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Horse Slaughter: Setting the Record Straight AGAIN!

Written by PETA | February 3, 2012
ingo.ronner | cc by 2.0

Television news pieces airing today are advertised in such a way as to again misrepresent our stance on horse slaughter—just as some legislators also seem to have been misusing and misstating our position. Let’s set the record straight once more, shall we? Please cut and paste this to your computer so you can forward it to anyone who gets it wrong. Thank you.

To be crystal clear: While PETA is appalled at the transport of horses to foreign destinations, which increases their stress and susceptibility to sickness and injury, and believes that the previous congressional action that ended the slaughter of horses in the U.S. was inadequate to address the problem of unwanted and abandoned horses, PETA does not support a reopening of horse-slaughtering operations. Because of the lack of sufficient good homes for unwanted horses, PETA does support euthanasia by injection or gunshot carried out locally. PETA also strongly supports the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011 (S. 1176/H.R. 2966), a vital bill that would ban horse slaughter in the U.S. and, crucially, prevent the export of horses from the U.S. for the purpose of slaughter, and we urge everyone who cares to reduce the suffering of horses to contact their congressional representatives to support it too.

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  • carol russell says:

    Gun shot and euthanasia should only be used on sick or crippled horses. The are young, vital, stong and many very well bred horse that are being shipped out for slaughter. Adopt, Adopt, Adopt and Adopt more!!

  • carol russell says:

    Gun shot and euthanasia should only be used on sick or crippled horses. The are young, vital, stong and many very well bred horse that are being shipped out for slaughter. Adopt, Adopt, Adopt and Adopt more!!

  • katlyn macdurdur says:

    You rather have horses suffer and starve to death or have them killed quickly???? and yes i support horse slaughter and yes i eat meat.

  • Susan says:

    Tennessee Representative Andy Holt said it was okay with PETA to open the horse slaughter operation in his HB 3619 in March 2012. Somebody needs to set the record straight before the vote Monday. The TN legislature was told PETA supports

  • Lynn says:

    Save horses by connecting with similar activists: 1. don’t buy/eat beef because they steal land wild horses need. 2. try to support clean energy companies (read, living on earth about how human waste can be turned into electricity (Penn State research)). Speak out in support of Josh Fox, filmmaker of Gasland (watch on Youtube). Even Santa Barbara County is being ruined by ‘natural gas drilling: we should probably call it ‘poison fracturing’ (to overcome the mind numbing ‘natural gas’ brain washing about safety. Oil and gas drilling kills horses and cows. A republican land owner complained about it in People Magazine. It affects everyone’s health, no matter which political party you affiliate with. Listen to interview of Josh Fox on and msnbc after he was arrested for trying to film a science hearing.

  • avithehorselover says:

    This is so wrong stop horse slaughter now

  • Tom says:

    Thanks so much, PETA. Horse slaughter advocates have twisted your message terribly for months now and have caused some damage. Anti-slaughter advocates have been confused and frustrated as a result. This does set the record straight and please reinforce your position often. In a few months, all will be clear and we can continue to focus our combined efforts (all groups and individuals working on ending horse slaughter) on passage of The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

  • Proudhorseloverandowner says:

    STOP horse slaughter! They are family companion animals as cats and dogs are, they shouldn’t be butchered!!

  • Stephanie Graham says:

    Well GOOD LORD! It’s way past time you put out an announcement like this. From articles to radio to TV….your message has been VERY misleading. Thank your for setting the record straight and let’s hope it stays crystal clear to all involved in this issue.

  • LynnIL says:

    I don’t understand what you are saying. You came right out and said that you supported horse slaughter. This should teach you that the pro slaughter media will take any part of what you say and disect it and make it fit what they want it to say. I am glad to see that you have come out again and your wording this time is so far the best. I hope you learned your lesson. The pro slaughter is using your words to support the building of horse slaughter plants. Thanks for trying to set the record straight once again but I fear you are too late. The pro slaughter have force fed the masses. Keep working you might be able to set the record straight.

  • Mike McLeod says:

    I understand what you are saying, but there are many people that will take on old horses and young horses that are not wanted anymore. Plenty of open land in Texas, Florida with horse rescue outfits ready and willing to help