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Hundreds Die in Pamplona

Written by PETA | July 10, 2009

For the first time in nearly 15 years, a human has died after being gored by a bull at the Running of the Bulls.

How many bulls have died this time around as a direct result of being gored by humans?

All of them.


banbloodsports / CC


Every year, all bulls who are sent charging down the narrow, winding streets of Pamplona end up in the bullring. We’re not talking about one bull here. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds over the course of 15 years.

Nobody has died at the Running of the Nudes.


Running of the Nudes


You do the math.

Watch video footage of the Running of the Bulls and goring here.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • joe says:

    running bulls ftw!

  • simara says:

    any human who tortures infects cruelty pain distress or murders an innocent being is lacking humanity and DESERVES to have the same be done to them.if only humans would put as much value in the lives of non humans as they do the human raceout of all three creations humans non humans and the environment no other creation has fucked with each other and all other species as much as human beings.Many claim humans to be the smartest and to own the earth but creating nuclear war fare raping each other stealing lying doing drugs child abuse destroying the earth and inflicting mass amounts of death of billions of innocent non humans is far from intelligent it is SICK VILE and EVIL.these “people” who do these cruel acts to non humans are cowards.If these were humans being chased and murdered by other humans the world would be appalled.Put in the place of these bulls women and children or gay people put in the place of these bulls Jewish people or African American and it would NOT be okay and it is NOT okay when it is bulls.Bulls like humans have feelings and the right to live a peaceful life.This is a horrific evil mass murder just as the Holocaust or South Africa’s apartheid was . RacismSexismSpecieisim is all one in the same and anyone who willfully takes the life of tortures inflicts pain or harms a non human should be punished to the full extent.

  • Lisa Allis says:

    Yeah serves that person right to get trampled. I’m glad they got it! It’s about time to even the score if just a little. Bull running and bull fighting is a sick sadistic way for people to be macho ego maniacs. They are sick. I once had a customer that asked if I sold bull fighting sculpturesfigurines. I said “That’s cruelty to animals” and put my head down to indicate that I was done talking to that person. He just opened his mouth then closed it and walked away. So much for being macho. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL ABUSE. MAKE IT STOP NOW!!!

  • marjee419 says:

    how much suffering does it take to give so much pleasure to these sick sadistic so called humans? I find great joy to see these people get gorged or stomped! No one asked them to confront these innocent creatures unfortunately the animals always suffer so much more than any living being could begin to endure! God bless them and give them peace!

  • celeste says:

    Spain you call this culture?Bullfighting and Pamplona are disgusting cruel sadistic torture of innocent sentient animals. We humans should be ashamed. What RIGHT do we have to do this to fellow creatures that shares this earth with us??

  • Catherine says:

    I hope more stupid people die instead of bulls.Bulls have no choicenutty people do!

  • maria says:

    These guys are trying to prove they have balls they have to torture an animal to prove this. We could have told them they are a bunch of puies they dont have to get gored but I sure love to see the aholes gettin whats comin to em!

  • Tressa Paul says:

    First off I want to say that bullfighting run of the bulls hunting and fishing ARE NOT SPORTS. A sport is a game for fun where both teamsplayers know what’s going on and have an equal chance at winning. Secondly I can’t believe that Peta supporters are celebrating this person’s death. How about respect for all life? Ya dude was stupid for participating but did he deserve to die? No. I hope that scociety will learn from this guy’s tragic mistake.

  • Marie says:

    I do not feel bad whatsoever over the death of the human after all he is the one that CHOSE to be there taunting the bulls. The bulls do not have a choice and the ignorant people who enjoy torturing these animals should all be killed by the bulls….

  • sb says:

    What in the world is humane about bull fighting or running with the bulls? Is it a testosterone HIGH? Pretty sad when our sense of elation has to come from torturing animals.

  • Lisa D says:

    I just don’t understand why this uncivilized and barbaric practice is still done. We are in 2009 people 21st century not in the 1500. We are supposed to be the superior animal the ones on top of the food chain. We are supposed to know better. Honestly I am ashamed to call myself a human being.

  • Kathy Peterson says:

    I have no pity whatsoever for those humans that are injured or killed during the running of the bullsbull fights. I attended a bull fight many years ago not knowing that the bulls were tortured and slaughtered in such an inhumane and barbaric way. It should be outlawed.

  • n2miami says:

    I do not feel one bit sorry for these people that get killed by the bullsthats what they get

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    “I cheer when a bull at Pamplona sinks one of his horns deep into the lower intestines of some drunken European macho swine. And my cheers grow louder when the victim is a young American machojock tourist asshole. Especially if the bull is able to swing that second horn around and catch the guy right in the nuts.” George Carlin.

  • Sarah S says:

    Any “person” willing to put another living creature through such torture as bull fightingbull runs anyone who can take their life away for “fun” are monsters and do not deserve an ounce of my sympathy. In fact I hope that all of the “people” involved in these events die as wretchedly as every animal that entered those rings had to.

  • Carla L. says:

    The death of these so called humans JACOB are their own damn fault. It is their ignorance and stupidity that put them in harms way of these animals. Are you kidding me that we don’t care about our own king? That’s also ignorant. Animals are defensless against the human race and if they want to abuse torture and neglect animals then ..hey what goes around comes around. If they get killed during this stupid tradition then good serves them right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mac says:

    Marijane I can vouch for a fact that some of these animals that supposedly wouldn’t harm you back WILL harm you if you get in the way of them intentionally or not. It’s an animal instinct for them to react to “danger” real or made up. I’ve nearly been run over by a horse that decided to bolt I’ve nearly been run over by a buffalo in the field I’ve nearly had my knee messed up because I got too close to a goose. All three of these I did NOTHING to the animal to cause it to act this way. All three of these animals would not dare harm a human back unless they are acting in self defense. That is one thing that the running of the bulls shifts to the wind with they GOAD the animals to chase humans. That’s their fault and that’s why there are those who are injured or dead. Trust me most animals I know that ARE dangerous will attack you if hungry or threatened or even surprised. There’s a reason why you have to wear thick boots and stomp around high grass areas. Rabid animals are so crazy sometimes they’ll attack you even if you stand still a danger with angry dogs even if standing still.

  • Carla USA says:

    Majella.. why? This person took part in a horrific tradition. It’s sad when a human dies of cancer or murder.. but if they choose to do this.. they DESERVE IT!!!!!!!

  • Marijane Bujold says:

    I moved to a dairy farm a year agoignorant of the cruelty to animals practiced here. A bull is allowed to live only about two years and then he is slaughtered.I always thought it interesting that man most often kills animals that would never harm them back.A bull on the other gives man a the fright of a lifetime. I am very much against bullfighting. I feel it is barbaricslow torture for the entertainment of sick minds.Thses same audiences would probably petition to bring back the guillotine.

  • Sabrina says:

    This is such a stupid tradition it’s so barbaric. Even though it was their own choice to participate I’m not “shouting for joy” or “throwing a party” because a person died. I don’t want any more bulls and people to be hurt or die.

  • June Dunphy says:

    The humans who take part do so through choice and know they may be injured. The innocent bulls have no choice.That this is allowed to continue in these ‘enlightened’ times is a disgrace. June Dunphy Dumbarton Scotland

  • Sirkka Levaniemi says:

    The fact that something so blatantly cruel backward and barbaric still exists and enjoys popularity to boot can only make me think “way too many human beings both insurpassibly stupid and heartless”. Makes me sick. Seriously what’s it going to take to stop this??

  • Lynda says:

    Those poor animals are scared to death and only look for a way out away from these people. I honestly can’t understand how people can do these kind of things to an animal. Unfortunately I feel no compassion towards the people who get hurt or killed during these events as they did put themselves in that position and they are the ones who are taunting and hurting these animals.

  • luis lacotera says:


  • Elena Aguayo Kelley says:

    This has to stop! it is the most barbaric and cruel form of entertainment leave these animals alone look for another ways of having fun.

  • nursah okay says:

    since i was a very little girl it made me so upset and i can not believe that how the spanish people or the goverment does not see that it’s something terrible and sick and the people who are having fun with that are deeply mentally disturbed

  • shay says:


  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    As I said in a previous post any mentally deprived person in the city of Orange California who wants to run with a bull need not travel any further than the biker bar called Cooks Corner to do so. Just walk across the street duck under the barbed wire and go party with the bull that lives in the pasture there. The cheers you hear will be the bikers rooting for the bull…he is a mascot. He likes to come to the fence and watch the bikers sometimes. The real bikers do not bother him though. They are smarter than that. It’s the tourists that give the bull trouble. Even the occaisional cyclist that shows up at Cooks knows not to trespass in the pasture but some of the tourists just can’t resist especially after a couple of pitchers of beer!!

  • Mac says:

    It’s a shame when people celebrate the death of a person in this and even are adamant they would have a party for it. PETA surely you have enough class to not actually stand up for this behavior among your members? And when Fox showed the people pulling the tail of the bull and harassing it it showed MORE than any chat from a voice box could ever do. Photos speak louder if that weren’t true you wouldn’t be going around half nude or having Andy Dick dress up as an evil Ronald McDonald.

  • Jacob says:

    Normally I visit here every now and then just to see what people are saying but a couple of you guys have just gone too far with these comments. Do these bulls meet cruel painful deaths? Of course they do but for someone to “shout for joy” and “almost throw a party” for the death of another human being? Are you so insensitive to your own kind that the death of a human becomes a celebratory matter? That to me is more sick than any cruelty to any animal.

  • Patricia Webster says:

    Too bad the bulls didn’t kill hundreds of those cowards.

  • Caroline says:

    I think that it’s completely horrible to shout with joy when any life is lost be it human or animal. I think that the loss of any life is tragic. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of this disgusting tradition.

  • Abigail Peck says:

    Karmas a bitch ain’t it? D

  • Aracelia says:

    I just hope more people die because of this in the first place animals should not go through this. Horaay for the bull. My god we on the year 2009 and still people are not civilized.

  • charlene says:

    The most horrible thing about the Run of the Bulls each year is that most of US mainstream media is extremely ignorant and covers it like a fun cultural spectacle that is completely wholesome and harmless and tells says we should view the monstrous Spaniards as brave and fearless. On Fox News yesterday as they were rambling crap about the “courage” and “dangers” of the Bull Run a shocking live clip played in which a bull was clearly being tormented by mobs pulling its tail and beating it with sticks. The idiots on Fox did not suggest that these animals were being unfairly harassed or event mention that they were all destined to be killed in brutal bullfights later in the day. I am appalled and hope that everyone who cares writes to the Fox News and all other news networks and tell this outdated tradition is unbelievably cruel and should never such receive biased fluffy treatment

  • liz says:

    Stunning act of cruelty. We have so far to go with respect to our treatment of animals. Disgusting and sad. Am I glad someone lost a life? Well there will be one less idiot participating in next year’s run. One down several thousand to go.

  • Helen Sayers says:

    If a human dies as a result of participating in blood sport or any horrifying cruelty toward other living beings I WILL throw a party!! There is cause for celebration for a start they won’t be breeding anymore!!…and that is excellent!!! Helen S

  • Alicia says:

    What morals are we showing the world by expressing we are glad that a person has died? I am very sorry to hear that someone passed away. I am glad that a death may bring such animal abuse to light and get the whole world talking BUT it is extremely sad that it took a death to get national headlines for this kind of animal abuse. Yes they put themselves in the postion and knew this was a possibility and did it anyway but please remember that this person does have a mother or child or wife. Maybe this will stop a person or two from participating in this next year but I do know that no human or bull alike should feel the pain of a foreign object thrust into their body and then have to suffer to death.

  • Abby says:

    I watched the video of the running of the bulls and cannot for the life of me see how anyone would want to kill such a beautiful animal. I was actually cheering for the bull when he was goring the human Look at the beautiful structure of the bull the way the muscles work the intelligence that is evident. Having been raised on a farm I know these animals are intelligent. They say the eyes are the path to the soul. If you look into the eyes of a bull just as looking into the eyes of any animal you see their soul. Their souls are beautiful.

  • Androniki Floolis says:

    The fact that something so blatantly cruel backward and barbaric still exists and enjoys popularity to boot can only make me think “way too many human beings both insurpassibly stupid and heartless”. Makes me sick. Seriously what’s it going to take to stop this???

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The bulls are the innocent victims and their abusers are the malevolent culprits.

  • jess says:

    wow Vanessa Azevedo just wow you are a sick person. You are no different than the people who killed the animal. i hope you enjoy being the very monster you seek to destory. you really need to take a nice long look in the mirror cause buddy you are messed up.

  • Majella from Ireland says:

    Bullfighting is certainly wrong but celebrating the death of a human being is just… the hieight of sadism. It’s sick.

  • Cindy says:

    This bullfightingbull runs has to stopit’s torturecruel and has no value. How about a boycott of products from Spain?Olive oilshoesetc and really hit them where it hurtsin their wallet.Muy bien PETA.

  • Mary says:

    One human life does not even begin to make up for the thousands of innocent lives taunted and murdered simply for sadistic pleasure.

  • Aneliese says:

    I am sorry that someone has died unlike Michelle and Vanessa but I feel even more sorry for the bulls. I wonder how many more people will die before society will stop the running of the bulls. It seems that it only matters when humans die and not animals.

  • Vanessa Azevedo says:

    When someone dies in Pamplona on this day i shout with joy i really feel happy.

  • Rosie says:

    People who get and hurt or die in these revolting blood baths including Bullfights are there because they chose to be. The bulls on the other hand had no say in the mattter. These practices belong to the days of the Spanish Inquisition and should have ended years ago.

  • Karen Tozer says:

    This barbaric ritual MUST stop!! It dates back to the 1300’s. Society has advanced enough that we know for a fact that this is animal abuse plain and simple. I can not believe that people participate in this. It breaks my heart.

  • Michelle says:

    When I saw that a human died at the Running of the Bulls on the news I almost threw a party! We should really give some of those cruel humans a taste of thier own medicine!