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Kisses & Hisses to Animal Friends & Foes

Written by PETA | August 24, 2011

We’re spitting mad at people who have been lashing out at animals, but we’ve saved up some wet, sloppy puppy-dog kisses for those whose compassion is the cat’s pajamas.

Chadh | cc by 2.0


  • Kisses to Canadian national pet store chain PJ’s Pets, which has stopped selling puppies and started promoting adoption. Are you listening, Petland
  • Hisses to Scripps Research Institute for torturing rats for almost 40 years to develop a vaccine for heroin. Apparently, these experimenters just couldn’t say “No.”
  • Hisses to MMA fighter Brock Lesnar for going on a prairie-dog killing spree. Hey, Brock, why don’t you stick with picking on someone your own size?
  • Kisses to the Iowa State Fair for including a vegetarian booth, the Veggie Table, in this year’s festivities. Yes, they really do have veggie corn dogs on a stick.
  • Hisses to South Korean scientists for genetically modifying a dog to glow in the dark, giving new meaning to the term “barking mad.”
  • Kisses to Food Network for helping to keep sharks in the ocean waves by taking shark meat off the airwaves.
  • Hisses to students at New York’s Cooper Union High School for using electric currents to make roaches “dance.” Why not stick with iPods and leave the arthropods alone?
  • Hisses to actor Andrew McCarthy for participating in a bull run. Taunting and harassing bulls isn’t pretty, no matter how you color it.

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Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Sassy says:

    C’mom, give Mr. McCarthy a break. He was hardly endorsing this practice.

  • Jader says:

    Hey PETA… in regard to Prairie dogs, why don’t you go to one of their towns and try to walk on the ground? They are highly destructive pests who harm people, animals and the like. They also destroy properties. I mean really… do some education.

  • AndreaNRC says:

    BabyBoo22:It’s a research project for curing cancer or something. I don’t remember the details, but they do it to lots of animals. It’s pointless, in short.

  • kathy says:

    And Andrew McCarthy always played the “sensitive guy” in the 80s. Obviously, he was just acting.

  • BabyBoo22 says:

    What is the point to making a dog glow in the dark? I mean REALLY??!! WHAT’S THE POINT?