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Honoring Uga VII’s Legacy

Written by PETA | November 24, 2009

Less than a year and a half after taking over as the University of Georgia’s (UGA) mascot following the death of his predecessor, Uga VII died last week. With his passing comes a communal outpouring of grief and new discussions about the search for his successor.


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It’s no coincidence that Uga VII died of a heart ailment similar to the one that killed Uga VI. Puppy peddlers rely on inbreeding to preserve bloodlines, which creates genetic defects and makes dogs susceptible to congenital illnesses. After years of genetic manipulation, countless bulldogs suffer from constant skin and eye infections, hip dysplasia, and weak respiratory systems—which are worsened by the kind of poor ventilation and hot, humid weather that Uga VII was exposed to as a constantly traveling mascot. Bulldogs also can’t give birth naturally because of their large heads and small hips, so breeders artificially inseminate the females then cut them open year after year for c-sections.

In addition to breeding deadly defects, breeders contribute to the companion animal overpopulation crisis. Every year, approximately 4 million animals in animal shelters are euthanized because there simply aren’t enough good homes. To help end the crisis—and UGA’s string of preventable mascot deaths—we’re asking the University to honor Uga VII by replacing him with an animatronic or solely using their costumed mascot, Hairy Dawg.

We can’t think of a more fitting legacy for Uga VII than to stop the breeding of animals, which causes so many lethal genetic problems like those that undoubtedly contributed to his untimely death.

It’s always right to root for compassion.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • JAN KEMP says:

    This just in.  ANOTHER mascot of UGA has died after only being on the sidelines for 6 games.  PETA needs to launch an investigation into the gross inbreeding that takes place with those awful people in Savannah, GA.  Do your stuff, PETA.

  • Vic S says:

    As a life long Georgia fan this is just outrageous. If PETA wants to stop puppy mills then stop puppy mills the UGA’s DO NOT come from them. If PETA wants to talk about college mascot why don’t yall go pick on Texas with Bevo a 1800 pound Steer or how bout Colorado that has Ralphie a Bison or even LSU who has Mike the Tiger. Come on PETA

  • Kristyn says:

    No way is the Bulldog Nation giving up the most beloved mascot in the country!

  • brian says:

    As an ALABAMA fan living in GA I too was saddened by the untimely loss of UGA. As an owner of a bulldog I know the health issues in the various breeds. For the suggestion that the U of G use a robot to replace UGA I felt compelled to stand up for the BULLDOGS. That is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. All of the UGAs live better than most of the GA population. I accept PETA for the work they do but come on guys….draw the line already will ya. Focus on important issues if ya need to and leave the headline making statements out of your “fight”

  • "Tin Buzzard" says:

    PETA….. you people really need to get a life and work on serious issues that would truly impact the world…. Maybe go over to India and stage a protest about the 200000 cattle who will be slaughtered by the Hindus Or the fact that every month 60+ tractor trailer trucks full of cats dogs and puppies and kittens imported from other countries are transported alive by major trucking companies Mainly Werner Enterprises and Swift Transportation to be specific From the ports of los angeles and Oakland and Seattle to slaughter houses and medical labratories accross the country..??? C’mon.. I DARE YOU….!!! Get some stones and make a REAL protest..!!!

  • Renee Harris says:

    Come on I’ve seen UGGA’s home in Savannah and it’s a palace. These dogs are cared for beyond belief and their breeding program is stable and the lineage is varied. Study your facts before you attack a very loving and giving family that raises these beautiful dogs. Do something else to get your 2 minutes of fame. Like actually doing something about real problems not preceived problems. Go UGGA forever in our hearts all of them!!!!

  • Patty Newell says:

    It is obvious that the UGA line has been interbred far too long. We have bred bulldogs that lived 14 years. Here in Georgia everyone brags about their bulldog came from that line. Surely there are other lines of pure white English Bulldogs that can produce a mascot for the University of Georgia. Losing this beautiful bulldog after only four years is heartbreaking.

  • Joan says:

    The AKC is built on a base of genetic flaw and disease. Those “show dogs” are a mess. But as long as AKC breeders make money they don’t care. Yes that includes the breeders of this dog. And as bad as their fake “responsible” breeders are it gets worse because the AKC supports PUPPY MILLS. Most of AKC’s income comes from registering puppy mill dogs which is why they oppose regulation and SUPPORT CRUELTY.

  • tyler says:

    a robot dog really UGA is a vet school. I think they can figure something out. UGA is the most popular mascot in the USA. I mean Texas has longhorn and yall are talking to us. I will tell you this UGA will NEVER have a robot dog. UGAvll RIP.

  • Bill says:

    Really a robot mascot?

  • Mark says:

    I was saddened last week to hear of UGA’s passing but I do not think the discontinuation of our live mascot will solve the health problems of the English Bulldog. We might as well ban all live mascots Auburns War Eagle Tenn Smokey LSU Tiger etc. Please concentrate your efforts on the pitbull fighting rings and other places where animals are really in danger. Our mascot receives the best of care and treatment. UGA has one of the premier Vet schools in the country. I think they would be a better resource for the breeding and care of the English Bulldog.

  • AC says:

    I am an animal lover dog enthusiest and Georgia native. Honestly is this the biggest problem you have when the Japanese are still killing whales puppy mills still exist and people don’t properly care for their pets? No animal is more loved and cared for than UGA. Leave UGA alone…a robotic dog just makes you sound silly. Many breeds have problems but I don’t see you asking for German Shephards to not be bred for their Hip Dysplasia or Dalmatians because of deafness. A bit of perspective is needed I think.

  • LD says:

    First of all I’m a dog lover. Second stay out of college football. UGA is the number 1 mascot and always will be.

  • luke prescott says:

    Give me a break. Uga lives better than most people in the world. The fans of the schools athletic programs take great pride in Uga. He is a symbol not only for the school but for the entire state. If you put Uga and Jimmy Carter in a room of 100 Georgians and promised them pictures the line waiting for the Uga pictures would lead about 90 to 10. We appreciate the condolences for the death of a beloved family member but please don’t offer your two cents if we don’t ask for it.

  • Michael says:

    I loved UGA VII and I feel that his passing is rather sad. I do however believe that our school needs to enter a new blooline to stop recessive genes coming to the forefront. However they needn’t stop using real dogs for the mascot. Those dogs are honestly treated like royalty.

  • Candace says:

    Do you really think that because UGA is free of a having a pure breed dog as a mascot that the want for a pure breed dog will stop? What about the other college’s mascots? Texas has a long horn for their mascot. Do you really think a football field is appropriate for cattle? You really have too much free time on your hands. Thanksgiving is coming up go try and save a turkey.

  • Janet says:

    They could always adopt from a specific breed rescue. Think of all the bulldogs that are turned into these places. I always tell anyone who wants a specific breed that if they don’t adopt from a shelter to find one of these organizations. It’s better than buying from a breeder or store which is supplied by the mills.

  • Wilson Bull says:

    Why don’t you concentrate your efforts to banning puppy mills? The breeders responsible for the UGA line are extremely responsible in their practices. UGA stays in a climate controlled dog house at Sanford Stadium and inside in Savannah GA. While I do applaud your efforts in stopping puppy mills… of which I completely detest… you need to check your facts.

  • LaToya says:

    I am a Georgian a UGA alum and a UGA fan. I was shocked and sadden by the death of Uga VII but I don’t believe that UGA giving up it’s canine mascot is going to solve the issues mentioned regarding dog breeding. I am a dog lover I have a dog whom I adopted from an animal hospital and I too would love to have a pure blood english bulldog. I commend PETA for all of the work that you do but sometimes I think that your expectations are a little far fetched and at time unreasonable.

  • Aneliese says:

    Rest in peace.

  • Carrie says:

    Thank you for this! I recently graduated from UGA and was constantly trying to explain to people the serious problem with using bulldogs as our mascot. They should AT LEAST adopt the next Uga from a shelter.