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A Hunting Rove Will Go . . . Shocker

Written by PETA | August 15, 2007

It’s no secret that Karl Rove is no friend of animals. And given the current state of affairs, I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Dubya’s bag man plans to spend the days immediately following his resignation literally blowing the international symbol of peace into oblivion. That is, he’s going dove hunting.

As you might imagine, PETA Prez Ingrid Newkirk had a few things to say about that, including some friendly advice that next time Mr. Rove takes a hunting trip, he should invite Dick Cheney along with him.


And reportedly, after his Labor Day killing spree, err, hunting trip, Rove is going back to Washington to fetch his wife and dogs before driving to their home in Florida. I just hope he hasn’t gotten any advice about traveling with dogs from Mitt Romney . . .

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  • an open minded hunter says:

    wow… have you all ever gave a serious open look at hunting before? or even the world for that matter? im a hunter but i can’t say that i’m as much of a sadist or get such a… sick pleasure… as mr rove from hunting though. i hunt pheasants “hunt in the water” aka fishing lol i also hunt deer sometimes but not doves though. anyways i think you should remember that animals have no original thought and “fighting for their rights” while a really noble and cool cause is sadly futile as animals cannot possibly comprehend rights. animals ALWAYS act entirely on instinct in order to survive. but if animals can comprehend rights prove me wrong and i will step down otherwise please dont use a false point you make yourself look like an ignorant idiot as you say all hunters are. ignorance and being an asshole is more like a personality trait… judging all the hunters as ignorant assholes AND scum of the world sounds a lot like the targeting of minority groups in the past such as Jews and African Americans for example. and hunting as murder? that must be a joke right? hunting can and often times leads to killing. killing is not murder. murder is a term defined by the law killing is simply taking a life. oh well lol. personally i dont think hunting is a sport either it’s more like an activity but it does take skill however it is only more destructive than what some of you might choose. on the subject of animals feeling pain so what? it’s only temporary just like everything around us right now lol. one last thing about the peta president ingrid newkirk… she seems really closeminded and childish when insulting karl rove like that. he may be a heartless bastard but she should defeat him with an argument that he cant refuse and also one that doesnt make her seem like she’s a five year old hissing from the shadowy corners of ignorance

  • stephanie says:

    Yes it dose say for the commanment for god and god meant everything and everyone for the sentence thou shalt not kill. that means thou shalt not kill is for humans animals and plants and if we disobey that rule by testing medicine on animals we are breaking god’s rule. REMEMBER THAT! THOU SHALT NOT KILL IS A RULE FOR LOVING ANIMALS BECAUSE ANIMALS IS GOD’S CREATION AND CREATURES OF BEAUTY

  • Jim Stevens says:

    Go Ted Nugent!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    michele and stephie both drive fully loaded lexus with leather interior

  • Anonymous says:

    michele and stephie do you have dogs and if so what kind?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Mars you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. You can show a PETA member the truth and they will deny because they are always right even if they manipulate the truth its not a lie and they are right. You can show them blogs of crap being said before a hunter said anything and it is always someone elses fault just like a three year old they started it first it wasnt me

  • Anonymous says:

    one persons FREEDOM FIGHTER is someone elses TERRORIST Judith. ALF? ELF? Also there is not a lot of sport in dove hunting when compared to other types of hunting but if you wanted to get technical the dove hunters help keep the dove population stable they number like 135 million and would die off if they werent managed. also hunters do typically eat all of what the harvest no one eats euthanized dogs and cats at shelters. In Bolivia and Argentina doves are regarded as a pest in some areas and eat alot of the crops in these developing nations. foreign hunters provide a service to the local people by keeping their crops alive and providing them with protein. In many parts of the country dove hunting is a very social event and studies have shown that kids who are brought up hunting are more likely to be involved in environmental issues and there is also a correlation between lower crime rates the hunting community.

  • Mars says:

    “I am not “assuming” that plants do not have central nervous systems it’s a scientific fact.” You misread your assumption of error is assuming because it doesn’t have what you associate to feel pain that it doesn’t feel pain. The truth is they may very well feel pain but in a different way then we do. ” The question is what would animal rights people have to gain by supposedly faking scenes of animal cruelty? ” Your support.Also manipulate does not always mean fake.It means extortoverblownexagerate. “as there is no competition involved ” Competition is not defined as two equals. If that were true then both would win or both would lose.

  • Anonymous says:

    all i know i can live off the land and im not paying illegal aliens to pick my veggies for me so think about that before you bash a hunter where are your veggies coming from i bet most of you buy from the farmers that use illegal alliens lol

  • Anonymous says:

    so when someone shows you post from other blogs of comments made you ignore them thats nice but let us also talk about on fox news where it was said that peta is responsible for alot of dog deaths but you will deny that also. By the way most slaughterhouses use a sytem called cak now research that it was designed by peta update the vidoes

  • stephie says:

    To clarify…hunting doesn’t make you stupid…your inability to spell your own name is why I said…stupid. Really if you are going to try to make a good case for NOT being an idiot…all those spelling errors really don’t help and I don’t mean typing errors we all have that happen from time to time! I don’t like hunting but that wasn’t my point. No one here is going to convince anyone to change sides…its just not going to happen. I mean really.

  • Michele says:

    If you are not going to actually pay attention to what I am saying then please do not bother to comment. I have not said that people here have not said “bad” things about hunters. SLANDER is a LEGAL term that means someone has damaged someone’s reputation by an untrue statement. So calling hunters stupid is not damaging “huntman’s” or anyone else’s reputation. If someone were to publicly say that a SPECIFIC individual had for example molested several children and it was proven that there was no factual basis for having made that statement and the effect was to cause the individual to be wrongly charged by police THAT would be damaging that person’s reputation. And to Anonymous from August 24 2007 0128 PM I cannot really even understand what you are saying because you just string a whole lot of words together with no punctuation and it is just unreadable. As to whatever research I did not do I have no idea what you are talking about. In general terms though the animal rights people on this blog including me seem to have done plenty of research and the antiPETA people do not have any real facts to back up their responses. I am not “assuming” that plants do not have central nervous systems it’s a scientific fact. The bottom line is the hunters on this blog have demonstrated with their illthought out and barely understandable responses that they are ignorant. Also it does not matter how “clean” a hunter’s shot is the animal still suffers the pain of being shot. I still haven’t seen any of you hunterantiPETA people here commenting on the “Earthlings” movie. We animal lovers know that we will continue to face ridicule just as the people in the antislavery movement did until humans finally realize what they are doing to the other animals who inhabit this planet. Mars please do not attempt to tell me that the Earthlings movie is filled with 90 minutes of manipulated videos. The question is what would animal rights people have to gain by supposedly faking scenes of animal cruelty? They save animals yes but they do not make money they certainly do not get fame. But the industries who would be affected are VERY afraid that consumers are going to find out the truth. They are the ones like the dairy industry who have to come up with skewed studies to “prove” that their products are healthy. They are also the ones like Iams who actually tell boldfaced lies in order to try to convince consumers to continue using their products. They are the ones who do not want people videotaping what they do behind their walls. Hunting is not a real sport as there is no competition involved the opponent in hunting has no choice in whether heshe wants to participate. Hunting is however a “blood sport” which is defined as “a sport that involves killing animals especially hunting”. You can go on justifying your own bad behaviour but more and more people are learning the truth about hunting and other forms of harming animals. Hunting is not macho and it is not cool. It is cruel and sickening. It is for people who need to feel superior to other beings and who have to achieve this by unequal means.

  • Mars says:

    “And what the heck is that about plants “feeling” pain? They cannot feel pain because they do not have a CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. Cutting through cells in a plant is like cutting through hair.” You assume. I say an animal cannot feel pain and only reacts to outside stimuli just like a plant. “but we assume that something without a nervous system doesn’t feel pain but who says that applies to plant life?”

  • Anonymous says:

    As we all know people that have fun hurting and killing animals sometimes start killing people. slander the only Huntsman I respect is where the prey shoots back !!ignorance Hunters aren’t stupid. Their just pieces of shit. Slit their throats and kill them all. Laugh at them while they die. I hope all hunters die a painful death…including their children and family. Stupid red necks. Posted by Jenny August 16 2007 0226 PMthis is from another blog on a peta sight Hunters are the scum of the earth. Posted by I love hunting accidents August 11 2007 1215 PM yet another commentGrowing up in Missouri I can honestly say this video is great. Hunters are ignorant assholes. Posted by Lyndsi February 13 2007 0450 PM so when you say no one on here has talked bad about a hunter these are from the hunters are blog on keep telling yourelf there was no slander od smack talked lol you just look dumber every time you do. i mena you call a hunter sick for killing an animal and your girl jeny here is talking about torture till death and to the family also she has an anger issue!!!!!!!so make sure you read before you say no one has said anything bad about hunters This education has taught me many things especially how to do research and to critique information without just taking it at face value. Posted by Michele August 23 2007 0917 PM hmmm didnt do tour research here did you now

  • Mars says:

    “YOU watched any of the videos yet?” Yes and they are untrue.Unlike you I see what you refer as slaughterhouses on a daily basis. I also know that VIDEO is and can be manipulated any way a person wants.

  • huntman says:

    i can agree with anon and did you hear they are saying that pigeons are to blame for the minn bridge collapse because of the corrosiveness of the dung hmmmmmm annimal over human a fake owl to keep them from nesting there might of helped and yes a hunter said something non lethal i olny shoot what iplan to eat i dont just go out and kill everything i see that is very wasteful and i will call a hunter like that a wasteful person

  • Michele says:

    Hello? I never accused anyone of slander it was huntman who accused people on this site of slander he said “As with everyone you have the right to speak your oppinion but dont slander someone behind there back and expect hunters to stay quite when they find out!”. To make a statement that hunting is cruel is not a statement about a person that harms hisher reputation so just because people criticize hunters does not mean they are slandering them! I asked huntman to look it up because he is using an incorrect term. Hunting is not simply a fact of life. Human animals do not need to kill nonhumans for food and certainly NOT for socalled “sport”. If everyone just accepted things for being part of life without attempting to truly examine what was happening we would never have abolished slavery freed the jews from concentration camps or obtained some equality for women. Oh if the PETA videos are not good enough to convince you about what STILL goes on in slaughterhouses then I challenge you to rent the “Earthlings” movie narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. If you are not brave enough to watch the whole movie then just go to the part about using animals for food the movie is in 5 parts. Although there are some moments that are dated because it is unfortunately not always possible to video a location due to the secrecy there are still plenty of scenes from situations that are clearly much more recent than 30 years ago. It is likely that not every slaughterhouse uses branding anymore however there are clearly many examples of continued cruelty and these are just the situations that people were able to capture on video. The animal protection laws in the US and Canada simply do not have any provisions for factory farming and there are many countries that do not have animal protection laws at all! I wish I could show this movie to my son but he is only 11 years old and it would probably give him nightmares for years. I still cannot get many of the scenes out of my head. I can only tell him about what I have observed and I still can only give him a watereddown version. But adults can watch this movie and then they can hopefully inform younger generations of what humans are doing to the earth and its inhabitants. And what the heck is that about plants “feeling” pain? They cannot feel pain because they do not have a CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. Cutting through cells in a plant is like cutting through hair. For the record I am not going to community college for child care courses. I already have an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science with a major in Child Studies. I also happen to have an Honours degree in Social Work these are both from university not college. This education has taught me many things especially how to do research and to critique information without just taking it at face value.

  • bsparks says:

    michele i watched the video by the way that thing is like 30 years old they dont treat them that way anymore even you know that peta has forced changes to made in meat facilities but you guys can keep showing that old video its disturbing and you think it helps your cause showing out of date material everyone if free to have an opinion and im glad your going to a cc for child care classes but when you tell your child where meat comes from at least tell him the updated info not the 30 year old tape if you tell them the old way it is a lie and there is no such thing as a white lie a lie is a lie… brother is a vegan and i dont force my meat belies down his throat we dont even eat meat around him out of respect so take it as you will