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Hogan Handbags Pick the Wrong Rock Chick

Written by PETA | August 30, 2007

Chrissie_Hynde_Leather.jpgAs part of a Marketing ploy to tap into the feminist “post-punk chic” demographic (OK, I just made that demographic up, but it sounds like it could be a real thing), handbag designers Hogan recently launched a line of leather bags named after badass rock chicks. Given that Joan Jett, Kathleen Hannah, and Pink, (to name a few) have all worked with PETA in the past on our anti-animal-skins campaigns, this was kind of landmine territory for Hogan, and the whole thing went downhill fast when they decided to name a pony-skin bag “The Chrissie” after The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde-who is a lifelong animal rights activist and has staged protests around the world against the cruelty of the leather industry:

“I never thought I’d be moved to consider filing a lawsuit, but as soon as I heard my name was being used to promote bags made of dead-animal skin, I started exploring my legal options with my friends at PETA. At first, I thought this must be a joke, it’s so outrageous and thoughtless.”

I love you, Chrissie Hynde.

You can read the full story here.

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  • Jeff Sadlowski says:

    Well Chrissie does have a habit of saying some strange things ! Quote CREEM magazine November 1981 yes I do have long memory”When they did the promo photo shoot I had a big zit on my chinthey took that off when they touched up the photo.They did areal Pat Benatar job on it.” Chrissie Hynde. I happen to really like Pat I see no point in this sort of comment. Jeff Pat’s No.1 Aussie Fan !

  • sherri says:

    I am glad to see her take a stand!

  • Ana says:

    Tim I would love to see you farmers out of work…that way less animals will be slaughtered. I don’t mind farming I have done it but I planted vegetables. Hogspigs all suffer don’t try to make it sound as if the animals are in a social club. Ultimately all of the cows pigs sheep lambs chickens ducks rabbits goats and other species end up in slaughterhouses to die very violent and painful deaths. I don’t believe any of you don’t have better care than the creatures being cruelly raised for slaughter. There are no slaughterhouses for farmers. Many of the cows sheep goats pigs and lambs are still blinking while their skins are beating cut off. This is what you refer to as “better care”. Leather is part of the slaughterhouse business which is part of the immoral unethical factory farm business that you defend. PETA PETA members and all animal advocates will contine to educate the public about factory farming and how the animals suffer daily and are killed everyday every second. Instead of being in the killing business why not plant fuits and vegetables. Organic farming is even better. Leather is murder!

  • susan says:

    Loser farmers always say that their aninals live better than humans do. Talk about sad! If many people are living somewhere in complete darkness given drugs to make them grow twice their size continually kept pregnant only to have offspring taken away our country is in worse shape than I thought! By the way I’m more than happy to shop at Whole Foods Market for my food ALL vegan!

  • DaliyVeg Editor says:

    “I agree that animals should be protected.. blah blah long propaganda rant” So if slaves are looked after really well does that make slavery ok? If a pedophile takes a young boy from the street and puts him up in a mansion can he then use him for sex?

  • Tim Eekhoff says:

    I agree that animals should be protected. But before you peta people go “badmouthing” farmers maybe you should get your facts straight!! While there are Farmers out there who don’t care about the conditions their animals are raised in the majority of farmers go out of there way to care for and protect the livestock that they raise. You talk about the cruel inhumane way hogs are raised but have any of you people ever been inside a modern day hog farm unit? The hogs live a whole lot better than many PEOPLE do. They have a constant supply of water food. There health is constantly monitered and if needed they are given free medical care. They live in a building which is heated in winter and cooled in the summer.I personally have worked on farms where the animals where taken better care of than the owners own family members!! If you want to “Blast” people who are mistreating pets that is one thing but leave the american farmer out of your crusade!!If not for the farmer you all would be out planting your own food not going to the local store to buy it. By the way I have been involved directly with farming and livestock prodution for all of my 42 years So I know what I am talking about!!

  • Lisa Soldavini says:

    Chrissy you’re an awesome artist but an even better human being!

  • Stephanie says:

    I am glad you decided to take a stand for animals. Good going.

  • DailyVegEditor says:

    Pony Skin!?! How the hell did they think they would get away with that? Wow eating meat really does make people stupid.

  • Tamara says:

    I love Chrissie Hynde. I used to want to be Chrissie Hynde in my younger days… I think I still want to be like Chrissie Hynde.

  • Alex Faber says:

    Chrissie you get the thumbs! Take those idiots on!

  • Prissymissy says:

    Nice Chrissy although Kathleen Hannah is still better

  • stephanie says:

    nice way to go chrissie

  • Pamela Locke says:

    I respect Chrissie Hynde very much for her stand on animal rights and her devoted activism. Iv’e also been a fan for years but even a bigger fan for everything she has done for the animal rights movement. Way to go! Pamela Locke

  • Canaduck says:

    Nice! Way to go Chrissie!

  • Doug says:

    I have to second Jack’s sentiment I love you Chrissie Hynde.

  • valerie says:

    chrissie hynde is a wonderful singer and even better person… Rock on sister!

  • oreos says:

    chrissie hynde is a strong woman and a great personality! thank you chrissie from all my heart for your steadiness in animal rights cause you rock me!