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A Hunting Rove Will Go . . . Shocker

Written by PETA | August 15, 2007

It’s no secret that Karl Rove is no friend of animals. And given the current state of affairs, I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Dubya’s bag man plans to spend the days immediately following his resignation literally blowing the international symbol of peace into oblivion. That is, he’s going dove hunting.

As you might imagine, PETA Prez Ingrid Newkirk had a few things to say about that, including some friendly advice that next time Mr. Rove takes a hunting trip, he should invite Dick Cheney along with him.


And reportedly, after his Labor Day killing spree, err, hunting trip, Rove is going back to Washington to fetch his wife and dogs before driving to their home in Florida. I just hope he hasn’t gotten any advice about traveling with dogs from Mitt Romney . . .

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  • huntman says:

    mars i agree michele once again i will say that peta members are bad mouthing huntes and when we stand up and reply you cry ie your blog on this site hunters are stupid is one another this blog where you bad mouth rove who is a hunter once again a hunter stands up and says something we are called the bad ones so once agian i will say its not okay to call someone names and not expect them to say someting back Ted Nugent for Pres backstrap fever tour 200708

  • Anonymous says:

    michele and huntman huntman does have somewhat of a point. peta does call hunters stupid and alot of ather names and when you use said slander michele i think you need to learn what it means before you throw it out there the way you did in you comment. i cant stand hunters so dont think im on there side at all but at the same time i know if someone was talking bad about me would want to say my peace.. you can call hunting cruel its life. but remeber you eating plants which are raised up cut down and some of them cooked while the cells inside of them are still alive i think that plants have feeling to and what we do to them are cruel. but like i said its life. I think its funny how you cant point your finger at someone who is different than you and make fun and call names that comment is to the both of you. I also watched the 1960s1970s meet your meat video things are alot different now in slaugter houses have you seeen the discovery channel they dont even brand anymore they use tags in the ears If your going to say tags are cruel how manyy of you have had your daughters ears peirced. i would thank its about the same. The way they kill the animals is different now also. just remember you cant prove a plant does not feeel pain so why bash on person to make what you do ok. you both need to see eye to eye and leave each other alone. ps slander slander A type of defamation. Slander is an untruthful oral spoken statement about a person that harms the person’s reputation or standing in the community so when you use that term make sure you know what your talking about huntman did not slander you and if he did there are plenty of ppost on here and blogs that he could turn around and get peta and other members on.

  • Michele says:

    Huntman if you come on this site you will get people talking back to you. Again if you do not like it go away. I was replying to your comments with factual information and with questions about your statements. I can respond to you just as you respond to me. As a parent I will not prepare any meat dishes for my son because it absolutely repulses me but at the same time I ensure that he gets a balanced diet and before you harp on that I will tell you that I have taken several university nutrition courses as part of my degree in Child Studies. If he wants to eat meat elsewhere I will not stop him but I do educate him about what he is eating. He can then make his own choice. Mars I do not need to see a slaughterhouse operation with my own eyes to know what goes on due to the technology of VIDEO. I am not relying on “opinion” but something that I am seeing through the “eyes” of a camera. Have YOU watched any of the videos yet? No one seems to ever answer that question presumably because they either do not have the stomach to do so or because they have watched the videos and somehow still do not want to admit how badly animals are treated.

  • Mars says:

    “the bible says thou shalt not kill ” It does not say to not kill animals or plants and in fact condones such and is required of jews to offer animal sacrifices. “it also says not to eat unclean meat” Under jewish law not Christian. The New Testament God says he gives all animals for humans for food and nothing is unclean. “The treatment to which animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses are subjected is cruel ” Have you ever been to one so you can atleast make an informed choice or are you relying sinply on anothers opinion?

  • huntman says:

    Anonymous Ohh Im sorry I thought a hunter would have a chance to speak I didnt realize how perfect peta members were and how they can talk smack against someone and not expect them to say anything back!!!! All of you are just a bunch of keyboard Rambos who off the top of there heads cant name 5 species of deer without looking them up. Are you jumping on a bandwagon because you think its cool? Hunting founded this nation!! We have rights that you are trying to take away. One last thing if you have children do you force your vegan beliefs and no meat rules onto them of do you give them a choice after all it is the land of the free and they have a right to decide what nourishment they want to put in their body!!!!!!!!111

  • Michele says:

    Sorry the “Anonymous” posting from August 21 2007 0639 PM was from me. In my haste I forgot to put my name in the box.

  • Anonymous says:

    Huntman when you say “If hunting was cruelty it would be against the law” you are pretty much contradicting your own statements. You have already indicated that you believe animal testing is cruel well it is legal UNFORTUNATELY and in fact it is still REQUIRED in many instances in the US and Canada at least. The treatment to which animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses are subjected is cruel just watch the “Meet Your Meat” video on PETA TV if you dare to think otherwise but it again is unfortunately still legal. SO the legality of an action again UNFORTUNATELY does not necessarily reflect on whether or not it is cruel. So you cannot say that hunting is not cruel just because it is legal. Um Huntman who is the one who is “showing up” here and “bashing” people? It is a blog for animal rights people so you are the intruder. If you don’t like what we have to say go away. Do you know what slander means by the way? If you look it up you will see that your statement makes no sense. And what exactly is a “stereotypical person”?

  • huntman says:

    stephie why are we here you ask?? hmmmmm you are talking crap about hunters and we have a right to defend ourselves. I like what peta does to stop animal testing and cruelty but hunting is not cruel and we dont go shoving it down your throat where you show up and protest and bash the hell out of hunters!! IE this web site and this blog!! If it was cruelty it would be against the law. As with everyone you have the right to speak your oppinion but dont slander someone behind there back and expect hunters to stay quite when they find out! You are being nothing more than a stereotypical person who rubs off on everyone else as a prejudice ass!!! i hope this is not to hard for you to understand… with the comments you made about hunters and grammar

  • tjen says:

    peta makes no sense 1 you bash us when we call you out you call us th ones that are bashing you! 2im still waiting on the facts canaduck ivelisted mine and the resources! 3 your right ovserver hunting is a choice and i make that choice the bible says thou shalt not kill it also says not to eat unclean meatpork it says sodimy is a sin. that is where you act it out being gay and commiting the act is two different things practice Celibacy!

  • hunter says:

    Ted Nugent for president!!!!!

  • observer says:

    stephie the anti peta posters post here to verify their stupidity. ignore them good point. rise not out of me. bicker not quite their stupid enough to post here begging for in your face responses. from me they shall receive in your face responses. ana appreciate your evaluation. had a lifetime of taking crap holding it in sparing feelings getting sick. anymore I tell it like it is in a way that they understand. not sinking to their level but said in any manner the truth hurts. too bad if they don’t like the truth said at their level.

  • Mars says:

    The animal used for the international symbol of peace is the domestic white dove. That title comes from the jewish act of offering a unblemished dove as a sin atonement.So in the end you are condoning offering animals as sacrifices.

  • Mars says:

    “And even a lot of HUNTERS say that and you know it!” Name one!

  • Mars says:

    and have no means of protecting themselves? Better go read up on animals if you think that is true.Of course your “grizzly man” hero found out otherwise.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I think the bird that shit on Bushie’s head during one of his idiotic speeches said it all what a sick bunch of idiots. VOTE Bill Maher for President….. Judith

  • stephie says:

    Personally I don’t think the letter will do anything but cause them to laugh but I liked the sacrasm and passiveaggressive nature of it! Funny. For everyone bickering with the AnitPETA posters…why?? Really the best thing to do is IGNORE them. Really. I don’t really understand why there are here…just to get a rise out of you would be my best guess. You can’t fix stupid…don’t argue with them. Besides I have no idea what most of them are saying since none of them can spell or punctuate properly. Forgot my Neanderthal decoder ring I I can’t really translate it or figure it out. Again…can’t fix stupid!!

  • Wendy says:

    I personally like the part in the letter about Dick Cheney although I also don’t see it doing any good because they are quite thick headed. Lets just hope something got to him. There’s no point in killing animals. And only sick individuals with anger issues and low selfesteem have to get out there and kill something the size of a foot. Hunting in general is rediculous. How sad is it that these people try and hide in trees with guns and STALKas in an extremely creepy person animals that aren’t violent and have no means of protecting themselves? Does that make you feel like “real men”? It’s rediculous. And it has been proven that animal abusers and killers are much more likely to kill people once the “thrill” is gone. Killing an innocent bird is just their “gateway drug”.

  • observer says:

    tjen + rifle + dead animal killing. killing murder. hunters as sportsmen!!! HA! SPORTS two opponents or two teams starting with equal opportunity for outcome of either one winning or losing. MEN not wooses who kill innocent animals. tjen + animal killer woos. gay isn’t a choice or a sin. killing is a decided choice and a sin.

  • kelly says:

    Hey tjen it’s pretty clear that even you are embarrassed by the dove hunting thing Real men don’t hunt doves. There is zero sport. Only men with the skill and intelligence of babies would even think to do something so weak and cowardly as hunt doves. And even a lot of HUNTERS say that and you know it!

  • Ana says:

    observer You have a way with words…succinct!!! But yours comments are both refreshing and amusing. Thanks. I will add that ALL hunters are COWARDS. There are just too many fools saying too many hateful things about animals and animal advocates. Because I advocate for animals I get ridiculed. There’s something wrong with compassion?

  • Bsparks says:

    Brianna Fritchey It’s funny to see that all of the people who were against PETA for going after Vick because “You’re all just racists why don’t you go after a white man who hunts?!?” They are now on here complaining about PETA going after a white man who hunts! And yet they have the audacity to call us hypocrites ita funny how on the radio a spokesman for peta said they were turning there head for 5 years because hes vick lol

  • tjen says:

    lol im black you assshole its also a fact that the number of hunters has decreased by 15 in the past ten years start jumping for joy there on the other hand the number of vehicle accidents has gone up by 20 info from us wildlife servicec and ney york and mass game control so keep saying how hunting is wrong. we dont let them suffer one shot one klll not like dog fighting brianna Fritchey that is cruel and canaduck your fact is bullshit i want resources ive listed mine look for yourselves

  • Mars says:

    The dove is a SYMBOL of peace. The singular of species is also species. Maybe YOU should know what you’re talking about before you start bashing PETA. Oh I’m sorry. I thought he was dove hunting not symbol hunting.

  • senior says:

    tjen illiterate fucking hunter guess this what you do is REDRUM REDRUM REDRUM…..

  • Mars says:

    it’s established fact that people who enjoy hurting animals often become abusive to other humans as well. No it’s an established twisted fact.Just because a murderer kicked a dog sometime in his life does not mean that everybody that kicked a dog becomes a murderer.There are plenty of murderers that did not kick dogs to make that stat worthless anyway.

  • observer says:

    eat meat the hemorrhoid Smarter population control. rub hemorroid suppositories all over yourself and dissolve. tjem replace that thick brown shit in your head with gray matter.

  • Canaduck says:

    Maybe they weren’t hunters tjem but they started out killing and torturing animals before they moved on to people. This isn’t a theoryit’s established fact that people who enjoy hurting animals often become abusive to other humans as well.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    It’s funny to see that all of the people who were against PETA for going after Vick because “You’re all just racists why don’t you go after a white man who hunts?!?” They are now on here complaining about PETA going after a white man who hunts! And yet they have the audacity to call us hypocrites.

  • John Colyer says:

    It is unfortunate that those who are in Power and believe they are above the rest of Humanity Fail the very meaning of mans Ethics and Integrity when it comes to caring for the most important of this Worlds species that being the Animals who manage Nature well without Mans Influence.Until such time these Men will continue to destroy what little we have left at their own peril. JC

  • Safira says:

    I’m not fond of this letter for it uses sarcasm and lots of attitude. Unfortunately it might not win the them. It could actually backfire and he’ll want to go killing more something that we don’t want to see! So I hope that next time you will consider some positives if they don’t torture an animal. Best of luck for your current letter though.

  • tjen says:

    they are morning dove and to the idiot who says there tame you smoke alot of dope lets see you walkup to one and pick it up to the 650000 iraqis dead remember 75of them are binladens troops you know the assholes that hit the trade center and stop calling hunters murders and saying if you hunt you will end up killing a person dalmer wasnt a hunter was he NO and if hunting is a sin look in the bible at sodimy who the vice pres of peta admits to being gay but thats the choice he makes and hunting is the choice i make!!! Thankyou

  • Liliana says:

    Ingrid I don’t think your letter is going to make any effect on Mr. Rove. On the contrary he is going to laugh at the lack of power from it. The best way to protect animals is to change the laws and raising awareness. My best regards and thank you for your constant efforts.

  • alfons roemer says:

    hey mars again one idiot who didn’t go to school!

  • Tina says:

    I know that Ingrid can be very persausive but writing to people like the Bushs Cheneys and Roves is a waste of time. They lack compassion for their own species. So it is no surprise they have none for others. I can see Rove laughing and saying “Oh I made the PETA lady upset. hehe” “As long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower beings he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals they will kill each other. Indeed he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love” Pythagorus The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Mahatama Gandhi

  • observer says:

    mars Earth to mars. Earth to mars. at least know what you are talking about before yapping with stupidity. doves and dove symbols are recognized as peace on this planet. DOWN WITH KILLERS DUBYA CHENEY AND ROVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Dubya the bible reader. HA!!!

  • tjem says:

    ok hes hunting morning dove you idiots there grey whitedoves are thought of in peace. and what the hell do you mean that people that hunt animals might start killing people you talk to much bullshit. i rather doubt ted bundy or manson were hunters.

  • millie says:

    Mars The dove is a SYMBOL of peace. The singular of species is also species. Maybe YOU should know what you’re talking about before you start bashing PETA.

  • eat meat says:

    this letter s a joke who cares if he goes shooting birds or other animals hes controlling the population

  • Mars says:

    Peace dove? There is no such specie.Atleast know what you are talking about before you start bashing something.

  • Maya says:

    A. This letter is a huge waste of time and paper. B. Why this scum of the Earth isn’t in jail I’ll never know. That goes for Dick too.

  • Canaduck says:

    What an evil man. Nice letter Ingrid. I love that she pointed out that pigeonsdoves are the international symbol for peace!

  • Jason Levy says:

    Ingrid once again has done an amazing job!

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    war bosses and animal torturers you have just to look into their faces and you know what time it is!

  • ventanita says:

    this is an old story that animal torturers have an affinity for war plays and weapons people with such affinities you can find a lot among heads of states and among the upper ten thousand! this is the reason why this world became what it is a huge trash can! and for this reason i prefer a street sweeper to a president. these white house people should go out and clean the streets that time they would do something really useful!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Ha! Ha! That letter is great!!!

  • kelly says:

    Doves are practically TAME BIRDS. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. A man can’t even pretend to claim there is any “sport” to this.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    He is nothing but “SCUM.” I remember when this low life scum said I love shooting the heads off of small animals. As we all know people that have fun hurting and killing animals sometimes start killing people. So as far as I am concerned Rove Cheney and Bushie will go down as 3 of the most horrific murderers in the history of the world. Remember what Bush and Cheney said as children we loved blowing up frogs with firecrackers. They are nothing but monsters. Over 3700 of our troops dead. And 650000 iraq people murdered. These monsters truly get a joy out of killing animals and people. I truly believe that the time has come to ignite a revolution in favor of saving and protecting all animals and the people that love them. Judith The Radical Buddhist BILL MAHER FOR PRESIDENT. I have had alot of coffee today…

  • White Flag says:

    What a shameful person! When there are such people in the white house no wonder that all the peace doves fly away!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Dick Cheney…?…Dick Cheney…I get it. Good one Ingrid. Actually Mad magazine had old blaze orange on its cover awhile back. What a bunch of losers.

  • keith says:

    Not much of a HomoSapien if he knows what that meansis Mr.Rove. the only Huntsman I respect is where the prey shoots back !!