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Hollywild Animal Park Slapped With Nearly $19,000 Penalty for Animal Welfare Violations

Written by PETA | January 26, 2016

The U.S. Department of Agriculture just publicly released its notice to Hollywild Animal Park—a roadside zoo in Wellford that PETA has tracked for years—of a nearly $19,000 penalty for the facility’s egregious violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

The violations in the notice stretch back to late 2012 and include numerous and repeated failures to provide animals with adequate veterinary care, including chimpanzees who suffered from multiple bouts of whipworm and an addax who suffered from a swollen, seeping eye wound. Hollywild also forced animals to live amid piles of their own waste in dangerously dilapidated enclosures.

Chained Capuchin at Hollywild Animal Park

Chained Capuchin at Hollywild Animal Park


Hollywild continues to rack up AWA violations. The facility’s most recent inspection report describes alpaca deaths that may have occurred as a result of neglect; bears confined to tiny concrete dens; and a tiger caked in filth. Last year, Hollywild allowed 28 animals, including the chimpanzees who suffered from whipworm, to suffer and die in an electrical fire. Park employees told investigators that the facility’s maintenance staff had done the electrical “upgrades” themselves.

PETA has repeatedly called for these neglected animals to be moved to reputable sanctuaries, and this penalty should be the final nail in this scofflaw facility’s coffin.

What You Can Do

Never visit zoos, aquariums, or circuses that profit from the use of live animals.


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