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Hundreds of Pigs Burned to Death

Written by PETA | November 7, 2011

Hundreds of pigs were burned alive when an electrical fire destroyed the barn in which they were crammed at a factory farm in Utah operated by Murphy-Brown, LLC, a subsidiary of notorious pig abuser Smithfield Foods, Inc. Gruesome pictures taken by a news crew on the scene show a mass of charred bodies piled on the floor of the building. 

An emergency response coordinator for the area reported that he thought some of the pigs had survived, but considering the fact that any survivors face a fate that is hardly less ghastly, it is hard to hope for that. As one former Smithfield employee recounted:

“[P]igs are shocked with a stun gun and thrown onto a conveyor belt, where their legs and feet are tied and their necks are broken in a bizarre machine. Not even a second later, they’re hung upside-down on a meat hook and sliced open. Their guts are scooped out and thrown into a trash can, which ends up next door to be processed as ‘other’ pig products. The swinging bodies are still twitching as they continue on to be cut up into smaller pieces. Blood and guts are everywhere.”

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Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Brianne says:

    That is horrible. To think if they did that to a cat or dog that they would get punshied and put out of buinnse why not do the same for a pig,cow,chicken,ect.? They are all animals and isent this counrty against animal cruilty..This needs to STOP!!

  • David Graham Scott says:

    The reporting is always the same. It only sees the pigs’ lives in terms of their monetary value. That is dreadful.

  • mary says:

    smithfield foods is the worst of the worst and they are mcdonalds’ suppliers…

  • Hannah says:

    This made me cry… No animal deserves to be treated that way. I’m full on vegetarian now!

  • Carla* says:

    Only one way, the veg way!! RIP.

  • lisa says:

    How terrible poor poor animals didnt something like this happen early this year or end of last year where hundreds of pigs died?? same this electrical fault?? i watched the news piece on it the reporter said no jobs will be lost no mention or thought about the animals that suffered and died disgusting. And compainies want to bring this to the UK dont think so, very proposal has been rejected, we dont want this kind of animal abuse here.

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