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Hey Animal Abusers … Payback Is Hell

Written by PETA | November 21, 2008
canada / CC

So Rony Salman, this oh-so-classy Canadian burglar, is in jail right now for, well, robbery and has recently learned the true meaning of “an eye for an eye,” or in this case I guess it’d be an ear for an ear

Along with his spotty burglary past, he’s also previously pleaded guilty to three counts of cruelty to animals (willfully causing pain to an animal, causing unnecessary pain to a dog by not seeking veterinary attention, and failure to provide care for—and willful neglect of—a domestic animal.). One of the animals who unfortunately ended up in this man’s care was a smiley, sweet-looking pup named A.K. Well, in spring of 2007, Rony cut off A.K.’s ears. (Luckily, the dog has since been adopted by a new, and hopefully much kinder, family.)

Now, that’s just hideous, and it really gets under my skin when I hear about stories like this, but there’s a bit of a twist to this story. While Rony was in jail, another inmate chewed off part of Rony’s ear.

I know, right?! Coincidence? Hmm …

University of Toronto criminology teacher Scott Wortley said, “There’s a code of honour among criminals, and they rank people who prey on children, who prey on women, who prey on the defenseless—and maybe a dog, I don’t know—as worse.”

Well, I certainly agree with that! But unfortunately, the AKC doesn’t. Sadly, ear-cropping and tail-docking are extremely common among certain breeds of animals. When you see dogs that have stubs for tails and short, pointy ears … they ain’t born that way. Breeders, the AKC, and all those crazy dog-show folks purposely cut off the tails and ears of animals all the time—purely for vanity—and nobody says a dang thing about it.

Maybe they should spend some time up in this Canadian jail with a certain inmate … I would imagine they’d change their minds pretty quickly.

Written by Christine Doré

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  • S says:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right…..But it does make it fair.

  • Rachel P says:

    Amputation is amputation. If you wouldn’t do it to your child don’t do it to your dog. Thanks to the person who brought up the movie “Earthlings.” I suggest you all watch it if you have not yet. And to those who asked yes many dogs indeed are born with bobbed tails.

  • andrea says:

    YES!!! that prisoner has my respect too.