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California Horse Racing Board Cracks Down on Thyroid Med Misuse

Written by PETA | May 14, 2014

Horse Racing Is a Bad Bet PSA

Following PETA’s investigation of thoroughbred trainer Steve Asmussen’s New York stable, which showed that most—if not all—horses were routinely fed prescription thyroid drugs in an apparent attempt to speed up their metabolism, the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) banned the use of thyroid hormones for nontherapeutic purposes.

Now thyroid hormones can be used in California only if the horse has a diagnosed thyroid condition, and even in that case, the medication must be prescribed by a veterinarian for a specific horse, for a specific diagnosis, and for a specific period of time and reported to the CHRB. Any improperly labeled thyroid hormones found within a CHRB-regulated facility will be treated as contraband and confiscated.

In other words, simply dumping thyroid drugs into horses’ feed without a specific diagnosis—a regular practice at Asmussen’s barn in New York—isn’t allowed. This is a huge step forward in protecting thoroughbreds, and other states that allow racing should follow California’s lead.

Thyroid hormones are just one of the many drugs that horses are doped with in the cruel racing industry. Please urge your members of Congress to support bills that would increase oversight and penalties for overusing drugs in horse racing.

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  • Cindy Bond says:

    They stood on the hill, like it belonged to them and they to it. s though this was the place intended for them, as though the once-forested slope had been waiting centuries to be cleared and crowned with grass for this: a group of horses, not being ridden or raced or worked.
    Mothers with their sons and daughters…..At rest.
    Please leave them alone.
    Author unknown – article from “PETA” magazine

  • cooper505 says:

    PURE EVIL AND GREED ON THE LOOSE AND LEGAL???WHERE IS “HUMANITY”? TOTALLY DISGUSTED. People without morals,compassion,dignity and respect for other living beings are NOTHING and EVIL!