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Hundreds of Fur Haters March in ‘City of Love’

Written by PETA | October 26, 2009

Mais oui! The rain didn’t keep members of PETA France—or nearly five hundred other demonstrators—away from a massive anti-fur march in Paris on Saturday.


Think these “grim reapers” are scary? Try watching PETA’s fur exposés without covering your eyes. Betcha can’t.
Grim Reapers


Onlookers learned the stomach-turning truth about fur—that regardless of whether it involves the bloody head-bashing of baby seals in Canada or the skinning of live animals on Chinese fur farms, fur always represents horrible suffering for animals.

As a result of the march, the French television news service M6 even ran a feature against the fur trade. It also polled visitors to its Web site: So far, out of 16,000 respondents, 81 percent favor an end to the fur trade.

So tell us, what’s your opinion on fur?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • penny cove says:

    GO FRANcE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI! my chinese teacher wore a fur jacket on the 1st day of school 3 years ago I argued with her repeatedly questioned her on fur trades animal torture she always said that the fur trade was founded here in chicago over 100 years ago just to try to make me feel ashamed then one day she passed out worksheets on how the chinese dressed about 500 years ago the men were wearing slippers with rabbit fur trimmings I showed her the picture she got really red and told me to go to my seat Now she doesn’t work at my school anymore

  • bandchicky314 says:

    Fur is for haters!!! So are some other animal products that unnecessarily cause animals harm. If the cow died of natural causes then I would use it and eat it but if someone brutally slaughtered it I wouldn’t be cool with that!!!

  • Bre says:

    I think that who ever did the big march is a great idea!! i am really against all the animal killing skinning and other. Good on all you guys!!

  • m marentette says:

    I am in Paris visiting from Canada. I used to love this city. I won’t come back now until I know that France is getting the Green message and doing something about it. Their need for fur foie gras and anything else made from animal meat is outrageous. They are seriously out of touch and need a loud wake up call…and fast!

  • Melissa McClain says:

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  • MH says:

    Antoine Never knew that. Thanks. I’ve heard of Kamik though. I love those boots so much.

  • r says:

    There are many vegan shoes out there. But the problem is also quality I need really good support and durability no Vans the style sometimes you need something swankier than Simple and the price I can’t afford vegan rock star prices of $100 and up. Finding vegan shoes with ALL these qualities? I think not. One alternative is to buy gently worn recycled shoes. But other than that it’s quite difficult to find the correct vegan shoes. I HATE wearing leather shoes but I do.

  • SHARI says:

    Thank you PETAFRANCE for helping the animals! Fur is not a fabric and people need to be reminded of this! Halloween is the perfect time of the year to expose the horrors of the fur industry and the needless slaughtering of animals. France you rock!

  • Jakob says:

    Actually if you are going to correct french. Mort would be changed to morte because fourrure is feminine. Mort on the other hand is masculin. Morte is feminine.

  • Antoine says:

    Well MH most regular stores like payless have a lot of nonleather shoes…just check the tag a lot of shoes that you may THINK are leather are not just check for anything that says “all manmade materials” As well you can buy nonleather shoes online very easily Vegan Essentials is a great website for that…even Zappos has an option in their search option for nonleather shoes. google is your friend as for everything in life do your research. Look it up before you say that “all you have ever seen is crocs and flip flops….cuz “vegan footwear” on google gave me over 400 000 results!!! If you would like to avoid synthetics you can buy lots of shoes made out of natural materials… Kamik is a great company that makes boots here in Canada so fair trade and out of natural rubber that keep you warm even in 20F weather! I am sure that you can find a store in the northern U.S” who does the same for winter boots…or order online from Kamik. not all their stuff is leather and wool free though For the summer spring and fall check out Simple shoes for some super cool sneakers…also a lot of the skater companies like Macbeth make hemp shoes. And if fairtrade is an issue for you and you don’t want shoes like NIKE made in sweat shops then check out the website of vegetarian shoes….100 vegan 100 fairly traded. But companies like Simple and many others have very good corporate policies as well. Search and you shall find! As you can see there are many options for vegan clothing shoes EVERYTHING. It’s almost 2010 after all!

  • roxanne says:

    Wow great job France! Come to NYC and help us.

  • lynda downie says:

    Merci beaucoup Peta France!!

  • Ras says:

    Thank god there are organisations like PETA who are out there fighting the human scum who make a living out of animal cruety. I watch the videos ok a bit is all i can handle and initially i am filled with an intense anger which then turns to disbelief and tears. How can people do that and think its ok?….

  • Brien Comerford says:

    It’s enifying to notice that there are more animal rights activists in France. However it appears that Brigett Bardot is the nation’s only famous diehard animal loving vegetarian. England has thousands.

  • Jill says:

    Here is where you can get Vegan Clothing…

  • Cray says:

    The French part of the sign says fur is death not fur is dead. La fourrure est mort means fur is dead.

  • Carla says:

    Fur is for hags!!!!!!!

  • MH says:

    Could totally watch that without covering my eyes. I don’t wear fur though. Question though where to you get nonleather shoes? Because the only nonleather shoes I’ve ever seen are flipflops and crocs which will be a recipe for frostbitten feet in a few weeks up in Minnesota.