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Hideous New Foie Gras Footage

Written by PETA | July 16, 2007

The Canadian group Global Action Network, in collaboration with Farm Sanctuary, just released an undercover investigation of Canada’s largest foie gras farm, Elevages Perigord. It contains some of the most horrible cruelty I have ever witnessed, and it is almost impossible to get through it without ruining your day. Which is why it should be mandatory viewing for anyone who’s ignorant enough to eat this stuff. There’s some more information on foie gras and the steps PETA is taking to get it banned here.

If you want to see firsthand what happens on foie gras farms—or if you’re a foie gras lover who urgently needs some education about the horrors that you’re supporting—I’ve posted the video below.

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  • Miss_Anthrope says:


  • Margarita Cisne says:

    I didn’t see it I don’t torture myself with that. I have plenty of knowledge with what I always read. I never see that kind of stuff I am too sensitive and have tendency to depression so that doesn’t help. I think that this video like somebody wrote should be posted in any newstation for more people to see.

  • chris says:


  • lisa says:

    how can people do this…i will never eat fois gras ever again …and i will make sure that anyone eating it in front of me shall hear what i have to say about this….this horrible horrible slaughter…cruelty and unfairness…

  • Jennifer says:

    Jesus. I’m crying my eyes out right now.

  • Dee Dee says:

    I did not know what fois gras was until I watched the video. If I see it on a menu at any restaurant I am going to tell the owners how the animals are treated. I wish there was more I could do. I think this video should be posted on myspace along with the one about the guys who use stray dogs and cats as shark bait. I cannot believe how ignorant this world is becoming. I saw a huge truck the other day full of small chickens over 10000 easily some were dead and some were being squished in these small cages. I wanted to run the huge truck off the road and free all the chickens but I had my 3 year old son and 2 of my dogs in the car so I had to think of them but I told my son he needs to grow up respecting and caring for all living creatures. Hopefully we can raise better leaders for the future who care more about the ethical treatment of animals.

  • Ana says:

    Craig I understand your anger I feel the same way. But most humans are basically selfish and believe themselves to be superior to the poor creatures that we love and advocate for. It is also about the almighty dollar. I also think as you do that if these people would go through what animals endure everyday every second they would certainly be screaming for compassion and for mercy to be extended to them!

  • Marianne Christensen says:

    How terrible to is just so sick!!! I couldn’t see it through. I will try to get it shown on danish television because here in Denmark were it’s forbidden to produce fois gras but not to import it an sell it in supermarkets and in restuarents. They import fois gras from France and Spain here in Denmark..too bad.. Will start a new campaign against it with my animal rigths group here in Denmark.

  • manilaboy says:

    gosham horrified.hir in the philippines theres a news anchor who ate foie gras and shown it on tv.she doest aware how animal suffered to that delicacy.hope it will ban it hirfoie gras

  • Craig Petersen says:

    I’m fucking tired of this shit! If I would have been present during this I would have come unfucking glued on these people. The more this kind of shit goes on in the world the more I am disgusted and ashamed that I even share some of the same genetic material as these useless fucks. And to the people in this video you better get serious about a career change. You are an embarrassment to the human species you are the poster children for abortion. As you can probably tell I have ZERO respect for these kinds of people. If it were up to me and they better thank god it isn’t I would subject these individuals to the same abusive treatment. I’m sure they would not enjoy having a pipe rammed down their throat and pumped full of food several times a day seven days a week 365 day a year. To me these people are lower than pedophiles. They abuse the most defenseless beings on the planet I’m sorry if I have offended some people with my language but I have to tell you it’s the only way I can express my extreme disgust for these people. People need to start hopping on the fucking clue wagon animals are living beings they’re sentient have emotions etc. They are NOT inanimate things to be owned or destroyed. And some people wonder why I have ZERO faith in the human race. We are NOT going to evolve intellectually till we get out of the dark ages as to how humans view and treat ‘animals’.

  • kate kelly says:

    PETA is to be commended for their unending fight against animal cruelty in all it’s hideous formstheir cause is noble and justthe video is heart breaking especially the part of the young woman suffocating the dear little birdsdoes she really know what she is doing?this is a holocaust against animals and birdswhere will it end?

  • kris shulfer says:

    sick f$er$ who do this to the animals and if the people who ate this would watch the video before they ate it and thought ooohhh… foie gras i’ll get that i think they would vomit all over themselves!!!! i wonder what kind of lives these people who do these things to animals live?? and if they own animals have kids etc… and how they treat them??

  • vegan4animals says:

    goddammit i can’t finish watching the video because then i’ll just hope for a huge comet to kill the humans as soon as possible. You know what though karma should do something terrible to those people and that’s the best we can hope for right now. I don’t know anyone who eats that sht because i would have already given them my wrath but i hope that footage makes it on the news so that people can see what they do to these beautiful defenseless birds. HIGHLY DISTURBING that such human cruelty exists such disrespect for life to make a goddamned $ to put that disgusting crap in their pieholes. Here’s to hoping they choke on foie gras the sick jerks.

  • Quote from Isaac Bashevis Singer says:

    As often as Herman had witnessed the slaughter of animals and fish he always had the same thought In their behavior toward creatures all men were Nazis. The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemplified the most extreme racist theories the principle that might is right.

  • whitefang says:

    it’s a sickening fact but i ask myself why certain people have to feast on the tortured corpses of animals and they call this thing ‘delicatesse’. and every abuser justifies his misdeed with miserable arguments protected by the laws of the respective countries calling it freedom. certain human individuals get never enough from their abusing and profiting from living beings! these heartless brainless individuals are acting ruthless in every way. i have no more names for them because every name is too good for this chaff in the wind and for whom the bell tolls fast! so my answer is as simple as that and all my sympathy goes for peta her steady work and her victories. and concerning this uncivilized hideous abuse i just want to hope that another victory shall not wait!

  • mary panagotacos says:

    horriblewhere do these men come from they are sadistspity the birds they don’t deserve this atrocitya disgraceful pathetic business