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Horse Used for Rides Had Painful Ulcers

Written by PETA | November 1, 2011


It’s bad enough to be forced to pull heavy carriages in all weather extremes through New York City’s busy, exhaust-filled streets, but a necropsy on Charlie, the horse who collapsed and died while “working” last week, found that he also suffered from painful stomach ulcers and a cracked tooth. Charlie’s death sparked renewed calls for a ban on cruel horse-drawn carriages in New York, including a letter from Glee star Lea Michele asking Mayor Michael Bloomberg to support a bill to end the rides. Bloomberg’s comments on Charlie’s death have been astonishingly cold-hearted: “Like everyone, eventually they die,” he said. “Some die on the streets.”

Charlie is the latest victim of an industry that exploits animals in order to turn a buck despite increasing opposition from the public and lawmakers. There have been countless incidents resulting in injuries to and the deaths of both horses and people when horses used for carriage rides become spooked and bolt into traffic or when carriages crash.

Whether you’re a resident or a potential tourist, please tell New York City lawmakers that you support Intro. Bill 86, which would ban horse-drawn carriages and replace them with eco-friendly classic cars.


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • Susan Durrenberger says:

    Please support Bill 86 to ensure that the horses don’t have to suffer everyday in the polluted air pulling carriages, walking/trotting on hard pavement and living a life of misery. Their “stables” are a joke and inhumane. They are firetraps and should be condemned. Chicago should also give up this form of animal cruelty. Retire these horses to a horse sanctuary.

  • Ashlie Sapiro says:

    This has to end.

  • Maureen Manzene says:

    Help these horses! They are suffering and this is a cry for help! New Yorkers support this! Hearts are broken over Charlie!!! And this has reached Upstate NY! Do something!!

  • jigalong says:

    I don’t live in New York or even America but yea, poor horses. At least get the horses bigger stables so that they can comfortably chill after a long day.

  • Eva Swanson says:

    Which is more important: continuing a fantasy that in reality is harmful, unethical, and painful or doing the right thing of banning horsedrawn carriages and making sure no other animals go through what Charlie went though? Please stop the cruelty.

  • Joy says:

    What about the horses in Chicago? Something needs to be done here too, not just New York. This should be a nation wide campaign.

  • Holly Lyden says:

    Lea Michele is such an inspiration. It is because of her this cause first came to my attention. Although I am just a teenager in the UK, I will do everything I can to support this cause & help stop cruelty to these beautiful horses. What PETA are doing is wonderful, and I hope they succeed in all their endeavors.