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A Huge Step Forward In Our Anti-Fur Campaign

Written by PETA | February 8, 2007

Here at PETA, we track trends and statistics on the use of every species used for fur, and sometimes the findings of our research can be a total bummer, like when we uncovered the horrible abuse of dogs and cats for fur in China.

But more and more we are finding that designers and society in general are turning away from the cruelty of fur, and consequently, entire species of animals are being spared. Take, for instance, the great news released yesterday in Dallas, TX, where the findings of a very scientific years-long study revealed the following:

“The fur trade has strangely had no effect on the liger population.”

This is a great day indeed. It always warms our hearts here at PETA when even just one species receives a little bit of justice in the world. … Yes, even when it happens to be a fictional species popularized by a movie.

And just in case you’ve never seen a liger (or Napoleon Dynamite), here is a very realistic artistic rendering of the rare and elusive species. Meeeeeeeeowwww!

The Liger.jpg

UPDATE: OK, so I’ve received a lot of e-mails. … Apparently, ligers aren’t fictional at all. Readers have just informed me that, among other things:

  • Ligers, unlike most hybrids, can reproduce, resulting in either li-ligers (lion and liger) or ti-ligers (tiger and liger).
  • Like tigers, but unlike lions, ligers enjoy swimming.
  • Ligers grow much larger than lions and even larger than the largest tigers.

Who knew?

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  • Mary says:

    I agree with everyones comments. The IDA can put undercover TV on local access channels if allowed. I tried to do that here in North Maine. I called Madawaska and they didn’t return my call. You are right people need to see this stuff. I have images in my head that have changed me forever. Heather McCartney’s website tells of their success in convincing the EU to adopt a proposal to ban fur from China. Sadly after looking at some of the Asian websites and the IDA I discovered that China Korea and other Asian countries believe if they torture an animal before killing it for their meat it will taste better due to an adrenalin rush. One way they do this is by breaking a dogs legs one day and then skinning it alive the next day. Unfortunately the fur trade is just one aspect of Asian cruelty. The fight against the fur trade is still going to decrease the cruelty. I wish we could send troops in to save animals in some countries. I’d probably sign up myself.

  • Elisa Terneson says:

    I saw part of the footage about the chinese fur farms on FOX news station from Philadelphia the other evening only up to the part where the man slams the dog in to the ground several times they stopped it there but I looked the next morning on the PETA sight at the continuation of that footage and haven’t been able to get those horrific images out of mind. I don’t think I ever will. Maybe that’s the key right there… lets get that entire footage on a show with a large following that perhaps a bunch of fur wearing rich housewives watch… like Oprah. Let them SEE the graphic horror that these poor beautiful animals endure. That footage shows such unbelievable cruelty and disregard for life that I’m ashamed to be part of the human race. One needs to be without a soul to not be affected by this. I think this particular footage along with something that shows the baby Harp seals being beaten and skinned and crying like human babies needs to be viewed by all no matter how horrible. I’m sure the outcry would be immediate and immense and the silently outraged as I once was would be kicked into action. I can’t believe we can’t get someone to do a special report on this ON PRIME TIME!!!

  • pcb says:

    I agree with your comments Sharon….. The Chinese Goverment’s refusal to accept any blame on the exporting of furtrade is down to buyers in Europe and U.S. As long as people keep buying fur there will always be demand for it. What annoys even further is that some fur farmers recognise that the harvesting techniques they use to skin animals is “quick and humane” My personal opinion is this is a lame excuse because alternative methods might damagehinder the fur. Also it’s sad to think that even though the West still buys fur there are no EU or International laws to protect animals in countries where animal mistreatment and animal cruelty still happen If the same thing was done in EuropeU.S this would be in direct violation of animal welfare laws and could face serious prosecution or imprisonment. I also agree that the greatest strength in stopping this is Awareness and making people realise the ways in which fur for fashion is attained through such sadistic means. Wearing fur is not only a sign of ignorance but vanity and egoism.

  • Sharon says:

    Today on TV at this very moment they are selling fox raccoon and other furs on I phoned them acting like I was interested in buying a fur and asked where their coats were from and they told me China. I cannot believe that we here in American are funding these fur farms in China. China is one of the worst animal abuser on the earth. A few months ago I talked to the manager in Nordstrom after seeing fur being sold in their store and asked where they bought their coats from and they also said China. As long as these companies NBC Nordstrom Neiman Marcus Bloomingdales and the lists goes on and on continue buying these furs from China than China will never stop the abuse. Also these top American fashion stores do not care how the fur gets on the coat they are just concerned about getting the furtrimmed coat. If Nordstrom or Neim Marcus is not worried about how China treats their animals than Chins has no reason to act differently in fact we are encouraging them not to change. How can we say anything about China when we are letting this into our country? By shopping at these stores and watching NBC we ourselves are funding this fur trade. I honestly dont understand how we can let this into our country. I told the lady on the phone at ShopNBC that wearing fur is a sign of ignorance. That people should be aware of how the fur got there and how the animal was abused. All this just so a coat can be trimmed with fur. How sad.

  • pcb says:

    One thing I don’t understand is How China can disregard humaneeffective methods on furfarms yet manage to change laws and policies towards the conduct of mistreatments of dogs and cats. Dogs and Cats that might have rabies or would be identified as a potential health risk. I feel China’s approach by using current methods on furfarms is dated and unappropriate and using methods adopted from western europescandanavia that are centuries old. I feel that as China is a developing country there are however stagnated gaps in it’s methodstechniques. I’m surprised with increasing investors businesses corporations and growing advancement of technology I feel outraged that furfarmers overlook effective humane altrernatives. The Chinese Government need to realise that these practices are unsuitable and it’s time for change.

  • Hazel Bliss says:

    I am a new member to PETA.On our local cable access channel they showed one of your PETA videosmy husband told me not to look. I just started to cry by what I briefly saw. As long as I live the image of that poor innocenthelpless fox and the senseless torture of a precious living creature will be an image I will never forget it just brings me to tears to know that their are people out there that do this senseless cruelty.THANK YOU PETA FOR CARING AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE TO ALL THE POOR ANIMALS OUT THERE THAT CANT HELP THEM SELVES. I LOVE YOU YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! HAZEL