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Horse-Drawn Carriage Flips Over in Middle of NYC Traffic

Written by Alisa Mullins | September 27, 2013

Yesterday morning, a horse pulling a carriage in busy New York City traffic got spooked, collided with parked cars, flipped over the carriage, and became pinned under the wreckage. While the carriage driver screamed at the thrashing horse, Good Samaritans worked to free him by lifting up the carriage and cutting him loose from his traces. After being freed, the horse was able to walk under his own power, but witnesses reported that he appeared to be limping and bleeding from a wound on his leg.

DANGERS OF HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES: Jerry’s collapse and death last month are tragic evidence that horses don’t belong on sweltering, traffic-filled streets.

More than 18 accidents involving horse-drawn carriages have occurred in New York City in the past two years alone, putting horses, passengers, and bystanders at risk, which is why PETA, politicians, and many others want the carriages to be replaced with vintage electric cars. That move still needs more support in the City Council but is currently being held up by Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

What You Can Do

If you live in New York City, please contact your City Council member and ask him or her to support Intro. 86A, which would replace horse-drawn carriages with eco-friendly vintage cars.

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  • Marykarnes says:

    It is terrible to think animals are being hurt


    pourquoi des chevaux en ville ?? ce n’est pas leur place,

  • Robert Honish says:

    Horse-drawn carriages must be banned in these modern conditions. Many cities, including London and Paris, have ended this cruel and dangerous activity. I was just at Memphis, TN and was saddened that they allowed horse-drawn carriages. In the middle of the heat, heavy traffic, and very loud music (probably deafening to a horse), the horses were forced to stand without any water available. Instead of giving them water or caring for the slave horses that are making them money, the operators were on their iphones or smoking and throwing the cigarette butts into the street. Horses, or any living being without any choice, don’t deserve to be mistreated with this slavery.

  • Horses need wide open spaces says:

    I live in beautiful, pastoral northern Michigan. To see such cruelty to the mighty horse makes me sickened. Shame on you, NYC, you are a rotten apple!

  • Ryan says:

    What is it going to take to get these poor horses off the streets of New York City? A death? It’s not 1900 anymore Mike Bloomberg, use some of your millions of dollars to get these horses off the streets before your name is dragged behind a dead horse

  • Suzanne says:

    For carriage horses in cities to Amish horses in the country, the roads of America are dangerous and inhumane. It’s time to pass laws to ban horses from public highways unless they are in specific events such as parades or working under saddle for policing.