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Hundreds Die in a Single Highway Accident—PETA Wants Them Remembered

Written by Michelle Kretzer | July 23, 2013

When a driver overturns a truck hauling 5,400 chickens, PETA wants people not to brush off what happened to those individuals as if it were nothing more than widgets being spilled onto the road.

That’s why PETA is asking for permission to place this memorial sculpture near the site in Salem, Oregon, where the chickens—who were being hauled to slaughter—were thrown from their crates, spilling the birds across the roadway and killing hundreds of them outright.

This is not the first time that animals have been injured and killed by reckless truck drivers. PETA has previously sought to erect roadside signs in honor of cows, pigs, and many other animal victims who died in the same way, many after suffering greatly.

Traffic accidents are yet another form of unnecessary suffering endured by animals who are killed for food. Please help protect animals from farming abuses, including live haulage, by going vegan today