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Hollywood Stars for Cali Spay/Neuter Bill

Written by PETA | June 3, 2007

Update: The California Healthy Pets Act has passed the Assembly, and is on its way to the State Senate Committee! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to push the bill this far — I’ll keep you updated on the Senate vote as it progresses.

California’s Healthy Pets Act just got a lot more Hollywood support with a new celebrity-filled petition. Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, Grey’s Anatomy hottie Katherine Heigl, Studio 60’s Bradley Whitford, and CSI’s Jorja Fox, along with Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling, director Richard Linklater, and more than a dozen other Hollywood stars, including Captain Kirk, have signed a PETA petition pledging support for Assembly Bill 1634—the California Healthy Pets Act—which mandates spay-neuter surgeries for cats and dogs. The bill is scheduled for a floor vote this week. Did I mention Captain Kirk signed the petition?!?! (I know it’s not the first time PETA’s teamed up with The Captain, but it’s the first time I got to report on it. Thanks for understanding.)

This petition is just the latest act of celebrity support for the bill. In recent weeks funny guy Bill Maher recorded a “New Rule” supporting the bill and PETA released another PSA for the bill featuring Kevin Nealon, Mike White, Ami James, and other celebs.

It’s not just celebrities who are coming out in support of this bill. The Healthy Pets Act has already gained support from hundreds of animal protection organizations, veterinarians, city police departments. The vote is coming up early this week and if you live in California the animals need your support. Please use our handy web form to contact your assembly person today. If you won’t do it for the animals’ sake, do it for The Captain.

Click the image below to view the full petition.


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  • Emily says:

    I think this is an absolutely fantastic bill that if passed could hopefully start a trend that could drastically affect the vast numbers of homeless pets currently in shelters. Yes the average companion animal guardian will no longer be able to breed their pets simply for the fun of having babies but it is a way to protect the innocent kittens and puppies from potental suffering for people to have this pleasure. If people can’t figure out that spayneuter is a responsibility of pet guardianship maybe it’s time the government regulated it. The less homeless pets there are the more money will be freed up to use for other community issues with a less easily solvable answer.

  • Sara Millard says:

    Let’s look past the fact that breeders are against this act that is a given. There is something even more important to consider. If you care for your pets you will have them spayed or neutered at a young age generally about the 6 month time frame. Not only does this help control the over population problem but it has health benefits for your pets. When dogs and cats are not altered spayedneutered the run a higher risk of certain cancers prostrate cancer for males breast and uterine cancers for females. By altering your pet early the hormonal changes are stopped thus reducing the risk.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    BILL YOU RULE….. Judith

  • kelly says:

    The forprofit breeders are doing everything they can to fight this All those lobbies that make cash from unaltered dogs the AKC the puppy millers the dog fighters One forprofit breeder even poses as a “pet care columnist” and writes propaganda against the bill for a CA newspaper. No mention of her breeder interests or income in that column. Shame.

  • Dog Mother says:

    I’m European but I hope with all my heart that this law shall pass and thanks to PETA and all the famous animal Angels!