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Human Barbeque!

Written by PETA | February 5, 2009

Last week, PETA hosted a “human barbeque” on a Phoenix, Arizona, street to remind passersby that all animals have the same basic body parts. Check out these pictures of the demonstration:


Our bloody butcher set up his mock grill right in the middle of town. Although you may never have to see what happens on a factory farm, please remind everyone you know that those clean-looking meat packages in the grocery store were once part of living, breathing beings who felt pain and fear when they were slaughtered.
Human barbeque

The barbequed babe was spray-painted red and orange to resemble the charred flesh of an animal.
Human barbeque

Across the street, activists held a sign that read “Meat Is Murder.” We can all agree that cannibalism is repulsive, so what’s the big difference? Flesh is flesh.
Human barbeque

It’s easy to have a great barbeque without meat (animal or human)—check your local grocery store’s freezer aisle for delicious faux-meat burgers!

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • NN says:

    “We can all agree that cannibalism is repulsive.” In fact for some folks it’s quite a powerful fetish and your display would be the height of eroticism resembling the photoshop effects they already produce. It’s a distant relative to basic BDSM people come to understand power and commodification in different ways. Good and thoughtprovoking display though at least to someone unmoved by a juicy steak or the aforementioned cannibal erotica.

  • Luke says:

    Mmh I don’t know this phylosophy doesn’t make much sense to me. I think the human race is the only god there is on Earth. We rule the planet and we can do whatever we want. The only limit is guaranteeing our survival. If we want to kill and eat animals we have the right to do so like all other animals. Rights don’t come from above. Our right comes from our power we obtained it by ourselves. If some want to eat vegetables it’s their choice but there’s nothing so moral and epic about it.

  • nancy henrech-bain says:

    I don’t believe that any animal should be used for food or medical research. God didn’t create animals for us to eat. He made them first! We were created to “tend the flock”. I know someone who works in the meat industry as a truck driver picking up “waste” from the abattoirs. he sees what goes on every day. The animals fight scream as they are being zapped with cow prods in the chute. They smell death are absolutely terrified. They literally climb over each other to escape. Then they are either hung upside down to have their throats slashed or they get a bolt to the brain. At the hatcheries male chicks are tossed ALIVE into a grinder! The inspectors say they don’t feel pain. How the hell would they know? Have THEY gone thru the grinder? Then this slurry is mixed with the other “waste products” of the industry boiled down to make a powder called tallow which is then used in some dog cat food makeup for industrial purposes. So ppl have no clue that they are contributing to the industry if they don’t know what tallow is!! Then let’s talk about the pollution. Animal farming creates more methane gas then all humans combined which is destroying the ozone layer. Liquid waste from chicken turkey pig farming is getting into the ground water also releasing toxic gasses into the air. Then there are the diseases caused by eating animal products such as heart disease high cholesterol clogged arteries digestion problems etc etc etc. If these animals were raised in more natural numbers instead of the HUGE numbers they are being bred at the pollution problem would end. Then the farmers could use the extra land for fruit vegetable farming which would go a long way to ending world hunger so all around putting an end to the meat industry as a whole would benefit millions of people all around the world in more ways than one.

  • Marcos Douran says:


  • Melissa says:

    If you are religious that is fine by me. Personally I am not religious. Someone wrote in a book many many many years ago pitting rules and laws etc. I refuse to live my life by dictatorship. Think about it our lives are dictated by rules and laws made ten hundreds thousands of years ago and we are expected to live by them all? Whatever happened to our lives being our own? I am a vegan and admire others for taking THEIR lives into their own hands. We were put on this earth to LIVE…TO SURVIVE. As a vegan I am doing that pretty well without having to KILL anything.

  • Mary says:

    The only way to stop the butchering of other animals is to educate humans. PETA and members thank you for all you do to help educate. Please keep up the wonderful work that you do… Educate educate educate. You may not reach everybody all at once but you are chipping away at the ignorance of mankind.

  • Cresco the Amazing says:

    Now I don’t think the impact of a demonstration like this is as great as one might expect. The “Saw” movie series is now like 5 versions long and people can see more human violence on TV than ever before. Instead of being repulsed people might actually get turned on Naked girl on a barbecue? It’s hardly horrific. Besides I think most people realize flesh is flesh they just choose to focus there carnal lust on creatures other than ourselvesusually and not always for food. People are crazy that way.

  • Andrew says:

    Don’t tell me eating meat is “biblical.” Rape and murder are also “biblical.” Should those be done too? Read the beginning of the Bible. It clearly states that people should be eating plants and seeds. We are not carnivores. Long narrow intestines short flat teeth and jaws that move from side to side. Pick up a biology book.

  • Laurel says:

    meat is meat no matter where it comes from. I am Buddhist and practice the old method of no meat whatsoever. even if I wasn’t I would not eat meat. it is just like eating a human and it is terribly wrong.

  • Carrie Hansen says:

    If an animal is raised even humanely for consumption does that really make it better for the animal in the end? Most Americans and westerners wouldn’t consider raising dogs or cats or guinea pigs for food because somehow we view them differently than livestock. I would challenge others to extend the circle of compassion to all animals. There are so many delicious nonanimal foods available and eating a plantbased diet is so much better for our planet.

  • Robin says:

    I would not want to eat meat even if the animals were humanely slaughtered. I do not believe that animals were put here to provide humans with meat. Therefore even if the turkeys were freerange and slaughtered quickly I would not buy turkey for dinner. Humans can easily survive without eating meat. I believe this is the most ethical course.

  • Jenna says:

    Biblical or not killing is still killing! If the Bible said that people with blonde hair are to be set on fire would you do that too just because the Bible said so? Think for yourself. Do you not feel any emotion when you put that bullet in that cow’s brain? And if I remember correctly one of the Ten Commandments says “Thou shallt not kill” I don’t remember there being an “except for animals” clause next to it.

  • Justin Michalik says:

    God placed animals on this earth for us to eat?? I dont see how that makes any sense. Just about every animal could take a human down. So I dont see how animals were put here for us to eat. If it werent for weapons we would all be at the bottom of the food chain.

  • Jemmie says:

    “Animals are made for us to eat.” That is the most dried up comment I have ever heard. Animals are no more made for humans than blacks for whites or women for men. Period. Living things have their own life nothing living is MADE for anything else. Each living thing has its own purpose so that accusation is just down right ignorant.

  • Alicia says:

    I am a vegetarian going vegan. I believe that animals are allowed to be eaten. It is biblical. My problem is with commercially raised animals for food. The treatment of these animals is not biblically sound. Animals are meant to be free in whatever habitat they are supposed to be in. If we raise them for food they should be in safe open places where they can roam freely and be somewhat happy going about their lives and then humanly killed as in quick and relatively painless when it is time for slaughter. Until we can stop the cruelty on commercial farms I will remain meatless in my diet.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Sam It’s true that not all meat is factory farmed but the vast majority is. Therefore for most people wishing to end factoryfarm and slaughterhouse atrocities going veg is the easiest and fastest way to accomplish that. Humans do not require meatprotein yes meat no. Google “vegan athletes” and you might be surprised at the number of topflight athletes who successfully push their bodies to the limit on vegan fuel.

  • Paul says:

    I agree with Sam. i too enjoy meat products. God placed a variety of animals on this planet for us to consume. Just as you see carnivores out in the wild hunt and eat humans should also be free to eat meat. However I also agree there’s a sane and insane way to treat and kill animals used for food. In my opinion one of the best things one can do is to ensure no meat goes to waste when ordering dinner or making a sandwhich that way the animal has not died in vein. You guys do great work and congrats on the Aviagen Turkey case! about time some of those maniacs are punished for their actions.

  • Sam Eykamp says:

    Not all meat is factory farmed you know. i am very against stacking live animals in shed for mass production but see nothing wrong with rearing my own organic free range meat. When we butcher the cow is let out to graze on it’s own then shot through the temple it is dead before it hits the ground the last thing it was doing was eating. We are meant to eat some meat I just feel we need to have a responsibility to make sure any meat we eat has lived a normal paddock life been killed humanly which abattoirs do not. The cows are scared stiff it is very sad much better to just be eating then not. Just my honest opinion.

  • Cameron says:

    Keep up the good work! Love Cam.

  • lynda downie says:

    Very smart. Great way to move people to identify with the animals on their bbq.

  • Kirby says:

    I never thought I would play the part of a butcher! The blood that was added to my hands soon after this photo sure added. The demo was awesome!!!