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Hip Hop Star Eve Changes Her Coat

Written by PETA | September 10, 2007
timeinc/Creative Commons

Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist Eve was in the news this week with a story about the fact that she’s given up wearing her mink fur coat. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“It’s nothing to do with animal rights—it’s just that I have moved on. I think people should be able to wear what they want and I hate that the PETA people throw blood or paint over people wearing fur. To me that’s just rude and if anyone did that to me they’d better be tough because they’d have a fight on their hands.”

Yeah, the quote didn’t exactly inspire me, either, but hey, at least it’s on her radar—and sometimes all it takes for someone to come around is a gentle nudge in the right direction. So we sent her this letter, along with a copy of Martha Stewart’s fur exposé in the hopes that she’ll figure out why it’s actually not OK for people to “wear what they want” when there’s live skinning or electrocution involved. I really do think there’s a good chance she’ll change her tune once she sees how fur coats are actually made. I’ll definitely let you know if we get a response.

While we’re on the topic, I figured this was as good a time as any to point out that PETA has actually never thrown red paint at fur-wearers. Pies, maybe, but never red paint. Just one of those urban legends, I guess.

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  • argus says:

    post scriptum in order to avoid any kind of further confusing problems here for the next bloggers i don’t hate monkeys! i love them! everything clear?

  • V says:

    I see hardly no positive comments here at least she’s giving up fur. I see these comments as racist as well no wonder most of the hip hop generation don’t listen to you guys. You weaken your cause by insulting people. I guess there’s no pleasing even PETA people. Insults don’t work but I guess You haven’t figured that out with J.LO huh. And go EVE

  • argus says:

    to Smarie and Brookelynne please read my text clearly word by word! did i mention their skin? i clearly said that their yellow hair is awful because it’s not suitable! and you have not to call someone a racist when you don’t know him! for example i’m a great admirer of alicia keys and traci chapman but they don’t look like disguised monkeys! but if this makes you happy i can tell you that celine dion looks like a disguised monkey in her furthings although if i’m a great admirer of her art!!! it’s clear now?????

  • Brookelynne says:

    I used to look up to Eve too. It never occured to me that her jacket was fur I feel so blind. On another note I really agree with Smarie a lot of these comments do seem extremely racially charged. The color of skin has nothing to do with capacity for compassion and I think some of you need to really think about that. We don’t support isms here. No speciesism no racism no sexism.

  • daylight 365 says:

    Mike Vick’s evil cousin?

  • blake says:

    I’ve never cared for her in the first place. She already seems to have a huge ego and think she’s the best thing to happen to music but she hasn’t even had a hit song in YEARS. So its no suprise how she feels about fur she’s already an idiot and this helps confirm it.

  • Smarie says:

    Hmmm it’s sad to say alot of these comments were racially charged. Very sad. Disguised Monkey??? That was low.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ha she can’t even rap!

  • Jen says:

    To be honest I don’t like her attitude. It sounds like “I’m now dropping the fur happy?”

  • Susan T says:

    Having to educate a particularly indifferent arrogant and selffullfillment crazed generation that animals suffer is probably the most difficult effort AR people have encountered since the early ’90’s. There are the filthy “old” rich who simply don’t give a damn but the nouveau richthe arrogant hiphop culture is especially hard to reach because so many have come from less than desirable backgrounds and believe that all is theirs for the takinthey’ve earned it! Hear that Beyonce Mary J P Diddy and all the rest of you pathetic excuses for humanity? How do you teach empathy compassion and respect to hardboiled adults?

  • Russell says:

    Carolyn thanks for laughing at my SEVERE immaturity… I guess i need to grow up and censor myself a little more! lol

  • Lisa says:

    Disgusting selfcentered witch!

  • argus says:

    it’s really time for her to put this kind of things off with their unnatural hair and clothes and bling all these hip hoppers including mary j. blige look like disguised monkeys i can’t understand why they cannot be just themselves like this they look trashy! could you imagine some real stars like natalie portman emily deschanel emmi rossum or anne hathaway walking around like that? so come on you hip hop girls just be real and we can take you serious!

  • Jaclyn says:

    I really hope that Eve reads the letter and watches the video on fur farming. I don’t like her attitude about it… “it has nothing to do with animal rights.” If she knew the suffering and gruesome cruelty involved in making her fur coats she would change her mind.

  • carolyn says:

    LOL RUSSELL I couldnt of said it better! well said

  • Sophia says:

    I’m glad she’s not wearing her fur coat anymore still..she’s one of those people I’d like to do an Ace Ventura demonstration to…

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    She is still a piece of ca ca So is her long lipped friend P.Diddy his lip looks lost. He is so proud of all of his furs. He makes me ill. He will never change he sold his soul for fame….. Maher and Newkirk 2008

  • Russell says:

    she looks like she dipped her lips in shit. at least she’s not wearing fur anymore let’s just hope that no more flamingos have to die to make any more of those hideous hats. did anyone notice the lovely animal paw prints on her tit? what a bitch. it’s sad that these are the people influencing our culture.

  • Ana says:

    Wow what a compassionate heart!!! And that combative attitude simply charming. I guess even she finally realized how pathetic she looks in fur.

  • Janet Fitzgerald says:

    What a selfish Bitch!

  • sherri says:

    What is it about people feeling they need to wear real fur? I have never seen the lure of it. She thinks it’s rude that PETA members throw blood or paint? I’m sure the animals think it’s a bit rude to them simply for their fur so an insecure person can wear it. I do have to say though that the throwing of things at people is one of the antics that initially kept me from supporting PETA and is not something I would care to be involved in. Of course with her attitude I would be tempted to do it just to piss her off.

  • kelly says:

    She has “moved on” In other words I guess she doesn’t want to look like a fat 1950s housewife any more!