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Heroes Given Award for Saving Dog

Written by PETA | December 28, 2010

PETA has given a Compassionate Action Award to three Ohio schoolteachers and a local firefighter for rescuing a dog who was trapped in the middle of an icy river.

Shelli Smith and Christy Lawrence spotted the dog, who was stranded on the frozen Maumee River, and stopped to help. After getting advice from fellow teacher and animal advocate Lynn Henderman, the pair called for help. Washington Township firefighter Mel Russell ventured out onto the ice in a hovercraft and eventually managed to pull the frightened animal to safety. The happy mutt will be put up for adoption if he is not claimed.

Rescues can take many different forms, from speaking up to paying up. Please, never walk past or drive by an animal in trouble. Review these tips so you’ll be ready to spring into action!

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • LaS says:

    As a fellow educator, I’ve known Lynn since 1990 and she’s never driven by an injured animal. She ALWAYS finds a way to intervene on the injured animal’s behalf. I’m not surprised to find out she participated in this rescue. Kudos to Toledo Public School Teachers Lynn, Shelli and Christy!

  • Patricia Austin-Puccio says:

    Yeah Congratulations to you guys, the little pup, and PETA for giving a shout out. Thanks for being such wonderful role models and examples of compassion.

  • laura says:

    that is so nice.

  • Aimee says:

    I’m so happy this dog was rescued! I had called the dog warden 3 different times regarding this dog. I feared for the dog’s safety and the woman who took my call blew me off each time. I hope this sweet dog gets the loving home she deserves. Also kudos to those involved in her rescue! Thank you for saving her!

  • Jane Doe says:

    Please look on internet for “Good Samaritans ticketed for saving deer from icy river>” These guys were fined 90 bucks each and you can hear the cop talk about it being wrong on youtube too. He said they were told not to and did it anyway. Can you give these guys some kind of plack for their kindness? They need to be acknowleged.

  • Michele says:

    What wonderful people there are, to help a fellow earthling! Fantastic, and nice to have a story with a happy ending.

  • Childobesityconcern says:

    There is probably no point in killing animals to sustain a human diet. Generally, human beings live longer, healthier, and happier lives without recourse to meat products.