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Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Herd of ‘Cows’ Sends Dairy Farmers Running

Written by PETA | December 1, 2011

When PETA’s herd of “cows” stampeded down the sidewalk in front of the Vancouver Convention Center, where the British Columbia Dairy Conference was taking place, the cow abusers inside nervously looked out the windows.

They sent the convention center manager outside to ask their worried questions: What were the cows planning to do? Come inside the building? The conference-goers had seen the Facebook page for the demonstration, and they were terrified!

Even though the bovines didn’t infiltrate the conference, the dairy farmers should have been scared of what they were doing outside. As throngs of passersby stopped to talk, they learned about how cows on dairy factory farms are repeatedly impregnated to keep producing milk, that calves are traumatically torn away from their mothers within days or even hours of birth, and that many male calves are imprisoned in tiny, filthy crates until they are slaughtered for veal.

When many of the passersby then expressed a preference for soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk, the cows were over the moon.

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  • phil johnson says:

    Not milking a cow is very bad for the cows health. Small dairy farms treat their cowsmwith respect, like they treat pets. The cows get vet check-ups monthly and are fed with the most nutrient rich food to encourage the most milk posible. Taking away these small farms would crush the economy of Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Illinois, and many other states. think about it.

  • Nicole Rhodes says:

    I have never myself been a fan of cow milk. Even as a child I thought it was really odd we drank breast milk from another species. I have found a very suitable staple and I use if for everything that uses milk. I still don’t drink glasses of it, but it is very good. It’s coconut milk. I never was a fan of soy milk, almond milk was alright, rice milk seemed so watery. I bake a lot and the coconut milk for me, has been the “cream of the crop”!

  • Cara says:

    I will never go back. Vegan for life :) I love animals way to much to ever contribute to their suffering. I couldn’t live with myself.

  • vanessa says:

    dont we need the vitamins found in milk or can we get that from something else

  • Kelsie Esson says:

    So much fun guys !

  • Tammy Gossard says:

    I like soy milk,,rice milk,and almond milk we do not need to hurt animals,geesh,get compassion,,get a life <,Animal hurters,just cause they are here for us,as the BIble says,,you do not need to do things dumb how about educational and we have minds to do things with out pain,and develope ways to do that with out pain..LEts do it Human race,lets be civil towards our    food……milk included..lets be known as a compassionate human kind, the Lord ,the karma of life would like that

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