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Horse Collapses, Carriage Operator Unmoved

Written by PETA | August 5, 2011

A horse pulling a carriage in New York City collapsed to the ground twice yet was right back waiting at the curb before her driver was challenged by the woman who had been riding in the carriage at the time and who caught most of the horrifying incident on her cell phone. See the woman’s emotional confrontation with the driver here (warning: graphic language):

PETA pals Chrissie Hynde, Pink, Lea Michele, and Pamela Anderson have all called for these cruel and dangerous rides to be eliminated. New York City Councilmember Melissa Mark-Viverito has introduced a bill (Intro. 86) that would phase out the industry and replace it with electric-powered antique cars or “green” horseless carriages. Carriage drivers would be given first dibs.

Please never patronize these cruel rides, and e-mail City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to let her know that you support Intro 86.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Beate says:


  • Zee Kallah says:

    There are none so blind as those who will not see. People, get used to seeing things they don’t like. They go into the helpless acceptance mode. After a while, they don’t even see it any more. We, activists, we insist on seeing what’s there. We feel a touch of the pain. We accept that touch of pain and do what we can to make the pain go away for others. Both Christ and Buddha would be proud of us.

  • Nancy Sands says:

    There’s plenty of other things to do in NY besides having these poor horses drag around big fat asses!

  • laura says:

    wow, i’m so embarassed to be part of this human race, the highest intelligence? i don’t think so

  • HELEN says:

    Do the authorities not see that this is LEGALIZED ANIMAL CRUELTY. This man should be charged and these rides stopped. NY you should be ashamed.

  • Małgorzata Lucia says:

    Please do not explicit and kill these animals!

  • Lynn M. Sajdak says:

    I am so happy that this woman stood up and did what was right by confronting the operator of that carriage.  Though I do not like that she rode in the first place; she obvously was very upset of what happened. I am glad that she had the nerve to say something to this greedy old man who obviously cares nothing about this beautiful animal except what money it brings him.

  • Judy Boone says:

    People who do not give animals the care they need should be punished and NEVER allowed to have any animals again Laws to punish people for neglect and abuse should be severe and enforced

  • Sara!!!! says:

    this is horrible, my stomach jumped to my throat when I saw this. Horses are such big beautiful creatures, I don’t know how anyone can be this heartless, this stupid ignorant person must face charges

  • Sylvie B. says:

    I am convinced horse-drawn carriages should be banned. I have contacted Ms Quinn explaining the reasons I believe it is so and appealing to her to support the bill that would end this cruelty. I do not know how much weight this will have, since I am not a NYC citizen, but I wanted to do my bit and at least give it a try. The more voices against are raised and the stronger they are, the bigger is the chance of making this positive change — for the horses!

  • samantha l says:

    So wrong. The poor horse!

  • Sonja Rowland says:

    Carriages should be BANNED!

  • Michelle Caughy says:

    These events are all too common. The unfortunate part is that because this lady brought it to light people will be outraged for a short time and then once again the issue will fade into the background. I am not sure about the States but I know here in Canada our animal cruelty laws are a mochary. There is no real animal protection, and even when there are by-laws, no one wants to carry them out.

  • Kye Josmond says:

    This is just horrific animal cruelty at its worst. Stop horse drawn carriages now!!

  • cheree says:

    Um, didn’t she pay to ride in that carriage? She’s as much a part of the problem as they are. Hypocrite! Then she say’s she “never had knowledge about these carriage rides before.” PLEASE! Just the IDEA of an animal pulling a carriage full of lazy people should be all the “knowledge” you need.

  • s sureck says:

    Horrible example of Cruelty & Abuse! Needed: Accountability, Legislation, Law Enforcement. New York – you are better than this! Stop this abuse & exploitation! We are NOT a third world country, we have been educated to respect animals – Why was this person allowed to continue on business as usual? Where is the horse now? Any police follow-up? Stay strong. Don’t let this neanderthal guy get away with this abuse! TAKE ACTION!

  • H Hollon says:

    This is so sick and I feel so bad for this lady. I am sure that she is so traumatized as well as the horse. I hope they contact the ASPCA OF NY, PETA AND OTHER animal agencies to make sure that this guy is punished and the horse is checked out as well as the rest of the horses that they are working. NY should stop the carriage rides as it is too dangerous for the horses and the people taking the rides.

  • Kelson says:

    If you care so much about horses, get out and walk. Your overreaction BEFORE it fell probably spooked the horse and the driver.

  • jeremy henry says:

    This has got 2 stop, please

  • margarita rodriguez says:

    I watched the video in youtube and I am angry and horrified that nobody seemed to notice the lady.. there were even people passing by pretending nothing was going on there.. nobody listened to her, and it was deeply discouraging.. this is the most powerful country in the world, and I was in NY living for many years… many people felt that they were the most civilized and educated human beings on earth, but how about a little compassion here??.. this was ‘traumatic for me ‘

  • Theresa Shaver says:

    I never had knowledge about these carriage rides before. This was my first and def my last. Phase them out!! And I like the fact that they will give the carriage drivers first dibs on the cars so they aren’t left without jobs, even though alot of then are calling me filthy names. BAN IT! I HOPE MY VIDEOS HELP!!!

  • Mirasol Matthews says:

    This practice must stop. Is there a petition I could sign? Please provide me with info

  • Lewette Goodson says:

    These poor creatures stand in sun, snow, or rain, and breathe in car exhaust fumes all day. That is a terrible life for them. Please ban carriage rides in ALL cities!

  • Sandra Bywater says:

    An end should be put to this cruelty to horses.

  • Lisa Neste says:

    Definetly this industry needs to be phased out. These Horses are being abused & exploited. It must stop!

  • AprilW76 says:

    Making horses work in the heat like this is just plain cruel. It must end now.

  • nicky melville says:

    This incident is just horrifying! This man should be charged with animal abuse and the horse- dran carriage industry made illegal!

  • Valerie Gagnon says:

    Disturbing. And cruel…

  • Lynn Squance says:

    “The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creatures that cannot.” – Mark Twain Let’s ban these rides and show that human beings can at least be as morally responsible as the animals. There are just too many dangers out there for horses and people.

  • Irene Olsson says:

    It,s cruel

  • Gabrielle says:

    This is absolutely horrific ! The poor horse ! please, stop doing this to them! thier beautifu innocent creatures, that want to be respected!

  • Shaun says:

    My heart ached for the horse when I watched it go to the ground but I was completely taken back by the reactions of the people who wrote comments about the video. I thought they would be compassionate but instead they were ready to commit murder on this woman for speaking up about the horse.

  • Linda Parker says:

    Pink u are an amazingly incredible no fear human being. Wtg!

  • Sydney says:

    The horse simply tripped and fell… I don’t see what the big deal was. I appreciate the womens concern but really, the horse fell and appeared to get back up and recover. Accidents can happen with anything, it doesn’t mean you need to shut the entire industry down. And let’s say they get rid of the horse carriage business, where do you think all those horses will go? There are allready enough unwanted horses from parents buying their kids ponies who then loose intrest, injured animals who can no longer be ridden, horses who don’t turn out to be show quality, etc. Maybe a few of the carriage horses would find new homes but the majority would be sent off to auction along with all the other unwanted horses. They are then sold for mere dollars and sent of to be processed outside of the united states.

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Obviously money means more to this particular cab-driver than her poor horse. Shame on her, boycott this driver, put her out of business. Heartless moron.

  • Suzanne Linda Morovic says:

    NYC is a great tourist place and offers so many things for entertainment and enjoyment. These carriage rides are available to tourists, however, I rarely see anyone in them. Instead these poor horses are made to stand on the loud noisy street day in and day out with no freedom to live the life that a horse deserves. I wish they would just eliminate them altogether. I’m sure these carriage owners make hardly any money, and maybe by stopping this service, they could find something a little more profitable.