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Hero of the Day: Senator Mac Harb

Written by PETA | March 4, 2009

Well, you gotta give the guy points for trying. Courageous Canadian Senator Mac Harb introduced a bill on Tuesday to ban Canada’s annual slaughter of hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals, but he failed to find even one other senator with a backbone (or heartbeat) to support it. Despite the fact that most Canadians—and everyone else on the planet—think that the baby seal massacre is as revolting and indefensible as, well, clubbing a baby human and stealing his or her candy, Canadian government officials, who apparently live in sound-proof igloos, inexplicably continue to defend it.

Senator Harb’s bill marks the first—but hopefully not the last—time that a Canadian politician has proposed banning the seal slaughter. It was inspired by a pending EU ban on the importation and sale of most seal products. Even Russia—Russia, people!—is poised to ban its own seal hunt, which Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has described as “such a bloody hunt, and it is clear that it should have been banned a long time ago.” Yes, Vladimir “Tiger Tamer” Putin. That Putin.

Canada, when Russia starts making you look like a big, blustering bully, you know you’ve got an image problem.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Jack says:

    I do not ski in Canada any more. Let these morons without a heart get there money from others than me.

  • katie says:

    i support ending the seal slaughter. seal clubbers are making canada a murder capitol and we need to stop killing the seals!

  • colombo says:

    im a tax paying canadian i am sickend to see my tax dollars going to slaughtering baby seals.your taking my money to kill my baby seals.nice dont know how you people doing this can live with yourselves i guess rolling in the blood money like vampires makes you happy.when u all get your karma ill be happy.and u will garenteed

  • Elizabeth MacKenzle says:

    Keep up the good fight Senator Harb!

  • Gilles Dubois says:

    I have read that a “sealer” not able to sale is pelts 2000 trow them in the sea. Our governmrnt is so bright that they are able to let the massacre go on even if the pelts are never sold just to make a point. Canada do not let peoples telling him what to do. Mad peoples !

  • Mauretia Holloway says:

    When a man wantonly destroys one of the works of man we call him a vandal. When he destroys one of the works of god we call him a sportsman. Joseph Wood Krutch The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality. Schopenhauer

  • Jaime says:

    Wooo! Go Senator Harb! gets all happy and fuzzy We’ll make a difference and finally get our country in order you have my support Mac!

  • Dot says:

    I don’t think they need this hunt we don’t need to wear furs anymore. There are synthetic materials to keep us just as warm as a fur. This hunt to me equates taking a baby hit them in the head and hope they are stunded or mercifully dead take there skin and leave them there to die. No sane person animal or “thing” would ever think of doing it. What a country.

  • lynda downie says:

    Thanks for providing the postalemail addresses Mike.

  • Neil Warne says:

    Yes he did Keith because Mr Ward disagreed with the post “Those Canadians are discusting lowlifes” which implied that every Canadian is a coldhearted seal killer which isn’t true. BTW Brandi misspelt a word in that sentence it’s with two g’s not one. Can’t you see how childish and ignorant that is claiming all Canadians are lowlifes. I bet you’d hate it if someone said all the people in your country are lowlifes wouldn’t you because of a few bad eggs. OK soapbox has been put away. Time to focus on topic.

  • Patrick Ward says:

    Whatever Keith I’m over it. I don’t see why your mate Brandi doesn’t get any criticism for basically saying all Canadians are seal killers he needs to get real. Comments like that apart from being unhelpful are simply untrue and I am not in the mood to argue about it because this comments section is about Mac Harb and the effort he is making.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    People wishing to thank Mac for his gutsy actions and give him encouragement can reach him at Or in Canada you can send a postagefree letter to Senator Mac Harb House of Commons Parliament Buildings Ottawa Ontario Canada K1A 0A6

  • Keith says:

    You cannot now ‘ backtrack’ Mr.Ward. you made a statement about personal views of other commentors on this site.

  • Patrick Ward says:

    EmmaLee there is something you can do or at least your parents about the fact that Canada’s senators aren’t elected it’s called a referendum The Meech Lake Accord was the last one and while we’re at it why not have a referendum on ending this horrific ritual? Paul Watson thinks it’s a good idea.

  • linda says:

    OUr useless spineless politicians won’t stand up against Newfoundland on this one. They are a province of nice people but who rely on UI when there’s no fishing or brain bashing activities to engage in. The answer may be to help them find an industry that doesn’t involve hurting animals. Anyway Thanks twin2 for the information. we need to discourage retailerssuppliers from deriving profit from this horrific practice.

  • Marilyn. G says:

    I cannot express how disgusted I am at this government and its absolute lack of concern for animals. This is the government which couldn’t even pass a decent animal cruelty bill. Those of us who do care have watched this travesty for 10 long years. Just to name a few of the people who are senators. There is Frank Mahovalich former NHL hockey star Pamela Wallin former T.V journalistRomeo Dallaireformer army commanderMike Duffy former political commentator. The new Fisheries minister is a woman Gail Shea who is a mother and grandmother who I thought might make a differencepardon my oldfashioned thinking but no. She has said there is no way she is going to stop the seal hunt. Can we please adopt Barack Obama?

  • Kelly Clarke says:

    I’m embarrassed to be a Canadian during this time. I remember writing to PM Trudeau in the 70’s about this horrific ritual. Is it only now that a Canadian politician has had the guts to stand up and take notice?!! We’re behind you Mr. Harb. Never give up. I haven’t even after all of these years!

  • EmmaLee says:

    To attack Canadians personally is completely wrong. There are some of us who are trying to stop this massacre so stop generalizing us. In my case I’m under the age of majority so I’m screwed in terms of power of the vote. Secondly as was stated earlier our Senators are not elected by the people they’re appointed by the reigning prime minister at the time. It’s a position for life pretty much and there is little we can do about who gets appointed to the Senate. The MP’s are a whole other matter and something that Canadians can do something about. It would be far more effective to write to your MP than to your Senator as most Canadians know the our Senate has very little power.

  • Patrick Ward says:

    Just to put things into persepctive for you Keith I am as antiseal hunting as they come. And I am the sicko? Come off it. I have lost a lot of sleep over the issue. My paragraph about the “garbage people are prepared to write” related to people who believed that Canadians as a whole endorsed seal hunting Canada is a completely sick country I’m getting quite tired of it. Attitudes like that are nearly as bad as this horrendous obscenity we are discussing. Let’s stick to the issues and work to put a stop to this horrendous ritual.

  • Linda says:

    way to go Senator

  • keith says:

    Yes and up yours too !! Mr. Ward. Its easy to spout nonsense when your not having your brains bashed out or being skinned alive you sicko !!

  • twin2 says:

    I am a Canadian that severely opposes the seal hunt. I believe this horrific inhumane unnecessary industry should be tackled from all angles. Canadians need to contact their government officials and insist that this barbaric hunt be stopped. We also need to identify who is buying seal products and kill the industry not the seals!! I was surprised to read which designer labels use seal fur and which countries are the largest purchasers. I will not mention them here but I encourage everyone to look up as much information as you can on the subject and contactboycott these companies. Don’t forget to sign the PETA petition and have everyone you know sign it too!

  • Chantal Cerdan says:

    Let’s finally stop this massacre! It is a shame for Canada and its government.

  • Tammy says:

    It is now the second time I have contacted my MP to take some action and this time I quoted our hero Mac Harb. I hope he will dig way deep and find a heart and follow Mac Harb lead and not be like every other government official and pass the buck… Our government is so fucked up I have lost all respect for the Canadian government!

  • Patrick Ward says:

    Keith I am so sick of this garbage on here that some of you people like Brandi are prepared to write. Guess what although you might think it helps the baby seals IT DOESN’T. I applaud Mac’s actions although if he failes to secure popular support in Parliament for a debate at least on this bill which is much needed perhaps a referendumplebiscite on the matter might work…

  • Stephanie says:

    I too hope Senator Harb keeps trying. The annual slaughter makes me embarassed to call myself Canadian not to mention sick to my stomach.

  • KH says:

    I am Canadian and I am embaressed that this is happening. We are suposed to be a nation of peace and there is nothing peaceful about this slaughter! Please STOP THE SEAL HUNT!

  • keith says:

    Much as I realise there are good humans in this world who fight the animalscreatures corner vehemently I sadly must agree with all ” Brandi’s” comment 4th. March.

  • NT says:

    Just a political quick note for all those who are encouraging us to call OUR senators and ask them to support the bill. Unfortunately the Senate in Canada is NOT elected it is appointed by Prime Ministers for life therefore Senators do not owe allegiance to any constituents. Anyway I am not saying we shouldn’t write to all senators I already have but the most important people to influence is the MPs because we can vote them out at the next election.

  • Diana Di Marco says:

    let’s stand up for the seals… Please support Senetor Harb!

  • Aneliese says:

    I’m Canadian and I was so excited when I heard about Mac Harb’s bill! IFAW International Fund for Animal Welfare has a great email set up that people can send please everyone go check it out! Let’s finally get the seal hunt to stop!

  • Michele says:

    Be in Ottawa March 15th from 10AM to 4PM at the Byward Market for a very special event to protest the commercial seal hunt. There will be petitions available for signing to support Mac Harb’s efforts yay Mac! to introduce legislation to ban the hunt. It really is too bad that no other Canadian government rep could stand up for the seals…

  • Sarah says:

    Wow! I am so pleased that Putin has spoken out against the seal hunt! That has to be a blow to Canada!

  • I AM CANADIAN says:

    I for one have been protesting the seal hunt for as long as I can remember. Our problem here in Canada is our government. It has to be the most corrupt government in a non communist country. I and most Canadians do not support this inhumane marine mammal barbaric hunt and it must be stopped. Please everyone send an email to your MP NOW.

  • roxanne says:

    please canadians please vote all those politicians out of office. Senator Harb is a good man and we need more of him. sorry Canada but I have to boycott the olympics because I can’t stand the baby seal clubbing.

  • Prokopios Tzoulis says:

    After reading and watching a lot i start wondering that if among other main actions we must make a research team that can calculate in terms of economy what all this trade possibly costs to Canada as nation . I mean calculate how many money Canadian goverment may pay in the future in bans and if there is such committee that someone can proceed . That financialfuture risk calculation could also contain evidence of how much more involved are as a nation that accepts if not promotes that kind of blood emporium to the allready dying ice places whether talking in terms of animal or water or thermaldeconstruction of those waters. If a detailed specialists work can prove all this then we introduce an new tool of high pressure efficiency in our armory . Is it possible ? What do U think ? Happy to talk to U all . Prokopios . Tz . Athens Greece

  • andrea says:

    …how does the Canadian government ignore the fact that the Russians of all people are banning their own seal hunt?? It just goes to show the level of moral bankruptcy that still exists today. and worse at the highest levels. disheartening..

  • Amy S says:

    The majority of Canadians do not support the seal hunt I encourage all Canadians to call their MLA and support Senator Harb.

  • Neil Warne says:

    YES YES YES!!! Kudos to Senator Harb the man is a hero who’s broken the mould so to speak. He should probably run for the PM’s job. PETA’s Canadian members can hopefully stir up the pot this is a GOLDEN opportunity for Canadians to DO something…as I have pointed out before it is their responsibility as citizens of a democracy. As we also know most of them despise seal “hunting” and in these tough economic times the time to kill the hunt is now.

  • Amanda says:

    I’m really happy someone in Ottawa has a pair of balls to stand up for defenseless baby animals. Hopefully Harper grows a pair soon.

  • David says:

    Go Harb go! Well done!!

  • Lesley Taafe says:

    The clubbing to death of baby seals should be stopped. It is inhumane vicious cruel and unnecessary. The emotional trauma the mother goes through watching and hearing her baby beaten to death. The fear that fills the air along with the smell of blood traumatizes all the seals. I believe we should be proud we have such wonderful wildlife here in Canda why man wants to destroy nature is a mystery. I also believe the kind of person that participates in this kind of cruel slaughter should die by the very sword he or she lives by

  • Akool says:

    Hooray to Senator Mac Harb. I have already emailed the Toronto senator to support Harb I hope we win this fight.

  • Meech! says:

    shakes head Oh Canada…

  • NT says:

    As a Canadian I wrote to thank Senator Harb for his efforts to end the seal hunt. However Canadian politicians do not have the backbone to face the wrath of Newfoundland so we must continue to close all the markets for seal products.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Yes congrats to Mac Harb. It takes a tremendous amount of guts to buck the status quo and I hope he’s not discouraged. We love you Mac! AjaxPickering Member of Parliament Mark Holland also deserves special mention for his advocacy on behalf of animals not the least of which is his vegetarianism.

  • Brandi says:

    Animals will never be safe until Humans are wiped out from the face of the earth Those Canadians are discusting Lowlifes to do this to a poor innocent defensless creatures all for the sake of fashion which gets discareded when it goes out of fashion.. GREDDY MONEYHUNGRY B

  • Kelley says:

    If most people are against this hunt then why does it continue? I think this calls for acts of MASSIVE civil disobedience in Canada.

  • michelle says:

    Kudos to Senator Harb. I hope this slight setback does not discourage him to stop trying to push the bill through. I’m sure PETA Canada can help stir up the masses in support of the Senator. All you Canadians out there should pick up the phone and start calling your Senators to support the bill.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Canada is obviously rife with callous and cretinous government officials. Apparently the only famous Canadian that cares deeply about animals is rocker Bryan Adams.