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Hens Say There’s No Such Thing as Humane Eggs!

Written by Alisa Mullins | February 6, 2013

Ever wonder what hens would say if they could describe their lives on egg factory farms? Wonder no more:

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been locked in this crowded, filthy cage,” says the “hen” in the video. “Day after day, month after month, this is my entire life.”

Hens crammed into cages on egg farms barely have room to lift a wing, much less take more than a step or two in any direction. But while consumers are increasingly concerned about the way in which they’re raised, rather than being rid of cages altogether, hens are in danger of being confined to cages indefinitely. But they don’t need slightly larger cages or “enriched” cages—they need no cages.

The only way to ensure that hens escape the hell of being confined to abysmally crowded, filthy cages or huge warehouses is never to buy eggs (even so-called “free-range” eggs). 

Instead of eggs, try scrambled tofu for breakfast, and use egg replacers such as mashed tofu, cornstarch, and ground flaxseeds in your baked goods.

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  • Veronica says:

    I think if we are buying eggs in the store… or even on a small farm…we have NO idea how the hens are treated, let alone how the countless male baby chicks were treated. (Here’s what factory farms do with them—“free range/organic or not” They take the cute little yellow baby chicks that are male “baby roosters” and throw them alive into a huge garbage bucket, then later they are put into a sort of wood chipper machine to be made into meal for either feeding back to other hens, or to be made into pet food. What do you think they mean by “Chicken” meat on the package of your cat or dog’s food?? They certainly don’t mean they raised one chicken by hand and held it on their lap, and then humanely killed it, broiled up a slab of breast meat, and sliced it to be part of your pets dinner.) So, maybe you do own a sweet little chicken who sits on your lap, looks in your eyes and says “Human mommy, I can’t wait to give birth so you can eat my unfertilized child’s fetus” but if you don’t…it’s better to google “Eggless Scrambled Eggs” OR “eggless egg salad” OR “eggless egg benedict” I assure you, you will be able to eat some of the BEST MEALS OF YOUR LIFE if you do so! Seriously – those eggless recipes taste better than any eggs I’ve ever tasted. And also, invest in some “black sea salt” to add a little sulfur taste to your eggfree dishes…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you AND the hens & dead baby roosters will be glad you did.

  • Jodi says:

    “Until you stop eating eggs?” A rather broad statement, don’t you think? As the “mom” of laying hens, I take issue. Not all eggs come from cruelty; my girls, quite frankly, are lovingly cared for and spoiled rotten. They have a top-notch coop with plenty of nesting boxes, all kept meticulously clean, plus clean, fresh water at all times, top-quality organic feed, and the run of our land to free-range on each day. They are very tame (because they are pampered and loved), and we visit them several times a day and are constantly on the lookout for any health problems that may need attention. And when a hen is beyond laying, she sticks around; they are pets first and foremost, after all. No, PETA, not ALL eggs raised for consumption are raised in cruelty.

  • TH says:

    What about free range eggs? Are they humane? I’m confused Peta, enlighten me.

  • Denise says:

    I took the step from vegetarian to vegan this January. I hope to help others realize how small choices like diet can enrich the lives of other conscious beings.

  • Sunitha says:

    I too have taken to eating keggs…which are a brand of cage free eggs available in mumbai india…will try to stop that as well….

  • Lisa says:

    I do eat eggs but i get my eggs from a friend who saved some battery hens he’s even made houses for them and they all coloured differently, they have acres of land to do whatever they want they have such a wonderful life now and they lay eggs because they want to not because they are not forced to, they are soo friendly when i visit they run up and greet me they all have a name such amazing intelligent animals. They love human contact love to be stroked and talked to and love to sit on your lap ive even found myself telling one of my favourte ones all my problems how mad it that lol very special little creatures they are.