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Heroes Star Clashes With Japanese Dolphin Fishermen

Written by PETA | November 1, 2007

Hayden_Panettiere.jpgHayden Panettiere (the star of NBC’s Heroes), was so outraged about the hideous dolphin cull taking place in Japan right now that she went out herself to try and put a stop to it. Along with five of her friends, Hayden paddled out on a surfboard in an attempt to stop a pod of dolphins from reaching a cove where the Japanese fishermen were waiting to slaughter them, but was violently deterred by the men on the fishing boats, who used hooks and the boats’ propellers to stop her from reaching the animals. Here’s what she said about the situation:

“Some of us were hit by the boathook. But in the end all we really worried about was the dolphins. It was so incredibly sad. We were so close to them and they were sky hopping, jumping out of the water to see us. One little baby dolphin stuck his head out and kinda looked at me and the thought that it’s no longer with us is really hard to take.”

PETA is sending her a Compassionate Citizen award for her incredible bravery and her dedication to helping animals in need. I hate to have to use the obvious pun here, but you’re a hero, Hayden. Keep up the great work.

There’s more on this story, as well as footage of the horrific dolphin slaughter, on Sky News.

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  • Gertrude Stein says:

    WWIII is upon us. Oh well can’t say you haven’t been warned. The cameras show the truth not cheap talk. They are not just killing but laughing enjoying torturing the animals and loving swimming smelling touching and looking at the blood everywhere. Is it just me or is this really weird?

  • Julian says:

    This is great! Perhaps more effective ways to do this would be to go out on jet skis like Greenpeace in Neah Bay WA trying to stop the Indians whale slaughter or Sea Shepherd in Antarctica. That combined with filming it to show the public would be great. There is an episode of Nature tv show all about this. You should check it out on netflix or Nature’s homepage.

  • Angela says:

    I am an intelligent 55 year old grandmother who has eaten meat and fish most of her life. For the last two years I have converted to mostly raw vegan. I have done this based on the education I have gleaned since my Sisterinlaw developed cancer and consequently learned that animal protien is extremely indicated in the enormous increase in cancer deaths. I have always been sensitive to animals that seemed intelligent andor domesticatible and some of the more beautiful of those who are not so demonstrably sentient humanwise. But since becoming raw vegan I have had the opportunity to learn more about the animals’ plights throughout the world and also reasons to be even more empathetic with them all than I already was. I propose that one of the answers to the Japanese slaughter of the whales and dolphins is to educate them that we as humans don’t need animal protein and infact do very porely on it as compared to the health we can acheive consuming only living raw fruit vegetables and sprouted nuts and seeds and a few grains. This in not the whole answer of course but should be a part of it. I hope to be able to contribute to the accomplishment of this goal. I also applaud Hayden for her heroic attempts and hope that they garner world wide outrage against animal abuse and misuse. I personally will not use anything I discover to be a Japanese product again as well as any other actions I can find a way to peacefully partake in. Much more to say but will have to come back later.

  • Anonymous says:

    You are great i saw the problem you faced on that movie set and i wished i could thank you for the amount you were able to do. So i guess i just thanked you.

  • Mel M says:

    In conjunction with this slaughter there are protests held each September 21 outside of Japanese embassies. For more info see

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    Not every tradition is bad.

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    WTF are you talking about alex?

  • kris shulfer says:

    oh shutup brad!! what the hell do you know. some people do enjoy killing animals. and i am sure they are all living happy and fullfilling lives……..NOT!!

  • Lisa says:

    I was just in tears when I watched the sky news report I am aware this happens and the more I hear about it the more I struggle not to generalise about the Japanese as it is becoming apparent to me that these people are obviously buying the meat otherwise there would be no industry for this. Japanese people need to take a look at their attitudes what they eat and why and if there is a change in consumership there will be a drastic change in the dolphin slaughter industry.

  • Caboose says:

    Melanie Send em to North Korea.

  • carolina says:

    i would do the same

  • alex says:

    caboose go eat your brotheersister you sick weirdo things like this are so sad

  • Brad says:

    Sure killing of dolphins is sad stupid and wrong … But some of the comments here are really stupid … things like “BOMB the Japanese fishermen” for instance … Yeah! Let’s teach them not to kill things by killing something our selves! Many parts of Asia are poverty stricken … People need to try and get a job any way they can … Do you honestly think they are thinking ‘Oh yes! Fun! lets go kill some dolphins today!’? …

  • ashley says:

    That is awesome for hayden that she stood up for the animals and all. I have much more respect for her now.

  • Susanne says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that she is on Neutrogena commercials is shown drinking starbucks the vast majority of their coffee is grown using underpaid third world labor and supposedly enjoys horseback riding…but this doesn’t change the fact that she cared enough to take part in an action to protect animals. hopefully she’ll become more informed about all animal issues…

  • Mars says:

    Dolphin fillet! I’ll make a donation at the fish market. YUM!

  • Diane says:

    Hayden is a wonderful soul to go there and try to help. This massacre makes me sick. Dolphins are beautiful intelligent animals and this cruel heartless act is too much for me to bear. What is wrong with our fellow man? There has to be something missing in the souls of animal torturers to be able to carry out killings of defenseless creatures without any emotion. My biggest wish would be to leave animals alone to live out their lives but NO.. humans has to ruin the entire planet and cause suffering death and put some animals on the brink of extinction.. FOR WHAT?????

  • Michele says:

    This young woman is very remarkable and it is great that she is going to be formally recognized for what she has done to bring attention to the plight of these delightful earthlings. To Ozzey and other animal rights newcomers do not let the anti’s discourage you. They only try to strike back with halftruths and myths because they know that the animal rights movement is making significant progress world wide. You have many supporters on this site so please keep contributing. Max yes we have a right to stop people’s traditions if they cause harm to others. In some cultures it is traditional to engage in “genital mutilation” I guess that is okay though even though the young girls experience excruciating pain and then have to suffer for the rest of their lives because oh well it’s just their tradition. Go watch the movie “Earthlings” and tell me which of those activities are okay to continue because of “tradition”.

  • Melanie says:

    I am german and this was even shown on the german TV News. I watched it and it truly made me sob!!! How can humans be this heartless? I just wish that all the people that do animals wrong could be in there position to make them realize what they are doing!!!

  • Neko says:

    I feel awfully sad to hear about Japan’s dolphins and whales hunting as well as bad comments about Japan. Even though I no longer have Japanese nationality I’m a Japanese. I recently came back from Japan and am so shocked to find that girls there love real fur. They are not educated about how they are taken from poor animals. I felt so disgusted. I’ve been telling people about the fact of real fur and trying to stop whales hunting by writing the government. There are some animal rights groups but they don’t have big voice…they are not like PETA. I’ll keep trying and want to make this world better for animals.

  • Caboose says:

    OZZEY You respect animals more than humans? Psycho Go live in the forest.

  • jennie says:

    Im ashamed to be part of the human species but people like you are the reason I go on!!

  • kelly says:

    Check out this page to find things you can do

  • Gunn says:

    http://www.feap.infopisceshottopicsadvant1en.asp just what i found on the internet. US Meat consumption is way more than Japan meat consumption per person per year. If this girl isn’t a vegan then she’s just another hypocrite overpriviledged kid with nothing better to do.

  • Max says:

    Hm… Do we have the right to stop other people’s traditional just because we think it’s not right?

  • Ariel says:

    Hayden Panetierre is a remarkably brave woman with beautiful deep convictions as well as beautiful outwardly. I wish I could have been a part of the crew on that boat. OZZEY A GREAT post! If the whole world thought like ar’s activists how a much much better and happier world this would be. I agree with Carla and all the other wonderful activists on here too.

  • smilee says:

    That makes me so angry and something needs to be done asap to stop these people. They make me sick to the stomach and what they do to animals they deserve the same amount of pain and torture that the animals go through. peace and love

  • Annette Del Pino says:

    I am discusted over how these people can not be stopped. What can we do about this? I don’t think petitions will do this time nor boycots. Where is GreenPeace when you need them? Please let me know of ANY way this can be put to a stop. I was envoled with the first and will continue to be in the last. your friend of animals Annette

  • keith says:

    Yes ”Holly ” I am with you on this. start a fund Peta.Org. I have already posted a comment on Sharkwater. before ” Jack’s Blog ” came along. Well Done Again Indeed An Excellent Idea.

  • sky rondenet says:

    I think it’s great she did that. I have been on many surf trips and had dolphins swim alongside the boats. They are beautiful and gentle mammals. I am glad she tried to protect them. I wish more people cared like that.

  • Niranjan says:

    Shame on Japan. Dolphins are such an amazing and smartest mammals. PETA should bring a worldwide campaign on this ask PETA AsiaPacific to work on this please. Hats off to Panettiere! You should have seen here crying when those dolphins are killed. Poor animals. Phuking hunters.

  • Holly says:

    Is there any way PETA could organize a fundraiser to buy a dolphin and perhaps we could pay the fishermen what they would have gotten for each dolphin. It would be shortterm solution but I know I would donate! Any one else into this??? Then perhaps PETA could organize a longterm campaign to ban dolphing hunting entirely.

  • Carla says:

    How can this be right!! We live in a very cruel world even in todays’ times. I can not believe us Peta supporters and all the other caring loving people of this world have to share this planet with the other cruel hateful uncompassionate forms of life called humans! Like the Canadian seal hunt this goes beyond comprehension. BOMB the Japanese fishermen cause thats the only way to stop this slaughter of innocents.

  • Victoria says:

    She’s an angel. She has a new fan in me. It’s nice to know that not all of “Young Hollywood” are mindless twits. GO HAYDEN!

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    I saw this all over the news today it is so sad and it broke my heart today just like something in the news does on a daily basis!! I do not understand why this horrific practice is found to be legal in japan? It sucks when you are so close but yet so far I am sure this will bring nation wide media attention about how the japanese still allow such a barbaric practice in their country??? Why the hell do they have kill and eat everything?? not every animal is a delicacy. are there no boundaries?? oh what can we put out of extinction next because we will kill anything in our paths!! disgusting!! poor little hayden she is so young and to be a witness to that alone would be tramatizing!! I am sure that along with all the other things they kill in japan like dogs cats for fur is no place I will ever visit!!

  • OZZEY says:

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! I RESPECT ANIMALS MORE THAN I RESPECT HUMAN BEINGS!!!! When I saw that video I started to cry my heart wanted to stop and all I could think about was the painful agony and site of my ocean brothers and sisters being mutilated by these fucking beasts. THAT WAS MY BLOOD BEING SPILLED IN THAT OCEAN…HOW DOES MAN FORGET THAT THESE ANGELS OF OUR SEAS ARE OUR PROTECTORS!!!!!!! God will judge these men for the innocent lives they have taken and I want to wait when these assholes are properly judged. This goes back in history all the way to the point where men were hunting and abusing animals for game. Animals were not the ones setting bombs to buildings hijacking airplanes and torturing and killing their fellow man. IT IS THE HUMANS THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CRAP!!! Now only are we killing our own people from every side of the corner now its time to start picking on our animal brothers and sisters. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT IN HUMAN CULTURE TO KILL?!?!?!??!?!?! We are the MOST hypocritic individuals on the planet. Animals and especially dolphins were not responsible for make guns bombs and nuclear weapons that will kill every person on the planet. IM MORE SCARED OF HUMANS THAN I AM OF ANIMALS. THEY KILL TO SURIVIVE AND WE KILL FOR SPORT. We have become immoral savages without a conscious or a thought of sanity. WE ARE A PLANET OF VIOLENCE. When sharks lions or anything God’s creations try to harm us it is because we are in THEIR home. What would you do if a lion came in your house? You would attack and scare it away. It is the same thing in the houses of sharks and lions. Why is a man such an obtuse and moronic specie?????? I for one will it make it one of my personal missions to make sure that these angels of ours seas are never harmed again. Talking to and working with PETA and hell even spending my life’s fortune to move and stay in Japan and fight this thing until it NEVER happens again! This is my vow and promise!

  • Annette says:

    Thank you Hayden we should all learn from here she really has courage!! Awesome

  • Caboose says:

    Use a gunship or the QBoat next time

  • karina says:

    I think the slaughter of these dolphins is horrible. Most of the Asian countries will eat anything that walks. I hope that PETA is sending out an alert to all its members so we can rally around this situation. I saw the footage of the dolphins and it brought tears to my eyes.

  • AnimalLib says:

    You should probably inform her that putting her fact to animal testers Johnson and Johnson’s Neutrogena skin care products on those adsjust youtube them isn’t very compassionate.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Wow…18 years old and that gutsy. Not only was Hayden trying to save dolphin lives but she would have done a great service to Japanese children who are being fed dolphin meat containing dangerously high levels of methyl mercury.

  • liliana says:

    Thanks Haydee Why in the hell isn’t there an animal that can live in peace in this world?

  • animalfriend says:

    for to comment on this here i need more from just some words because i’m in the same time completely distroyed about this horrible dolphin massacre and proud and happy about hayden panettiere’s heroic intervention! i’m deeply touched now and i think that the tears in my eyes right now are the greatest reward i can give to hayden out of my bleeding heart! i love you in the same way as i love my child and my animals more words can’t be said they would just disturb this deep moment of joy and sorrow…..

  • Jaclyn says:

    Very brave Hayden!

  • Ana says:

    Hayden you truly are beautiful!

  • Nellie says:

    Hayden and her friends are wonderful compassionate people. What is up with these Japanese how dare they give themselves the right to kill Dolphins and Whales. The Land of the Rising Sun????. It should be renamed the Land of the Blood Red Seas!