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Is Hillary the Next Vegan Clinton?

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 2, 2012

Is Bill Clinton’s healthy diet rubbing off on his wife? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in a vegan state of mind on her birthday, celebrating with her family and a vegan cake.

The Clintons might be a power couple for decades to come: Bob Barker names his vegetarian diet as the reason for his longevity and vivacity, telling Vegetarian Times, “I became a vegetarian out of concern for animals, and I was a vegetarian for a very long time before I realized that many people become vegetarians out of concern for their health. I think they are absolutely right. I think it is the healthiest way to live. I worked until I was 83 years old.”

Ever wondered what made country cutie Carrie Underwood first ditch meat? Now we know. On VH1’s Behind the Music, she described seeing her parents castrate calves. “And lightbulb,” she said. “I was horrified and sad and I just couldn’t believe this was happening, you know, in our pasture.”

Another vegan singer, Renee Olstead, might have made a certain magazine editor cringe recently when she prominently rep’d PETA in an interview. We’ve had our famous run-ins with furry Vogue editor Anna Wintour, but in Renee’s Teen Vogue interview, the singer and actor proudly declared, “I love animals. I’m getting ready to do a campaign with PETA. I went vegetarian when I was twelve, and I went vegan about a year and a half ago.”

Staunchly fur-free Mayte Garcia just made the list of the hottest reality stars. Would her naked ad for PETA have had anything to do with that?

One of the hottest former reality stars, Lauren Conrad, has a reason to celebrate as well: She just adopted a new puppy, Fitz, from a shelter. Fitz scored some “welcome home” toys and treats from PETA to share with his new canine sister, rescued dog Chloe.

The Los Angeles City Council’s vote to ban stores from selling animals who came from breeders  and puppy mills was a hot topic on Twitter this week, as were the bill that could end the Canadian seal slaughter and protecting animals during Hurricane Sandy.

To keep up with what all your favorite celebs are doing for animals, follow @PETA on Twitter.

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  • Faunus says:

    Having been a vegetarian and committed animal rights activist since the seventies, I applaud the fact that these “celebrities” are trying to make a difference. However, over the years I have noticed that after a few years many of them “fall off the wagon” and go back to eating flesh, and many of them are not even real vegetarians, as they have exceptions where they do consume flesh (Christmas, Thanksgiving fish etc.). Perhaps you can focus on folks who are 100% committed and have years of practice for a change. Being a vegetarian/vegan is a little bit like being a fitness buff – anyone can do it when they’re twenty or thirty, but will they still be at it when they are forty fifty or sixty? My own experience says no. Give them the credit for sure, but my guess is most of them are into it for other reasons (-: