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Human Glue Traps at Home Depot

Written by PETA | May 25, 2007

Our Campaigns Department has an uncanny way of turning a wild idea into a reality. Someone said the magic words “Human Glue Trap” in a brainstorming meeting, and, lo and behold, we’ve got two or three of the suckers ready to go. A few brave activists helped to put pressure on Home Depot to stop selling glue traps—which can cause mice, birds, and other animals to suffer for days before they’re killed—with this little demonstration yesterday. According to Ashley, who took part in the protest, one Home Depot employee was so shocked by the glue trap literature they had on hand that he had second thoughts about going into work that day. Awesome work, guys. I love it.





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  • SJSooze says:

    I am writing a petition asking my company to remove the glue traps we currently use. I WOULD LOVE to use your posters but the bikini clad women lying on the traps is inappropriate in my case. Since we all have an opiniion – u know they are like @$$holes – I just have to say I dont get it anyway… Trading one type of exploitation for another doesn’t resonate in the universe… Just Sayin…

  • Dustin says:

    Interestingly enough, for a long time identical traps have been used for trapping flies and such airborne insects, but PETA has no problem with abusing them? Additionally, as somebody else brought up, snapping mouse traps are much more dangerous to children, and I know from personal experience that “humane” traps don’t work half as well. And they’ll end up staving and dying in there anyway if left unchecked. Also, releasing a mouse into an area anywhere near my house out here on my 2 acre property is going to allow it to come right back in. I’m all for mice, hell, I have a pet mouse, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let them live in the walls of my kitchen unfettered and defecate throughout my drawers and cabinets, causing potential health risks to my family. I’ll treat them with peace so long as they do not threaten my own well being, then it’s self defense.

  • PB says:

    Glue traps are INhumane and torture poor animals. Please stop seelling glue traps and start selling ones that catch the mouse to be set free outdoors.

  • palpal says:

    by the way if there wasen’t a demand for them stores wouldn’t sell them so maby you should redirect your acriminations towards the customer. PS i am extremely AGAINST Sticky traps they must must be one of human kinds stupidest inventions

  • Jaime says:

    The chemical you are referring to that is in glue traps is an analgesic. In other words it helps NUMB the skin of whatever kind of animal is caught in it. Think about a home with children. Would you rather a child get his or her fingers snapped in a trap or stuck to some glue that is easily removed with vegetable oil?? Really this is going a little too far. No one will respect your point when you resort to sensationalism.

  • This is ridiculous says:

    The glue traps aren’t the problem in the issue you’re addressing it’s the negligence in checking them. Mice and rats can easily be humanely anesthetized once they are caught so long as the individual who set the glue traps actually bothers to check them. Releasing urban mice and rats into the wild isn’t particularly humane either. You’re leaving them in an environment they’re not accustomed to and likely haven’t been for many generations and they’ll very likely die from predation after a short while of struggling to adapt. I wouldn’t think being eaten by an owl or perhaps a raccoon to be particularly pleasant either. Face it when they act as pests we need to get rid of them when mostly for reasons of sanitation disease prevention. They’ll likely always be there and we’ll always have to get rid of them. … Would anyone argue that an individual with lice shouldn’t wash with special shampoo because it would kill the poor little lice? There is such a thing as coexisting with nature. What I’m hearing here amounts to submission to nature. Do you believe that nature is more important than your own wellbeing and somehow humans are not part of nature but lesser beings? If not then it’s our right to combat these diseaseridden pests as best we can with all proper ethical AND objective considerations.

  • Chuck says:

    Efcos… glue traps are torturous to any animal caught on them. That’s essentially abuse… and considering the wide variety of humane alternatives available snap traps are far more humane and cheaper too there is no reason to use them. Imagine a small animal stuck on superglue tearing its skin off and breaking all its bones. Some people even throw them into the bin in that condition where they take days to die. Is that the right thing to do? You can’t honestly relate THAT to bears on fish bears eat fish to survive. They don’t create sticky cardboard and let their prey starve to death. They don’t intentionally plan to make their prey suffer. I’d rather be crushed and killed quickly via a bear’s jaws than starve to death or die from my injuries from a glue trap. You have countries banning this trap and you have stores taking them off their shelves. You have anecdotal evidence of their cruelty and you have a scientific report citing their cruelty as well. Why do you think this has happened? Glue traps seemed to be designed to maximise pain. I don’t know if this is true but a workmate told me glue traps contain some sort of chemical that “dissolves” their hair and skin while still alive and makes their internal organs melt and seep through their skin pores. If people think this is an acceptable way to kill animals then my faith in humanity has been lost.

  • efcos says:

    It’s amazing how absurd people can be just to feel a little rebel. Glue traps? I mean… what?! are you guys planing on having a bear protesting against another bear about the cruelty of eating fish? Guys common!!!! I understand other campaigs about conservation and antiabuse but… this?!?! I mean give me a NOT CRUEL solution for a rat infestation in my house.

  • miranda. says:

    the girl stuck on the mouse trap is brilliant.

  • Maya says:

    I think this raises some really good points most importantly to give people alternatives that are realistic and affordable. Even the wealthiest people will only stand for “infestations” for so long before they look for anything and everything available to get rid of the problem no matter how toxic or inhumane. People with low income should be the very last people on the planet that we criticize and they are often the most tolerant of these conditions anyway. Protesting Home Depot is fine but advertising stores that offer realistic alternatives should be a top priority. The ideas here are excellent too they should also be announced to the public so people actually have some direction.

  • yeahbut says:

    to bluebird Thanks for the garden tips. If you can come up with a safe effective environmentally friendly and economical way to handle roaches in a dense urban setting in a hot and humid climate you stand to make some good money! If you can make it humane all the better. Keep in mind that people who rent typically have very little authority to alter the property itself.

  • bluebird says:

    some more special experiences i have a metal letterbox on which the sun is shining directly so the ants put their eggs there inside and are breeding inside the letterbox. they never go on my letters they know the whole story! if one is anyway lost on an envelope i put her back to her tribe but you can be sure i never have one ant in the kitchen! i never cut stinging nettles they are very important for butterflies breeding their eggs! i don’t remove spiders and their nets in all the house so i almost don’t have mosquitos! i don’t cut the grass so it’s a shelter for hedgehogs snakes etc. i don’t correct the small stream so it choses his own way sometimes underground and this is building biotopes where frogs and dragonflys are settling… i mean i try always and so i get good results for the animals and myself…

  • Canaduck says:

    I totally sympathize with yeahbut if only because we had a cockroach problem too. We kept things INCREDIBLY neat and took every precaution we could but we lived in an old building with tons of holes and our next door neighbor was a bizarre hermit of a neighbor whose apartment smelled horrible even from the hall. I do agree that glue traps are cruel but when it comes to having cockroaches all over your house despite taking all available precautions well… Incidentally we used poison despite being vegan otherwise. It was that awful. The poison didn’t work either and if I’d known about glue traps I’d probably have considered using them too.

  • bluebird says:

    post scriptum two other solutions for avoiding to kill animals if there are wasps or bees lost in the house if it’s evening close the light and open the window they always follow light or fresh air! during the day i have always a glass and a hard paper besides me when the insect sits down on the window i put the glass on it then i smoothly put the hard paper under the glass between the window and the insect then i open the window remove the hard paper and the insect can fly out of the glass! second experience in a big garden it’s always useful not to remove the dead trees so the animalkingdom goes to take shelter there if you remove the dead trees they attack the most week ones in the garden and so you shall have a damage! i hope to have been helpful…

  • bluebird says:

    to yeahbut if they don’t move one could also try to make the following first clean then give them a space to put something they like in a special place. me i put a huge bowl with cookies if everything else is clean they go inside but they cannot climb the bowl then i take the bowl and put them outside in the field but far enough so they cannot come back. now i’m in a big house and there are many animals inside like rats and mice. in winter i give them eating in the basement so they don’t come into the house and in spring they go again outside. with the snails in the garden it’s easy i mix always wild plants with garden plants so they are not interested. if there is a rainy year i create for them a special place where i plant just tagetes this they like so much so all they go there for to eat them and let the other flowers! there are many ways to avoid conflict situations with other creatures for this we got brains to resolve these problems without killing them sometimes it needs some time to try something but till now i always found a solution…

  • yeahbut says:

    Keeping your living space clean is important but its not enough in the face of an entrenched roach population especially in a warm climate and in an old apartment building full of small holes that they can travel though. We got to the point where we were sealing up our trash so that they couldnt get into it and washing our dishes the instant we were done eating. We were putting baking soda and soap in the sink drains to try to deny them that source of water. We tried home remedies we found online Bay leaves and Nutmeg. We tried that stuff thats supposed to make them sterile so they cant reproduce. It was like a Biblical plague. For people in a situation like that I think the glue traps are a better alternative to sprays and foggers. More effective. Less harmful to the environment. Less harmful to your health.

  • bluebird says:

    best method against cockroaches keep your apartment or house always clean. once i had some when i lived in an apartment in town i cleaned every day and so they left after two weeks maybe they went to the neighbour who was not so clean!

  • yeahbut says:

    When you move into an apartment and discover a serious roach problem youre limited in what you can do. I did some research on options. We put all our food in tightly sealed containers and that at least kept our food safe but it didnt get rid of them. They eat everything cardboard skin flakes the glue off postage stamps each other their own poop. Plus the building was setup in a way that made it easy for them to go back and forth between units and all our neighbors had them. We tried to seal up all the cracks and crevices as best we could to isolate ourselves but complete isolation was impossible. This was the Deep South so there was no hard winter to slow them down. We tried those ultrasonic bug repellers and they did nothing. We tried poisoned baits which seemed to work at first but they came back strong and the baits didnt work a second time. Glue traps kept there numbers down but didnt eliminate them. I refused to use spray but I know our neighbors used it and it didnt work either. Once our lease was up we moved out and I havent had a roach problem in any of the apartments Ive lived in since. Im grateful that those glue traps were available.

  • J says:

    The way to deal with a cockroach infestation is to take preventive measures like not having open food containers and crumbs all over your house. Glue traps might work to solve your problem but the point is that they’re cruel and inhumane and there are other solutions. For more information about humane effective cockroach control go to httpwww.helpinganimals.comwildlifelivingWithRoaches.asp

  • yeahbut says:

    Have any of you ever had a serious cockroach infestation? Im talking about finding them crawling around in your food inside the refrigerator across your leg when your sitting in the living room even in your bed. I had an apartment like that once and we would see several of them a day in every room. Eventually you could smell them. Their poop was all along the edge of the floor. It was unhealthy. Nothing we tried could get rid of them but glue traps yes we bought them at Home Depot worked the best. They helped a lot and are much better for the environment and safer than pesticides.

  • Jules says:

    Thank you so much for this article! I have had such trouble with mice no matter living in the city or near fields I’m HUGE on cleaning and being neatFYI When I recently moved to the suburbs near a field I thought I had finally escaped city rodent life until the temp. dropped and chaos began with a massive influx of field mice wherein the only humane action I could take was to kill them to stop them from procreating. Many a night I would hear these mice screaming for hours because my brotherroomate had left glue traps where I couldn’t find them to throw them out Remember if your roomate ever does this VEGTABLE OIL WORKS eventually to free the mice!

  • Haileigh says:

    Hey guys just wanted to say great job on bringing public attention to this terrible thing. I love you guys for speaking out for the animals. Glue traps should be completely banned from all stores and this is the first step to awareness.

  • Matt says:

    “My brother and I wonder what you’re supposed to do when you come across a successful trap if the animal hasn’t already suffocated or gnawed their limbs off and escaped…Do you leave the trapped animal until they slowly starve to death or are you supposed to throw them into the garbage alive?” You do what everyone does get a shovel or something heavy and put it out of its misery as soon as possible then chuck it. I don’t know anyone who uses glue traps but my neighbour’s used poison a few times which means that I sometimes get rats in my backyard that’re obviously on their way out. Best way I’ve found is a quick strike with a shovel. Advantage is that you can then carry the carcass to the trash on the end of the shovel so you don’t have to touch it.

  • mary panos says:

    Home Depot isn’t the only store selling glue trapsthey are in many stores in port st. lucie Stuart in floridashouldn’t they be declared illegal?

  • A says:

    The original Home depot founder is good to the environment he has also sold and retired from Home Depot long since this.So this is a new bunch running corporate Home Depot!

  • Danielle says:

    I hate these things. And to think some people actually think they’re more humane than a conventional mousetrap. I used to work at a hotel that used them and every time I found one I threw them away. I wonder if they ever wondered where their traps were going…?

  • nightingale says:

    this world is degrading quickly into a hellish system this thing here is really on the lowest level shame on you home depot for your dirty money making! there is absolutely no need for this atrocity. a peaceful person can coexist with every kind of species without disturbing each other. in my castle i have spiders rats craws and in the park are snakes and foxes and i’m still alive and my animals also we have all a very good life and a harmonious coexistence! distruction of socalled dangerous animals and all this pestcontrol has his origine in the stingy human heart which doesn’t want to share life with other creatures…

  • Cuckoo4tofu says:

    Menards and Meijer stores sell glue traps as well. It’s mean enough for people to use lethal traps but to use the cruelest kind available is disgusting. My brother and I wonder what you’re supposed to do when you come across a successful trap if the animal hasn’t already suffocated or gnawed their limbs off and escaped…Do you leave the trapped animal until they slowly starve to death or are you supposed to throw them into the garbage alive? The whole thought of it is sickening. I understand why people do not want rodents in their home and that’s why they should use live traps and release unwanted guests outside in a wooded area where they belong. This way they and the animals can go about their lives. Having compassion for others CAN be a winwin situation.

  • Maya says:

    Don’t people know to seal up their homes? I mean I can understand the worry about hantavirus and all that but all these traps do is put a bandaid on the problem. Only sealing up a home can prevent mice etc without killing any animals. ps the exception is chimney swifts since we’ve ruined their habitat they depend on chimneys to live in so from what I understand they may go extinct if we seal up chimneys. I hope PETA educated folks on how to seal up their homes. I’m sure some people don’t know how if they’re out buying this poor product.

  • Melanie V. says:

    I thinks it’s so wrong that Home Depot sells glue traps. I know as a fact that they don’t have any humane traps either. They most likely don’t realize that the animals being cought in this trap suffer just as much as they would. I’m glad Peta does what they do to help animals in need.

  • little big woman says:

    this glue trap is really an invention of an ill brain how can a human being go so far to torture animals? all my love to the above featured activists thank you for doing this great job!

  • Canaduck says:

    Home Depot is lousy to their employees I’ve heard that much.

  • Maya says:

    Well that’s a shame. From what I’ve heard they have a good reputation of being good to the environment. I think their response or lack of will say volumes about the real character of this company. I’m glad PETA brought this to the public’s attention.