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Horrific Cruelty Case Prompts Change in Bulgarian Law

Written by PETA | April 9, 2010
hoangnam_nguyen / CC by 2.0
Dog and Cat

If you’ve ever felt frustrated when you’ve read that an animal abuser was slapped with a puny penalty or that an authority pooh-poohed a plea for compassion, you’re sure to exclaim “Bravo, Bulgaria!” by the end of this post.

A week ago, Bulgarian agriculture minister Miroslav Naydenov was asked by animal defenders to strengthen penalties that animal abusers must face after an unidentified person tortured a dog named Mima by hacking off her legs—yes, all of them—and leaving her for dead. Lawmakers, lawyers, and others got right down to business, and one week later, Naydenov is ready to present an amendment in the National Assembly, and it is expected to pass easily.

Under the amended law, anyone found guilty of causing permanent injury or death to an animal will face one to three years in jail and fines that may exceed US$10,000 (thanks, currency converter). Repeat offenders or those who torture and/or kill animals in front of children will face up to five years imprisonment and doubled fines.

While the law did not come in time to make Mima’s torturer pause and consider the consequences of his or her stomach-turning cruelty, it does send a message to would-be animal abusers that they’ll face more than a slap on the wrist if they are caught and convicted.

The moral of this story is always to ask decisionmakers to take action on behalf of animals. Who knows? Their response just might surprise you.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • MS says:

    In BULGARIA we need PETA ! This law does not change nothing..

  • sheila dunton says:

    As a Brit now living in Bulgaria and a passionate animal lover, I become more and more concerned about the situation here – especially dogs. Dogs are used as “door bells”, tied throughout all weathers on a metre chain and fed (if lucky) a few scraps of bread. It is heartbreaking and the problem worsens as more and more litters come along. I was horrified yesterday to learn a fellow Brit had not had her dog neutured and it now has 6 puppies!!! No doubt they will be thrown out and the breeding process starts over and over again. I am at a loss as to what to do.

  • Popova says:

    Ok im from Bulgaria. The problem guys is that even now there is a law that forbids cruelty to animals! And although the sanctions finesaren’t that severe they are severe enough for the poor bulgarian peopleall of us. Lets see for having the law for two years now and witnessing everyday poisoning killings and torture of all kinds there is NO ONE PERSON to be even fined! So if this law is not applied how do you expect that the same people will apply the next one. This is naive to think. It is the moral of the government and institutions that cause the problem not the lack of a law. I myself have been withessing horrible abuses and every time i file a complaint the abusers are known and yet…nothing happens..

  • losemonas says:

    This is a great law for Bulgaria. However I just wanted to add that the doggie is alive contrary to some statements and in seemingly ok spirits for her terrible ordeal. She has been adopted by a caring woman and with the amount of worldwide attention it seems likely she will get the best care possible for her case. You can look her up on youtube if you just type in her name “bulgaria”. One of the videos there shows her getting ready to go to Germany to get her new legs by the way! yay for animal rights and Mima! so let’s all send our best to this beautiful dog and keep fighting for ever tougher laws for animal offenders.

  • Luis says:

    I am really getting into supporting defenseless animals on a Global Scale. However I am still trying to grow “thick skin” to be involved with PETA in listening and reading about these aweful stories. I pray what that guy did to that dog goes full circle. The thought of this put a few tears in my eyes.I am not seasoned but I won’t walk away either…

  • Amanda says:

    Another devestating blow to humanity. Everytime I hear stories like this I lose faith in mankind. Humans are disgusting. Period. If I was in charge then half the world would be rotting in prison for what they do to animals.

  • ocean17 says:

    what did the dog do to deserve this besides nothing? this is truly an alarming tragedy that is just plain sickening. what a sickening case of sadistic torture. what a hollow shell of a man a real creep. i don’t think that an eye for an eye would cut it obviously the problems run much deeper for this sadistic monster inhumane psychopath. and really… changing the laws won’t help one iota until people can see beyond their warped contrived and completely synthetic fantasies of delusional material wealth and pretended success dreams.

  • Susan T says:

    A crime like this is so disturbing so hateful that you almost choke to think about it. I hope this precious dog changes hearts and minds wherever she goes.

  • candi says:

    I hope the SOB that did this rots in HELL!!!I hope they receive the same fate as this poor baby did. My God why Why Why????I despise creeps like this that has nothing better to do than torture a poor defensless animal. These people should serve the rest of their natural life in jail. They do not deserve to be in society where the stupid a!! will do it again!!! I am furious!!!!!!!!