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Homeless Dogs, Homeland Security Wants YOU!

Written by PETA | August 20, 2010

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just responded to PETA’s letter to Janet Napolitano urging the DHS to adopt dogs from animal shelters for its canine program instead of turning to breeders, and there is good news.

The DHS will now not only accept dogs from animal shelters for its program (provided they meet the criteria), it is encouraging animal rescue facilities to submit proposals for their eligible dogs. Candidates must be:

  • Twelve to 36 months old
  • Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, German shepherds, Dutch shepherds, or Belgian Malinois
  • Alert, active, outgoing, and confident
  • Able to pass a series of tests for courage and toughness

PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk has helped place many dogs from animal shelters in mutually beneficial service positions that allow the dogs to live at home with their handlers when they aren’t working, that teach dogs using positive reinforcement and respect, that provide excellent veterinary care, and that “retire” dogs to live with their handlers when they become old or unable to work—all criteria that the DHS has assured PETA that it meets.

One of these dogs was Kirk (named after Ingrid), the partner of Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police officer Thomas Delahanty. Kirk was with Officer Delahanty when Delahanty was shot during John Hinckley Jr.’s attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan in 1981. There was a fabulous retirement party for Officer Delahanty and Kirk, attended by many beloved K-9 dogs and their human partners, complete with dog-paddling in a backyard swimming pool.

“Working” dogs who are treated well can live fulfilling, interesting lives, and PETA encourages animal shelters and breed-rescue groups to submit proposals to the DHS for their eligible dogs to:

Att: Unsolicited Proposal Officer
Training and Development Division
Program Directorate
Office of Procurement
Customs and Border Protection Agency
1310 PA Ave, NW
Washington DC

Posted by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Lillian says:

    It only makes sense. But maybe someone is profiting from buying dogs and someone else is getting kickbacks.

  • Inez stryjewska says:

    Authorities doing the right thing, there is hope for the world.

  • Pauline Erera says:

    Thank you SO much for helping dogs. You did the right compassionate thing. Bless you and thank you.

  • Pauline Erera says:

    Dogs from shelters are appreciative, loyal and wonderful. They deserve a life of kindness, caring, and loyalty. I know, I had 4 dogs and they are the best. We have to start doing the right thing and safe lifes. I can assure you that they are the best.

  • kristinarea says:

    I have 3 dogs that I rescued from 2 animal shelters in Houston, and it was the best decision ever! They are well behaved, loving, and the best decision I ever made. My sister has a pure bred hunting dog and English bull dog that both have health problems, even though she investigagted the purchases before she bought them. She regrets not going to a rescue or shelter. Breeders will find homes for the dogs, shelters are desperately looking for loving owners. Please do the right thing.





  • Jadelska says:

    Thank you SO much for helping dogs! I LOVE DOGS!!!

  • Adriana Rodriguez says:

    Dogs from shelters are SOOO appreciative, loyal and wonderful. I have 5 dogs and they are the best. We have to start doing the right thing and safe lifes. I can assure you that they are the best.


    In NOVEMBER OF LAST YEAR,after the death of the love of my life(a 13 years old westy)I adopted a 4 month old norwich terrier! wonderfull expieriance!


    please adopt dogs…dont buy …dont give boost to the pet industry…how would a human child feel lyk if he would be taken away frm his parents at infancy..they feel the same or even worse…

  • Carley B. says:

    Dogs from shelters are SOOO appreciative. I know. I had 14 wonderful years with one. A good step for all involved.

  • adrienne says:

    Please continue helping dogs

  • lola muñiz says:

    thanks for help to dogs, our brothers

  • boohoo says:

    just as I suspected, good research Werve. I have submitted proposals for Fed jobs and could not understand how the policy could be implemented under any circumstances.

  • Werve says:

    According to Tim Spitler from the DHS Canine Center at Front Royal Va, their legal staff has stopped the practice of accepting rescue dogs until they can come up with a way to do it legally, because it constitutes a gift to a federal agency.

  • jackie51084 says:

    This makes my day! I’m happy 🙂 Thanks PETA & DHS for helping dogs in need.

  • burke chaplin says:

    keep up the great work peta…we will never let you all the animals

  • Ana says:

    Please accept dogs from animal shelters.

  • Pam Lynn says:

    Don’t buy while dogs die! Don’t shop, ADOPT!!

  • melissa says:

    please adopt a dog who already needs a place to live and being of service would help make the dogs life better because he would have work to do all the time that would help him feel happier than sitting in a shelter. so many dogs waiting for a chance. give them one!!!!!

  • kay says:

    this is wonderful news!!

  • LouannaLovesPETA says:

    I am so proud to be a part of peta2 ! 🙂

  • Sassee says:

    Its a start and a big one I might add because it could very well be NOTHING….Thanks to all that helped made this happen and Im sooo forwarding the info to all the shelters I know…Thank U Again…

  • Terry says:

    This is good but we must check out everything they say because the government will do anything to keep people off their back. And I don’t believe it will be that easy.

  • boohoo says:

    This looks like PR smoke and mirrors to me. Also there is an address for unsolicited proposal. The government doesn’t take unsoliced proposals you have to register your business and then get scored as you submit proposals for projects one at a time. I am talking about the consultant putting together their “statement of qualifications package” and sending it off to the government procurement officers to be evaluated when an advertisment is posted. I have never seen a Federal advertisment that allows for dogs to come from shelters. They must have their pedigree paperwork and a host of other things as stated in the ad. Now maybe I am reading the various press releases wrong and they are wanting shelters and rescues to give the dogs away for free to government facilities like those at Lackland AFB etc. Also I am not talking about local governments I know they will take rescues. I have seen fire departments do it all the time. I am specifically talking about the Federal government saying it will accept rescue dogs but not having any “requests for proposal” that will allow a contractor to supply a “rescue dog”. I just double checked some of thier recent canine solicitation and DHS wants pedigreesregistration certificates scorebooks and breedsurveys included in submitted proposals. If its listed in the RFP be assured they will be giving points to those contractors that provide such information. A consultant with rescues can’t provide this info and thus will get less points reducing their chances of being selected for the contract. I suppose an established and experienced government contractor may be able to supply the occational “rescue” dog with a batch of other dogs likely only after they have won the contract. I also saw a listing for the ATF that asked for purebread labradors only. I don’t know how a rescue dogs would have such pedigree info unless the rescuing agency got lucky and the last owner gave it to them at the time of surrender. I am not talking about dog ability etc. I am talking about the Department of Homeland Security outright lying to the public saying that they will accept rescues or shelter dogs when there are no such provisions in thier public solicitations.

  • linda palm says:

    Thanks to PETA for their great efforts. I’m so proud of being a Petas member

  • Laurie Baker says:

    Congrats PETA for getting DHS to adoptrescue dogs from animal shelters. The DHS will not regret their decision. We still have a hell of a fight on our hands in other areas. But keep up the great work!!!

  • Janet Chambless says:

    Remember dog breeders are after profit for money and shelters are for the sake of the dog. There are many good loyal hard working dogs that need a job. Why breed more into the equation when plenty exist that can fill the void?

  • george says:

    good job peta!!

  • Claudia Maria Silveira says:

    I’m so proud of being a Petas member. Each passes and I have a great power to help them. Congratulations and God will always guide and protect you to help the ones that could not speak for themselves.

  • Chi Nguyen-Zeh says:

    PETA….KUDO! KUDO! KUDO! And KUDO FOR DHS TOO! You made us proud!

  • Rose Serrano says:

    Congratulations for all of you. Rose Mexico

  • giovanna says:

    well! Givanna Italia


    PETA God bless you for youR work for animals!

  • kathy says:

    Pleaseeveryone should adopt not shop!!!

  • Linda Treuhaft says:

    This is great news but there is still a tremendously long fight ahead one by one person by person company by company agency by agency government by government we must continue the struggle for animal rights everywhere.

  • Susan Ibarra says:

    You need to buy your dogs from amongst the millions of them that are taken to animal shelters because their owners either don’t want them anymore or they cannot afford to keep them alive anymore!!!!! There are perfectly wonderful dogs whose lives need to be saved from the shelters and their euthanasia They have the right to survive too!!!!!! And you must be very careful that you do not abuse or harm these dogs in training them or working with them after they are trained!!!!!!! They are just as good and just as able to learn as any othe dog!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ralph says:

    Been done for years but trust me they’re STILL going to use breeders as well. It’s an improvement but no you haven’t totally won yet.