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Hunters Are Stupid

Written by PETA | February 9, 2007

And in the esteemed words of Forrest Gump . . . that’s all I have to say about that.

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  • Frank says:

    Anyone who kills a living creature for ‘fun’ has some underlaying psychological issues and should be fuing put out of their missery! No matter how much education they may have or what class of society they may belong to. What kind of arrogance stupidity and heartlessness should a person have to enjoy taking an innocent life! These people are evil and should be wiped out!

  • johnny de beer says:

    de beers game ranch Grahamstown South Africa No hunting no game farming no game conservation. Africa would be stripped of all its game species in 1 decade. The farmers and hunters are the backbone of national reserves and conservation in South Africa. Dont let ignorance lead your love of animals up the wrong path. Ideas need to work in the real world. Preservation of wildlife needs participation of all interested and effected parties. In my experience people who hunt have great respect for animals as well as an appreciation for the environment.

  • Hunterforlife says:

    Ok first off PETA have you ever thought about what hunting does to a states economy? No you obviously haven’t. I live in Oklahoma where hunting and fishing are really big hobbies. Hunting and Fishing bring in Billions thats right I said Billionsof additional dollars to my great states economy. Now without those things where would the government get the additional funding when it can barely support bridge funding? Higher taxes perhaps but most people cannot afford higher taxes as they are already high enough. Recently my state has implemented a program called hunters against hunger which allows a hunter to donate a portion of the taken game to needy Oklahomans who go hungry on a weekly basis. In one year alone this program was able to give 55000 pounds of good quality meat to the needy. Thirdly I enjoy the taste of venison and also enjoy the fact that venison is much leaner than ground beef ever could be. Finally I must say that the people who hunt and fish have much more respect for the animals and the outdoors in general than PETA ever will. The reason this is the case is that these people are supporting something they can truly believe in because they grew up in an environment that truly appreciates everything the great outdoors has to offer. Rather than someone who grew up in a large city who has no history with the great outdoors which is the kind of people PETA is and can truly appreciate the great outdoors.

  • flyfisher/bowhunter says:

    “Hunters aren’t stupid. Their just pieces of shit. Slit their throats and kill them all. Laugh at them while they die. I hope all hunters die a painful death…including their children and family. Stupid red necks.” whoa !!! as someone like you has never taken the life of an animal for food which is very natural you have no respect for human life your own species !!!! you are a sociopath hunting and fishing has been a way of life for EVERY culture since the beginning of time on this earth it is vegans who are UNNATURAL

  • Will says:

    Ok i came in here with no opinion on hunters. I watched the video and found it amusing enough. Then i read all the comments on the page and I have come to a conclusion PETA you make no solid point to your arguments. You just drone on about hunters r stupid and immoral yet you have no proof of this. Many hunters I have met are some of the most intellectual people when it comes to wildlife nature and the ecosystem. So PETA if u want to gain any ground in this argument research what the lack of hunting would do to the ecosystem and the horrors it would cause. Then maybe you will be less ignorant and if you r really committed not just full of words like I have seen mostly on this blog you would try and find an alternative to hunting that would still keep the ecosystem intact. You say you r animal activists I don’t see many of you getting active in the welfare for animals. Mainly just badmouthing people for no good reason. Think about it

  • kjl says:

    wow this is toatly inacurate . hunters are not stupid . red meat is the best no one can tell me other wise

  • Stacey E says:

    There is no “respect” involved when you take life because you think it’s fun. You’re no better than terrorist cowards. They like hiding and killing innocent victims too. You’re no better than those two scum that shot people from their car you’re no better than members of terrorist organizations. If you think terrorizing and killing is fun then you’re mentally ill. That’s basically what it is for hunters the “fun” of murdering. Someone claimed they had a ten year old friend that participates in this? Have fun watching him go to jail in about 8 years when he decides it’s fun to start killing other people.

  • tom says:

    Those of you that think that this represents the average hunter’s or “meateater’s” IQ are missing the point. This video was made to be funny and not factual. People who think that this video makes a statement about a group of people’s intelligence need to have his or her own intelligence called into question.

  • Jayne says:

    Hunters .. if stalking and killing a defenceless animal for sport is your kick perhaps you ARE as dumb as you look. As you all wear matching outfits to conduct your bloodsport makes you laughable. If you’re so damned brave smart and tough why hide wearing your kaki greens? I did not view the video. Don’t need to. PETA isn’t fooled by your insinuations and foul mouthed comments. You’re small minded men and women with a need to prove yourselves. Taking the high road takes far more courage and you don’t qualify. The rage you show here for people with differing opinions just shows you’re hell bent on violence and have no respect for yourselves or the animals. I guess we shouldn’t expect any less from your behaviours. To the person who said animals have no rights guess again. They do. You just choose to spread that gospel to aid you in spreading more violence. You are violent. You love to kill defenceless animals. You are arrogant. You are above all ignorant. Proud Peta Member

  • Scott says:

    Hey if any PETA person was to just think about what they say for maybe a few seconds before they were to talk then they may be able to realize that the things that they are saying make them look worse then the hunters in that film. The film was done as a joke not as some kind of documentary.

  • Anon says:

    typical peata never showing true sportsman just Idiot. you think hunting is cruel it is a great sport.but yet killing people is funny u guys need to get the facts

  • Rim Puks says:

    Hello everyone Firstly I’d like to say that the video was hilarious. I am a hunter and it didn’t offend me at all. The only streotype I saw was an american redneck. A hunter is generally an intelligent man who understands that hunting is dangerous but also necessary activity. As Ryan stated if hunting would be banned the number of animals would grow rapidly. To the point where there aren’t enough food for them all. Wich will lead to diseases and starvation. I hope PETA as an organization who fights for a better lives of animals understands that. Futhermore all hunters under hunters i mean real hunters not rednecks aim organs that make the death as fast and painless as possible. It improves the quality of the meat and eases hunters conscience we know that we are killing gods creatures but as i already said it is necessarity and someone has to do it. I hope this post made at least someone realise that hunters aren’t evil murderers. Rim Estonia P.S. My apologises if the English i used wasn’t perfect.

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Jack. That’s messed up. lol Good video. When I heard the operator saying “I need you to make sure he’s dead” I knew what was coming. You have to be a stupid hillbilly to shoot an animal.

  • hunt strong says:

    Huntings very important to this world. Hunters spend millions of dollars on conservation for animals. All peta does is sit there and bitch about something that there not going to win. Huntings ther way of life. People are intended to hunt. So support hunting its the ethical thing to do.

  • sean says:

    i very much enjoy hunting with my family and friends. I do not think that it is unethical or unreasonable to hunt. As has been said before you can not label someone based on a few people’s bad decisions. And by the way contrary to PETA’s beliefs animals do NOT have rights. That’s what they are animals. Yes it is very understandable to love and respect animals. But not to say that they have any rights whatsoever. They were put here for or use in any way we need. Horses are for enjoyment and labor. Deer and other meat providing animals are here for consumption. You don’t have to hunt if you don’t want to but do not try to stop us from doing what we enjoy.

  • Lacey says:

    lol? PETAS awesome face it. WE obviously think HUNTERS are STUPID in OUR opinions. Gees. my opinion their stupid because they hunt animals. You hunters CANNOT accept that meat is no longer needed for our survival so why kill? its illegal to kill humans… should be illegal to kill all animals which feel pain JUST like humans. you hunters achieve a great level of stupidity because you cannot accept that fact. Face it your dumb in that way

  • Ksalmi72 says:

    This is terrible. This is stereotyping. Its fine if you dont eat meat but most of the world does. Most hunters are civilized human beings who eat what they kill. This is just as bad as saying that black people go around eating watermelons and fried chicken…It is a flase stereotype. Grow up people.

  • dave says:

    k im a hunter and al you whiners who are against it are dumb cuz if we dont hunt the animals will just starve and die and become over populated so just grow up

  • Ryan says:

    I’m a hunter. I hunt for meat and to protect the animals that i care about. Without hunting we would have much greater problems. I don’t see any PETA people out in the woods in all of there free time doing conservation work to improve habitat and create safe havens for animals. I have more respect for the animal i harvest and eat than the PETA people who are trying to put an end to something that is as old as man itself. STOP HUNTING…..close all seasons and see what happens. There will be too many animals of most species. This will cause them to eat everything ruining forest. Also they will die of starvartion rather than from a quick kill of a well placed bullet. More deercar accidents will occur. All the money from hunting licenses and equipment will be lost. There will be less money put into conservation and protection of these animals and places. Millions of people will be sitting inside in the winter and fall with only memories of the tradition that they are no longer allowed to carry on. But hey the PETA people will be able to walk there dogs knowing that they ended hunting and hurt the animals that they are “protecting”.

  • Carolina Deifelt Streese says:

    Ok I’ll get this straight at first I’m not a hunter and I’ll never be. I personally think it’s immoral and unethical to kill other creatures for pleasure andor sport. It’s not something I’d ever be able to do and I know a lot of people agree with me. HOWEVER we cannot sink as low as to stereotype all hunters to be stupid idiots. I do admit that a select few ARE stupid idiots but there are a large number of safe hunters out there. Plus I do know that most of our conservation preservation funding comes from hunting licenses. So even though we may disagree on weather or not hunting is ok we can’t go around namecalling. That’s definitelly not going to help our situation. No one takes people seriously if they are bullies… no I’m not calling peta a bully I’m just stating a fact And yes hunting is premedititated murder in the first degree.

  • Carolina Deifelt Streese says:

    Ok I’ll get this straight at first I’m not a hunter and I’ll never be. I personally think it’s immoral and unethical to kill other creatures for pleasure andor sport. It’s not something I’d ever be able to do and I know a lot of people agree with me. HOWEVER we cannot sink as low as to stereotype all hunters to be stupid idiots. I do admit that a select few ARE stupid idiots but there are a large number of safe hunters out there. Plus I do know that most of our conservation preservation funding comes from hunting licenses. So even though we may disagree on weather or not hunting is ok we can’t go around namecalling. That’s definitelly not going to help our situation. No one takes people seriously if they are bullies… no I’m not calling peta a bully I’m just stating a fact And yes hunting is premidetitated murder in the first degree.

  • mark says:

    I have been hunting all my life and hunting is a way of life for maney people.

  • David says:

    bfin Im in latrobe PA come look me up you fucking ignorant asshole.

  • Steve says:

    bfin I sure feel sorry for you. I am a hunter and I have never heard anyone say such a hateful statement towards people they have never met. You may not like hunting but that doesn’t mean all hunters and their families deserve that type of fate. I don’t like it when people tell me that they don’t like to hunt but instead of wishing they would die a horrible death I simply respect their opinion even though I don’t agree with it. I’m new to reading these blogs and I can’t believe the hateful stuff that I hear from PETA. I haven’t seen anything like that posted from any hunters.

  • Peta Sucks says:

    You peta faggots are a bunch of morons you say if humans are animals then we should also kill humans and not animals. In case you forgot there still are some animals who think humans are tasty treats i just wish they could come to your doorstep and take a big bite out of your ass. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a roast beef turkey chicken and venison sandwich with my name on it. enjoy your veggies cocksuckers!!

  • Jenny says:

    Hunters aren’t stupid. Their just pieces of shit. Slit their throats and kill them all. Laugh at them while they die. I hope all hunters die a painful death…including their children and family. Stupid red necks.

  • bfin says:

    I personally dont hunt but this video is rediculous. I know people that hunt and they do it responsibly. I think people but into that peta bull too much. Yeah they help a lot of animals but at the same time some of their beliefs are just too much. If there werent hunter in the world there would be malnourished people in the world. God gave us the animals for food. And also the animals would be so over populated that they would die of diseases and suffer. I know Id rather die a fast death for a cause such as food for a family than a painful slow death.

  • tjen says:

    let ye without sin cast the first stonewhen you come down to it peta you do some great stuff for animals but i management hunting very well and know what to take which isnt full of hormonesand is very healthy for me Hunting is very good no matter which way you put it. Whether its “Smart” hunting or just hunting you’re taking one shot killing dinner for your family not peta akathe scum of the earth. Posted by I love hunting accidents and as for this comment peta members like this here fat cow can go suck mountian oysters

  • I love hunting accidents says:

    Hunting is very wrong and immoral no matter which way you put it. Whether its “Smart” hunting or just hunting you’re brutally killing a poor defenseless animal. Hunters are the scum of the earth.

  • bowhunter says:

    Hunters are dumb?? Ok i graduated from Harvard Business School my dad is a dentist my brother went to William and Mary. My other hunting buddies are all extremely successful. We grew up in the souteast where hunting and fishing is a way of like. we didnt do drugs break the law. We grew up respecting wildlife and the outdoors and do more for our earth and the animals as a whole as any PETA ASS who has 110th the intelligence of me or any of my hunting friends. You will never understand anyones view but your own.

  • tjen says:

    1 more thing that is funny on the radio a spokesman for your company said 1 of the ten comandments was thou shalt not kill hes right a few minutes later he admitted to being gay !!! what your going to tell me that the bible says not to kill great lets talk about sodimy thats a sin to0 which is in the bible !!! so dont tell me i cant kill an animal while you go have gay sex wich is a sin your sin is just the same as ours of killing a deer exept we dont hump the animalor our hunting partner in the ass

  • Anonymous says:

    So accurate Yea hunters are so dumb but yet you cant even make a video about how dum WE are 1st thing wrong We dont hunt with pellet guns 2nd thing wrong orange vest ar’nt always required 3rd that was a stereotype you morons gave hunters Maybe if some of the Peta members would get laid you could use your halfcocked debate skills for some of the REAL problems in the world like I don’t know illegel aliens Gayslike your selvesbetter schools. But know your’e gonna wine about somthing that has been around as long as we humans. Just curios do you PETA retads know how the indians made it I belive we call it HUNTING. Were you shoot the animal and cook it and eat it. Wow meat taste real good. try it sometime. And for those who think we hide behind our camoflauge and guns your wrong like always Hunting is a sport and a lifestyle that people have enjoyed for hundreds of years and will enjoy it for hundreds more.

  • tjen says:

    i like the video it shows where all the peta people came from there family went out and shot a member so now they speak of how bad hunting is haha think of this peta the number of hunters have decreased over the past ten years im sure you are happy about that now also in the last ten years the number of deer hit by vehicles has gone up hmmmmm i wonder why fewer hunters more animals. also to all you animal lovers how do you kill ants in your yard most of you use poison now a bird eats that ant now its poisoned now another aminal eats the bird its poisoned its a cycle so where do you get to tell me my 1 shot to kill an animal is cruel when your poisoning them please stop bashing hunters most of us have degrees and are very smart

  • Bradgol says:

    Hunters are stupid . Fuck you Peta . If it was’nt for hunting there would be diseases and shit everywhere . So shut the hell up and think before you say any god dam thing .

  • Ryan Dolan says:

    I dont believe that its funny at all whatever your belief is about hunting vs. non hunting one thing is true watching a person get shot isn’t funny. Pretending to care about suffering and then laughing at someone get shot is hypacritical. Statistics have proven that hunting is safer than just about any other sport so this just isn’t a true repersentation.

  • im_a_stoopid_hunter says:

    And I’m sure all of you are intellectuals! What a bright bunch here…and yes I agree how accurate!

  • K says:

    You people have obviously never been hunting or know anything about hunting. I can’t think of a safer more responsible group of people then the people I hunt with. Your ignorant video was funny but it highlights PETA’s overall ignorance to the real world.

  • Power Engineer says:

    I cant believe how dumb some of you are! That video offended the hell out of me! Yes I am a hunter and meat eater but I do it safely ethically and morally! I have never had a accident and no one i have ever hunted with has! Every animal I have killed has been a one shot kill! Go take a look at Cattle farmers who pump their animals full of steroids and who kill them by using a hydraulic ram through the head! What hunters do is simply completing the cycle of life! Animals are born grow up have babies and die! Simple as that! Yes there are some hunters out there that are total retards buy 34 of them are good safe people! I’m a hunter I completed high school with honors and I have a collage degree so I cannot be lumped in to the group of retard hunters that give them a bad name!

  • R says:

    Frickin granolas.

  • LB says:

    I could list about 50 good reasons on why this video is not accurate but the people that need to hear those reasons have already made up their mind about hunting.

  • US Army Guy says:

    Jack1.. You are a retard with no facts what so ever in your pitiful 3rd rate video and 2you just made yourself look like a total tool.I am not a hunter and nor have I ever hunted but your video is just a joke and no one with any form of a reasonable IQ is going to take your statements seriously.Most likely they’ll just laugh at you.

  • Thomas says:

    You all are idiots. You call hunters “Stupid” and you think that ALL hunters are stupid. Thus you’re saying that my ten year old friend is a stupid murderer. You have ABSOLUTELY no proof that all hunters are stupid saying untrue things makes me a bit peeved.

  • arkansas ninja says:

    Hi Im a hunter and I think we should all just get along. Some of the things peta does I like but other things like making fun of hunters and calling fishermen horrible murderers I dont like. This video doesnt accurately portray hunters and is slightly offensive to people who are safe hunters. There alot of good and kind people out there who hunt and just because of a few bad ones you portray all hunters as ignorant people just going out into the woods to kill something. When in reality most hunters all share a love and respect for the animals they hunt for same goes for fishermen. I think many people are mis informed about hunters and fishers so they ignorently portray them as bad people. I just dont think its nice to generalize all hunters this way. That would be like us all portraying all animal rights activists as ignorent people who think all people who dont share their views are barbarians. I know not all of yall are like that. I just wanted to say that. Oh and also I love animals and couldnt imagine life without them. I really respect people like vegans and vegatarians yall do somthing I could neaver manage to do not eat meat.

  • Lyndsi says:

    Growing up in Missouri I can honestly say this video is great. Hunters are ignorant assholes.

  • leo lawhorn says:

    if you people would act like you have some sense more hunters and farmers would help myour cause

  • ashley says:

    I would never ever hunt it is so stupid and mean.

  • K says:

    Haha Nathalie!

  • desiree says:

    oh god thats funny…it fits them perfectly…grr hunters make me mad!

  • Nathalie says:

    So true. The average IQ of a hunter.

  • Dean says:

    Ha ha I love it and it’s so accurate!

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