoods.comrecall

  • Michael says:

    As I’m writing this my little 17year old orange tabby Frisky is sitting on my lap. My heart goes out to all you guys who have lost loved ones due to this fiasco. Been there before. I know your pain. Hopefully somehow some good will come of all this.

  • David says:

    Iams recently killed my dog. Feb. 9th. she was a healthy nine year old boxer. Suddenly lost weight and died of Kidney failure. Not explained until now. Please post his. i am starting a site. “” could use some help getting to the bottom of this. David

  • Avram says:

    I have fed my cats Nutro since the day I adopted them and I always thought it was a highquality brand with high standards much better than IAMS. Little did I know that they are doing the same things that IAMS is doing. Nutro should be boycotted as well.

  • Nancy says:

    So all that “testing” Iams has been doing… strictly to ensure that the food is safe right? What a shocker that something like this could slip by such noble compassionate conscientious people. BTW to the person who was trying to find out if their pet’s food was included in the recall here’s a list of the affected brands at the end of the article httpwww.cnn.com2007US0317petfood.recall.apindex.html

  • David C says:

    My St. Bernard has been eating Iams dry Chunks since she was a puppy. At 6 12 years her kidneys are enlarge and has pancreatitus.Its hell watching a loved one waste away to nothing.Oddly enough her condition began to deteriorate in Jan.

  • Emma Bowden says:

    Anything remotely connected to Proctor and Gamble spells disaster in my book. They have been scumbags to animals for years. I wont have anything remotely connected to their name in my home. I make sure all the charities in my area like the local animal home boycott Iams and I know the Dogs Trust in the UK only use food approved by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. I would rather just replace the donated food than allow the charities to have to use any donated food from IAMS. Total scumbags the lot of them I have that picture of the IAMS puppy stuck in my car window and you should see peoples faces in my rearview mirror as they read it!!! Great way to advertise a completely unethical company in the back of your car window. I hate Iams I hate their ads on SKY and I hate everything about their scummy good for nothing animal tests. I want to do all I can to stop these people doing what they have got away with for far too long

  • Holly says:

    I have two cats that have eaten the contaminated food I know because the lot numbers on the bottom of the cans match. I fed them 21 cans of the poison. I feel sick about it. My “Tulip” my best friend died 31707 from “Toxic Renal Failure”. Her Creatinine was 13.5! A normal cat’s Creatinine is no higher than 2.4! My other cat “Melvin” is at the vet now and has also been diagnosed with “Renal Failure” with a Creatinine of 10.4! He is being hydrated and they are trying to flush out his kidneys. This has been a nightmare for us. You couldn’t imagine. Iam’s has been no help and Menu Foods is denying they are responsible. Where is the integrity?! Their symptoms were loss of appetite lethargy and drooling brown saliva. Tulip also had an unusual odor to her. My poor little angel…

  • WK Lawrence says:

    For healthy cat and dog food try httpwww.frrco.comindexFlash.cfm?121883 It’s all natural ovenbaked with no artificial preservatives chemicals or byproducts and FRR conducts no dangerous animal testing like many of the mainstream companies do.

  • Nancy says:

    Kelly is absolutely right. When Iams was made available in supermarkets that was a red flag for me… that shelf space is far too expensive for ethical companies to afford without passing that cost along to the consumer. If it’s cheap and on every supermarket shelf you can bet corners have been cut somewhere and in the case of Iams it was animal welfare. The same goes for WalMart and all the discount stores that exist to satisfy our seemingly inexhaustible need to consume. Those cheap goods are brought to us on the backs of exploited workers. It’s all just a huge shell game… the more we have the less someone else has e.g. workers in developing countries animals losing their habitats etc.. And the thing is there’s plenty to go around. For now.

  • kelly says:

    There are lots of brands that don’t use the cheap problem ingredients found in in pet food like Iams You will NEVER find those good brands in a grocery store Seek out brands like Newman’s Organics There are web sites that specialize in top quality nutritious pet food. Ask around They may cost a little more but your pet will stay healthier and live longer

  • tara says:

    I used to mix my kitten’s hard food with the iams gravy packet for kitties but thankfully I had read a few months back on what iams is really up to so I stopped feeding my kitty the crap as a way to boycott the company…but thank you PETA because now this organization may be why MY pet is alive and healthy today…my kitty isn’t eating poison

  • Aaron Lockhart says:

    Why doesnt PETA do a national boycott on IAMS products or even go as far as boycotting Protcor and Gamble?? Thanks

  • Maya says:

    I attended school to become a veterinary technician. I was so disappointed that we were not offered a nutrition course. I had to learn on my own. From what I understand wheat and corn are unnecessary fillers in animal food and can be harmful. If I remember correctly it was contaminated corn that made animals sick in I think it was Diamond pet food. I read an article called “what’s really in pet food” and I learned that rice was one of the only digestable bioavailable grains for dogs and cats. Among many other important lessons I immediately switched my cats to Wellness and the change in them is dramatic. I am still learning but I think wheat and corn may be risky to use in pet food. Just my opinion.

  • Sherry Kish says:

    I am in disbeleive I have used Iams for 5 years it is horrable.

  • Olivia West says:

    My 5yr old cat has been very sick for 6 wks. Stopped eating vommiting lethargy. She has been eating Iams Select Bites for 2 years because its low in magnesium. I saw the Iams recall I’m scared my cat will die.She is being treated by a vet for 6wksantibioticultrasound etc.What do I do?I’m so angry.Olivia West

  • Jim Barth says:

    I just had to put down my foer month old lab because of kindney faluire. He was fed eukanuba and iams.

  • tyler says:

    this is ridiculous

  • tyler says:

    how long have the been kicking the bucket and what will I buy for my lovely lab now?

  • Jaime says:

    I fed my 15 year old persian mix cat Iams wet food at night for a “treat”. After awhile his appetite decreased so I just kept offering more of the tainted food. Little did I know I was poisoning him. He went to the emergency hospital on Tuesday night and was euthanized on Sat. because his kidneys were just not responding to treatment. He had been the healthiest pet I’ve ever had until now. As a result of this I must now get my 2 other pets kidneys tested because they were always sneaking his food. Unfortunately it cost me nearly $2000.00 to learn my Iams lesson. Please learn from my mistake.

  • jojo says:

    fuck iams! they’re sucky as hell.

  • Alicia says:

    I think this is messed up my family and i recently had to put our cat Roo to sleep for kidney failure. for a whole week he could not pee on his own and we had to put him to sleep before it became worse. It was horrible. Thanks a lot for killing my cat…

  • Karen says:

    The IAMS website is downwhen you go to it it tells you to come back later!! when after your pet dies from eating its food??? there is no way to check if your pet’s food has been affected by the recall. I am very nervous angry and disappointed!! Why can’t they just post the freakin food that is affected.

  • Suzanna van der Voort says:

    As long as IAMS make animals suffering for their food production I will never buy their products. I love my animal very much…how can I buy products from a company who does not show any compassion emotions by their cruel behaviour?!

  • cappuccino says:

    and the sad thing is that such ‘enterprises’ have always the law on their side! criminal laws should be forbidden by law but this needs lawmakers with conscience!!!!

  • Tracy says:

    This really pisses me off! Why the hell does Iams do experiments on animals? Dog and cat food is just that food! So why do they feel the need to experiment? What the hell?!?! I watched the video and now I’m pumped! What can I do? Who do I contact? I had no idea they did this before now! I checked the list of “safe” food companies and luckily I have been feeding my pets with Natural Balance under the “safe” category but so many breeders and vets have always recommended Iams. How on earth can a company that supposedly advertises that they care for your pet do such unspeakable crime against these poor dogs and cats and whatever else they abuse?!?!

  • Victoria says:

    I believe it. A year or so ago my mother purchased some IAMS for a cat we were fostering even after I told her about PG and their dispicable ways. She has a short memory. Soon enough the poor little kitty projectile vomited on the dining room floor. I think my mom got the point after that.

  • Kristasha Mateo says:

    i kno…same thing my grandmas house…a whole bunch of food…not iams thoo….