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Hockey Fan Blasts McDonald’s in JumboTron Marriage Proposal

Written by PETA | May 23, 2009

There was no love lost between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings as they battled on the ice last night in game three of the Stanley Cup playoffs, but there was love in the stands during intermission when Jason Levy asked his girlfriend, Nicole Hughes, to marry him.

But wait—there’s more! While the couple’s special moment was rolling live on the stadium’s huge screen, Jason surprised the audience when he held up a sign reading, “McDonald’s Breaks Birds’ Wings and Legs.”


Hockey Proposal


Jason jumped at the perfect opportunity to tell thousands of people that the fast-food giant refuses to alleviate the suffering of the chickens killed for its restaurants by adopting an improved slaughter method called “controlled-atmosphere killing.” Currently, birds killed for McDonald’s are grabbed by their legs and slammed upside-down into shackles, and many are still conscious when their throats are cut and they are immersed in scalding water.


Hockey Proposal


So, to sum up: First, PETA Foundation staffer Alex Bury and her then-fiancé Jack Norris got hitched at a KFC restaurant in Toronto to celebrate the introduction of a faux chicken sandwich at most Canadian KFC outlets. Then, Jason Levy spotlights McDonald’s cruelties to birds in his marriage proposal.

Anybody else have any ideas for the “fast-food cruelty nope-tials” (ouch) tour?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Robin says:

    WOO HOO!! That is so awesome. Even if only one person takes notice and boycotts KFC it was well worth it.

  • ghidunfer says:

    KFC cruelty is shocking.but it seems the workers must have served in Iraq.they have done the same and more to human beings. Great heros of America.

  • April says:

    This was great! And FYI I do not agree with the throwing of the octopus AT ALL! I am a Detroit native and do not agree with this practice!..I do however know they are NOT alive when thrown. I assure you this is NOT allowed and people are fined for this..its a tradition that is not very intelligent and such a waste..but we should know how a lot of people are by now! Not to much PETA can do about this as it is already a violation..

  • Tamra says:

    As much as I love PETA I’m not sure I’d be down with my guy busting out some PETA signsslogans while proposing…..

  • Dont buy me for my skin says:

    Peta rocks my socks i’ve drew pictures of this and other cruel actions all in the name of Cruelty” this is wrong and needs to stop!my mom bought peta stickers that say stop seal slaughter and anti fur. i gave them to my friends and told them about this. i told them to go on peta and when they did.. my friend was shocked so bad. I soon hope these bloody massacures stop as soon as possible! SincerelySaFiA 3

  • Trevor says:

    This is why i dont like PETA

  • Vegetariansmakebetterlovers says:

    Oooh my future husband should propose to me like that except have a bigger sign and a picture of the cruelty on it MEGALOL!! XD

  • Carla says:

    David sweet!!

  • David says:

    Come on KFC America… get on up with your brothers in Canada… introduce FAUX CHICKEN Jason… that’s awesome. Maybe a bigger sign though lol. I would seriously not mind streaking through a major baseball game with something like that painted on my chest. UNFORTUNATELY streaking means you have to register as a sex offender if caught lol. Atleast to my knowledge. Maybe I could just wear boxers. Maybe I could paint “McDonalds breaks birds’ wings legs cuts their beaks off boils them ALIVE” Hm… Ugh. takes too long to read might not be too effective. Poor advertising. I think the most powerful points to me are the cutting the beaks off and the boiling alive. “McDonalds cuts birds’ beaks off boils them ALIVE.” I’ll consider it I’ll let PETA know if it goes down. I dunno what the penalty would be if a game was disturbed I would definitely get violently tackled in the field as I run by security that’s worth it to save lives. I would break my leg to save a few thousand chickens from breaking theirs. I can research what the crime would cost me hopefully just a misdemeanor count and a fine. I could deal with that! If it would be a felony maybe not. Felony kinda sticks out when an employer runs a background check. But it would be a felony for a strong cause a felony to save lives. Maybe if I did get a felony and went to court and presented to the judge why I did what I did and what goes on behind the doors of a factory farm she’d probably release the charge!

  • anne says:

    good one jason hope you have a happy life with your bride to be

  • carla says:

    I have banned Micky Dee’s for good. It’s all garbage food!!!

  • Aneliese says:

    Good for him! What a great guy!

  • Juana says:

    woow.. I am so thankful.for this couple. yea. Actually the other thing peta what you can do about the red wings..they throw I live octopuses in the Ice Irena when they dislike other teams.

  • Max and Val says:

    Yeah!! That’s great!!! I’m really glad and that is so sweet of him to ask her D

  • Mel says:

    I would not be surprised that the protestor and fiancee were removed from the game and fined. Most if not all sports venues do not allow solicitation of handbills and protests which this one is. PETA things like this are why people don’t take you seriously.

  • Shari says:

    THAT WAS GREAT! PETA…I’M LOVING IT!!! McCruelty..I’m Hating it!I just love a “in your face” sign that was just viewed in front of thousands!Jason thank you so much for doing that! You are great and I’m just laughing my head off as I am typing this! You made my day!