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Hingham Firefighters Kick Ice

Written by PETA | February 12, 2009

For those of you who don’t live in Massachusetts and need a reminder not to move there, the video accompanying a news report about three Hingham firefighters who braved icy waters to rescue a dog will serve as a cold dash of New England winter reality in the face.

The firefighters responded to a call for help from a woman whose rascally dog, Ollie, ran out onto ice-covered Hingham Harbor in hot pursuit of a seal. The seal apparently escaped unharmed, but Ollie plunged through the ice and was trapped in the frigid water. Enter our heroes, who valiantly swam and crawled through the slushy muck to reach Ollie and then painstakingly dragged him back to shore. It was obviously exhausting work, and one of the firefighters was taken to the hospital afterward as a precaution. A tired but grateful Ollie was taken to a veterinary hospital where he was treated and released.

We’ve honored Ollie’s rescuers with a “Compassionate Firefighter Award,” and we also threw in some PETA mugs and vegan hot cocoa mix to help them survive the rest of Massachusetts’ merciless winter.

And let this be a cautionary tale for anyone who is tempted to allow a dog off lead anywhere near a frozen body of water. As The Boston Globe wisely points out, fuhgeddaboudit.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Moira says:

    It was so kind of them to do that. Yes it could have been possibly prevented but it was so kind of them to risk their lives for another living creature.

  • angela says:

    They make leashes for a reason! Sometimes humans really disappoint me but we are so grateful for the brave men like them who saved that dog that had no say if he was in a leash to keep him safe or not!

  • em says:

    man Massachusetts winters suck. poor dog im so glad they responded to that call

  • David says:

    Niran is right Real Men are kind to animals and they don’t get much better than these firefighters!

  • Kelley says:

    It is wonderful the firefighters cared enough about a dog’s life to risk theirs resucing him. but I wonder how many of them went on to eat burgers and steak the same day? Why do we have a sliding scale of compassion concerning animals? A dog’s life isn’t of any more value than that of a cow chicken mink rabbit etc. Why do we go to such efforts to save one species and ignore the plights of all the others??

  • veganKelly says:

    What was the dog doing outside ?! What wonderful firefighters! I’m glad that there are at least some nice ones out there!

  • Miranda says:

    I love reading stories like this it shows that there really are good people out there still. Thanks!

  • evan m says:

    I actually live right near World’s End and never heard about this what an amazing rescue! Those winds that come off the bay towards where the rescue was are notorious for being the worst in the area too. Being someone who lives here I bet that cocoa was very appreciated!

  • michelle Lo says:

    Firefighters are awesome. Don’t forget the firefighter who helped a koala in the Australian bush fires.

  • Jordan says:

    When people reinforces good acts sending them things I think it really gives people the right idea about what Peta is all about rather than if someone would attack them for doing the wrong thing. Way to go Peta!

  • Meech! says:

    Kelly are you sure it wasn’t just an accident that the dog got loose and no fault of the owner? I couldn’t find evidence. That being said my neighborhood is literally crawling with untrained dogs who are never leashed. I’m afraid to walk around because I have come very close to being attacked by these animals. The owners then run up to the snarling animals and scream at the dogs sometimes hitting them. “Sorry” they say “my dog is crazy”. No sir you’re just a pisspoor caretaker.

  • kelly says:

    All of this could have been prevented with a LEASH Stupid people risking their dog’s life and the lives of firefighters

  • Sarah says:

    Yay for PETA always acknowledging when ordinary people do something extraordinary for animals!

  • Niran says:

    Real Men Are Kind To Animals! Thank you fire fighters! thanks PETA for sending then some cool stuffs . . .