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Hey PETA, Pimp My Ride!

Written by PETA | June 22, 2007

Jason Bayless, our Lead Circus Monitor (i.e., the dude whose nerve-wracking job it is to follow Ringling Bros. around everywhere and document their abuse of animals), is about to embark on tour with the circus next week, so we fitted him out with a nice new set of wheels that will let circusgoers know exactly what he’s there for. Jason’s just going to have to rely on his natural charm if he wants to make friends with any of the Ringling employees during the six-month tour—the van itself isn’t exactly designed to ease the longstanding tension between PETA and the circus …

Ringling Beats Animals Circus van

PETA Ringling Circus van

Ringling Bros. Elephant Circus van

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  • Dave says:

    Why do you earth lovers drive your vans through Minnesota at 80+ MPH at 2:45am? You could kill some poor skunk crossing the road. BTW, the speed limit is only 70, and your driver nearly hit a semi and had to slam on the brakes to avoid getting hit.

  • Patti Hughes says:

    It was nice to meet Jason and fun working beside him. Love what you guys do for the animals. I know it was sucessful!!! The van is great. Good Luck on your travels and be safe.!!!!

  • Tonya says:

    Do you know of anyone who is going to protest them they are coming to our area the first week of october in boston at the td banknorth garden I am so surprised to have not seen any info on it that is a huge place to get our point across

  • Dana says:

    I think the van is just great. Wish we had one to drive around in every city!

  • Michelli Hassell says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It hurts my heart everyday thinking about all the animals that are beaten daily. How can society let this go on. To her them scream should be enough but unfortunately it’s not. The van is a great way to show them your not going away! Rock on!!!!

  • Veronica says:

    I am new to PETA and its all because of the fing circus I took my 6 month old to see the Carson and barnes circus then when we came home we researched them yes I know too late and saw exactly how they got the elephants to do their silly tricks the PETA video showed the exact same preformance we saw

  • allison says:

    i have nerver been to a circus. And i DON’T want to i watched the video on peta it was terrifing.i LOVE!!! the van. peta should follow the circus and hand out leaflets right in front of the door and show the video or pics of what they do. ROCK ON PETA!!!!!

  • Heather says:

    Wonderful Idea! Is there any way to play the videos on the van? Those videos are truely heartbreaking. If not I think puting the Circuses.Com web site on the van in BIG letters would be great. People REALLY need to see the videos! Thank you so much for all you do!!!!!!!

  • steely says:

    that van ROCKS great job.

  • Lewis Johnson says:

    Boycot any and all Ringling Bros. sanctioned low rent show. They are totally unprofessional in many ways and the abuse of the animals in their care is beyond reproach. May ALL their trainers be mauled or trampled by the ones they abuse. My son will never set foot in a Ringling show again. They tout being the greatest show on earth at what? Abuse and general ripping off of the public as they did me in Germain Arena? Never again from me and many I have already spoken with … it will be a cold day in hell! May the whole stinking organization all go to hell! I would be ashamed to be associated with the name Ringling. Roving carnivals have way more class and most of them can’t even spell the word!!!

  • amanda says:

    my children have never been to a thankx to these websites they know why…thankx PETA

  • julie bellwood says:

    I love the van just wish i could have the job of castrating these cruel wankers sorry for swearing but it makes me so angry.I would have no problem in doing the same to such scum eye for an eye tooth for a tooth i say.people like this are cowards and they are the same people who beat up on women and children.

  • casey says:


  • Bridget says:

    I leafletted in front of the hideous circus this last week and was heartbroken the last day to see all the elephants lined up walking back to the boxcars like slaves with their “handler” walking beside bull hook ready in hand. An experience I will never forget. My connection to the animals is deeper and my passion for standing up for them enhanced. Intelligent compassionate humans are “getting it” that any “circus” with animals beaten to perform completely unnatural bizarre “tricks” is nothing short of the definition of cruelty!

  • marianela says:

    En Costa Rica los circos con animales son prohibidos por qu no los prohben en Estados Unidos un pas desarrollado???

  • gale says:

    nix to tha rednecks who beat the animals …. go Peta

  • Kelley says:

    Good Luck Jason! Watch out for the clowns at the circusthey can be dangerous! While picketing a rodeo a few years back my friends and I were charged by a donkeyriding rodeo clown. What losers!!!!

  • Theresa says:

    Mary’s comment above still has me laughing! Love the van by the way! I HATE the circus!

  • Ariel says:

    Great van yes. But too bad they didn’t include an area on it telling of the number of lawsuits RBBB has against them for animal cruelty and the amount of towns where they have been banned.

  • Jody Merlini O'Connor says:

    Ringling Brothers Circus fascinated me as a kid now they MAKE ME PUKEGAG. WAY TO GO PETA. Keep protecting our recious animals.

  • Rebecca V. says:

    This is so rad I’m so happy for the animals of the circus. This is a HUGE step! Thanks PETA once agian for your work.

  • John Olexa says:

    That van is fantastic!! Will love the day when it’s no longer needed.

  • Mary says:

    How can I pimp my ride? I sold my sports car and bought a fuel efficient 1996 Ford Festiva. It is BEGGING for more than just PETA bumper stickers. Do you know of a place near Dallas TX that can turn my little car into a rolling SpayNeuter billboard? A Rodeo Sucks theme would be more relevant to this area but replacing tires is expensive!

  • Jenn says:

    Love it. And I definetly agree about the Cirque de Soleil comment. So much more amazing. And cruelty free!

  • Jessica says:

    Though I think it’s an awesome way to make a statement my first thought is “I wonder how often he’ll get towed.”

  • Larry says:

    F amazing!!! I would love to drive that van around in my city! or any city! its a wonderful idea that I hope shows people how circus abuse animals !!!

  • K says:

    Whoa.. that van is awesome!

  • Maya says:

    How can anyone still attend the circus? Especially in America. It’s so revolting. We saw Cirque De Soleil no animals used at all only humans and it was great. No excuse to see animals used.

  • kris shulfer says:

    I love the van!! I too hope he gets front row parking if not I am sure he will make a HUGE statement!!! Keep Rockin’ for the animals!!!

  • Amanda says:

    That’s great lets hope he can park right up front.